10 Best & Fun Things to Do in Locarno, Switzerland (2021)

Locarno Switzerland

Locarno is a vibrant Swiss town located at the north end of the famous Lake Maggiore. In this article we’ve found the 10 best things to do in Locarno, and there’s something for everyone! Known for its huge dam which was used in Goldeneye, Locarno offers both cultural experiences along with action in the surrounding …

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15 Best Things To Do in Montreux, Switzerland

Things to do in Montreux Switzerland

Montreux is a beautiful Swiss lakeside city in the canton of Vaud. In this article, we’ll guide you through the 15 best things to do in Montreux while visiting the city. Located at Lake Geneva, Montreux is known for its mild climate and is the main reason why the city is a favored destination during …

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10 Best Things to Do in Aarau, Switzerland (2021)

things to do in aarau switzerland

In this guide, we’ve found the 10 best things you can do in Aarau, when visiting the old, but beautiful Swiss town in the heart of the canton of Aargau. Aarau is located just between the major cities of Zürich and Basel in the northern part of Switzerland and as you’ll see, the landscape is …

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10 Best Things To Do In Martigny, Switzerland (2021)

Things to do in Martigny

In this article, we found 10 fun things to do in Martigny when visiting the Swiss town based upon tourist reviews and ratings. Martigny is located at the end of the Rhone valley in the Kanton (municipal) of Valais. From the town, you’ll reach both Italy and France within minutes and it connects several famous …

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17 Best Things to do in Trier, Germany (2021 Guide)

Trier Germany

Trier is the oldest city in Germany and is popularly known for its architectural and archaeological beauty. Trier is also called ‘Rome of the north’ and was founded during the rule of Emperor Augustus! Thus you can expect to see many well-maintained Roman monuments and ancient remains, including the World Heritage Sites. Their beauty is …

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22 Best Things to Do in Stuttgart, Germany (2021)

stuttgart germany

We’ve found the 22 most popular things to do in Stuttgart based on tourist reviews and ratings. Whether you’re passing through or visiting the city during a weekend, Stuttgart has attractions for everyone. Unlike most major German cities, Stuttgart lies in the hilly terrain in the Swabian country in one of the most densely industrialized …

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12 Best & Fun Things to Do in Rügen, Germany (2021 Guide)

Rügen Germany

Visiting the idyllic island of Rügen in the northeastern corner of Germany, but don’t know what to see? Luckily we’ve gathered 12 of the most exciting things to do in Rügen, based on tourist reviews and ratings. Rügen is a beautiful, Meditteranean-like island in the Baltic sea connected by a bridge to the mainland. It’s …

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12 Best Things to Do in Bremerhaven, Germany (2021 Guide)

Bremerhaven Germany

Bremerhaven is a harbor city located at the Northsea in the northwestern part of Germany. Known for its market square and impressive lighthouses, Bremerhaven is located right at the river Weser at the sea. It’s indeed a maritime city, and you’ll get the chance to board a real submarine and visit several museums for the …

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12 Best Things To Do in Rostock, Germany (2021 Guide)

Rostock germany

Rostock is the biggest Hanseatic city in the northern German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, and at the same time, the city has the biggest harbor at the Baltic Sea. Like other cities in the former Hanseatic League like Lübeck and Wismar, Rostock is almost 1,000 years old and has experienced greatness and fall throughout history. …

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12 Best Things to Do in Lübeck, Germany (2021 Guide)

Things to do in Lübeck Germany

Lübeck is a historic Hanseatic city located on the Baltic coast in the northeastern corner of Germany. Mostly famous for its marzipan production, Christmas market, and historic churches, Lübeck is the perfect weekend getaway for families and couples. And just outside Lübeck, tourists should visit the beach town of Travemünde with its white sandy beaches, …

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