17 Best Things to do in Flensburg (2023)

Flensburg is on the Baltic Sea in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. One of the northernmost cities in Germany, which is further north and even closer to Denmark, is Glücksburg. Flensburg is a big beer-producing town and one of the most popular in Germany.

There are plenty of reasons to spend your summer holiday in Flensburg. The world has places that give phenomenal shopping openings, places where you can discover your peace and others where there is always something going on and convenient places without any particular flair and charming spots essentially with no reasonableness for daily use.

17. Industriemuseum Kupfermühle


The copper mill is one of the oldest industrial monuments, and here you can see the old-time clock of the workers, an extensive collection of candlesticks, kettles, “Flensburg buckets,” baking molds as well as historical documents and pictures from the almost 400-year history of the copper mill.

In early 1600, the hydropower of the Krusau, which flows into the Flensburg Fjord at this point, was used to drive an iron hammer mill. It was founded by Christian IV, King of Denmark and Norway. Since 1633 the copper mill has produced copper sheets for roofing Danish royal castles and cladding wooden ship hulls.

What tourists liked about Industriemuseum Kupfermühle

The industrial museum is merely worth seeing, it’s incredible what was brought together to show how copper and brass were worked and processed here in the past. The museum is quite large, bright and friendly and worth a visit. The parking spaces are plentiful, and the surrounding nature is fantastic. Simply a nice destination with a lot of information.

16. Mystery House

The Mystery House Flensburg is somewhat hidden in Marienallee, but it is worth finding this hiding place. It is currently possible to choose between five different missions in the Flensburg Mystery House: “The Robbery,” “The Bomb,” “The Prison Escape,” “The Crime Scene,” and “The Clinic.” Depending on the mission, it is about to defuse a bomb, steal jewels, solve a murder case, escape from a prison or the clinic of a mad professor. 

Whether a family outing, birthday with a difference, bachelor party, after-work fun with colleagues, company outing, team building or club outing. Which enigmatic room will you choose? From now on, time is running! You have to find all clues as quickly as possible, solve the puzzles, combine objects, and identify all connections. All competitors only have one hour to complete a mission. A team consists of two to six players, and a game master supervises each team. In the Mystery House Flensburg, it is fun for ages 0-99. There is an age limit specifically recommended and without parental guidance is at least 14 years. 

What tourists liked about Mystery House

The Mystery House in Flensburg is the only Escape Game provider in Flensburg. The staff is very nice and has a relaxed atmosphere. The only point of criticism is that it is basically about finding keys or identifying combinations of numbers. Press or pull a few levers to set something mechanical in motion is still missing. 

15. Solitüde Strand

Solitüde Strand
Solitüde Strand right outside Flensburg city (Mathias Gawlista/Flickr)

The Baltic Sea beach Solitüde is a beach destination for everyone – this is shown by the beach test with pictures, a video and the beach description!

Solitüde attracts families with its natural beauty and its great view of the Danish coast and students, couples, or even dog owners. The beach offers plenty of space for a cozy picnic, playing volleyball and relaxing. Even four-legged friends get their money’s worth here: Solitüde has a small stretch of beach for dogs.

What tourists liked about Solitüde Strand

This place is located in a very nice area, minutes by car from Flensburg. Easy to walk to the beach. The apartment is clean and colourfully decorated.

14. Wasserturm Mürwik

Wasserturm Mürwik
Wasserturm Mürwik (Soenke Rahn/Wikimedia)

The Stadtwerke are looking forward to visitors again in their Mürwiker water tower. Those who have reached the upper tour will be rewarded with a fantastic view of Flensburg as far as Denmark: the shipyard, the Flensburg municipal utilities, the church towers of St. Nikolai, St. Marien and St. Jürgen, the old house fronts on the ship bridge and The beautiful hilly landscape of fishing is easy to see when the weather is nice.

Visitors can get to the viewing platform at the height of 26 m via stairs or the elevator. Above, a tour leads around the large water reservoir, in which 1.5 million liters of drinking water of the best Flensburg quality are stored. The water towers in Mürwik and on the Westliche Höhe are important components of Flensburg’s water supply. They ensure constant water pressure in the pipeline system and are located 77 meters above sea level on the two highest points in the west and east of the city. Their water supplies also serve as reserves for peak consumption, which can occur on hot summer days.

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What tourists liked about Wasserturm Mürwik?

In a clear atmosphere, you can see beautiful views far from all directions. The story and its function are explained in the vestibule below. Here, too, a wonderful excursion with children.

13. Museumsberg

Museumsberg Flensburg (Ichwarsnur/Wikimedia)

High above the town, the Museumsberg Flensburg emerges. Situated in a historical park, the Heinrich-Sauermann-Haus and the Hans-Christiansen-Haus constitute one of the largest museums in Schleswig-Holstein. The visitors get a comprehensive insight into the art and cultural history of the Schleswig region. Excellent center points are the several collections of abundant furniture, original farm living rooms, the special collection of 19th-century paintings from Schleswig-Holstein and the Art Nouveau block with works of the artist Hans Christiansen. Another highlight is Expressionism art with works by famous artists like Erich Heckel, Ernst Barlach and Emil Nolde. Special exhibitions are shown in addition to the permanent collections.

What tourists liked about Museumsberg?

At the top of a small mountain are two historic museum buildings. There is an exciting exhibition with old historical furniture and decor which shows some of the finest furniture art could show in ancient times back to the 14th century. It is a good combination of natural history and art. A stairwell is adorned with effects from steampunk art with surprising experiences in a niche for the exhibition. It is worth a visit. The buildings themselves are also intriguingly built of brick with vaults as in a church room.

12. Windsbraut

Windsbraut by Hermann Menzel (VollwertBIT/Wikimedia)

The fact that the wind never goes out in Flensburg is ensured not least by the almost 2.5-meter high “Windsbraut,” which stands on its 3 meters high stone base on the ship’s bridge. Even in Germanic mythology, this female figure played a role in the personification of the whirling storm.

The very graphic sculpture derives its tension from the combination of opposites. The surface is partly painted golden yellow, partly metallic and characterized by alternating areas that are curved outwards or inwards (convex and concave). Everything radiates dynamism: the blowing hair, the moving arms, the billowing sail.

What tourists liked about Windsbraut?

Contrasting older boats and buildings were in the port and a stunning design catches your eye as you walk on the road. Definitely worth visiting while you are in Flensburg.

11. Museumswerft Flensburg

Museumswerft Flensburg
Museumswerft Flensburg (Sönke Rahn/Wikimedia)

In cooperation with Danish institutions, the museum shipyard presents the maritime working world’s old trades and activities. Here sailing ships of the 18th and 19th century that were important for the region are rebuilt in traditional timber construction. In this way, the everyday labour of that period is displayed to the public. The ships are put into operation for discrete cultural tourism. These practical projects serve as a youth and student exchange across the borders and a cultural program on both sides of the Flensburger Förde (Flensburg Bay).

What tourists liked about Museumswerft Flensburg

Donations and community service mainly finance the museum value. You put the entry into a cassette. With some boats, it’s hard to believe that they can be restored, and without the commitment of the employees, many boats would no longer exist. Knowledge of traditional shipbuilding is also retained and passed on.

10. Salondampfer Alexandra

Salondampfer Alexandra
The saloon steamer at harbour (fleno.de/Wikimedia)

The “Alex” is the floating landmark of Flensburg and was built in 1908. She is the only saloon steamer in Germany that is still sea-going. From May to October, you can set sail with the Alexandra on the fjord. In addition to public trips on selected Sundays, it also accompanies the major port festivals such as the Rum Regatta or the Dampf Rundum. She invites you to exclusive rides with Alexandra’s steam band or the Petuh ride! A nostalgic ship experience for the whole family and a must for every vacationer! The tickets are available in the yellow pavilion at the steam bridge in Flensburg.

Important: The tours’ tickets are very popular, so please register in advance not to be left on the land.

What tourists liked about Salondampfer Alexandra

Nostalgia to touch and experience not only for adults but also for children. Here you can climb into the steam engine room and experience how steam is made under the boiler to set the pistons and the massive rods / connecting rods in motion to drive the propeller. For the Lütten, it was a sublime feeling to influence the direction of the ship by turning the huge steering wheel. All questions about the technology and the steamer’s repair were answered patiently and with specialist knowledge by the captain and his crew.

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9. Flensburger Löwe 

Flensburger Löwe
Flensburger Löwe (Soenke Rahn/Wikimedia)

The old cemetery is located near the Museumsberg between Stuhrsallee and the Reepschlägerbahn. If you are looking for a quiet place, then a stroll through the oldest communal cemetery in Schleswig-Holstein is ideal. Visit the cemetery chapel of Axel Bundsen and the Idstedt lion from 1862 – which was originally erected here as a memorial for the Danes’ victory over the Schleswig-Holsteiners in 1850.

However, the Instant lion has only been back in Flensburg since 2011 and is a reminder of the German-Danish clashes that ultimately led to the war of 1864. Today the Idstedt lion is a symbol of friendship and trust between the Germans and the Danes.

What tourists liked about Flensburger Löwe

A great experience to see “Istedløven” in its right element in the old cemetery in Flensburg. The cemetery itself carries a fantastic experience with a lot of Danish soldiers from the Schleswig Holstein wars, which are buried there. 

8. St. Nikolai Kirche

St. Nikolai Kirche
Sankt Nikolai Church (Ichwarsnur/Wikimedia)

Sankt Nikolai sees itself as an “open church for the city”. It is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is a place of rest, security and inner contemplation. In the evening church on three days of the week, you can experience spirituality in everyday life. Particular notice is given to the organization of services with diverse liturgy and church music. Music plays a central role at St. Nikolai: the important organ and the national choir attracts many people from town and country.

What tourists liked about Kirche St.Nikolai

St. Nikolai is worth visiting when you are in Flensburg. The brick columns give the interior a special architecture. You expect a bright interior with chalk walls, but opposite, get a more minimalistic gothic atmosphere.

7. Nordertor

Nordertor by night (Ichwarsnur/Wikimedia)

The Nordertor is the city’s landmark. Many merchants in Flensburg became wealthy from trade with the Mediterranean and Caribbean countries. For example, the altar at St. Mary and donations made to churches for various epilogues are testimony to this, such as the Noradiator, which was built in 1595 and protected the northern part of the city for nearly 200 years. This Renaissance marvelous structure is the last remaining city gate in Flensburg. 

What tourists liked about Nordertor

This attractive gate is a main entrance to the Flensburg old town. Perhaps some are expecting some great Holsten Gate, but of course, this turned out to be very small. Still a beautifully preserved city gate.

6. Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum 

Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum
Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum (Hajotthu/Wikimedia)

Flensburg, today located in the north of Schleswig-Holstein, is an old port city. In the Maritime Museum, you can find out everything about the port and the merchants’ yards, about shipowners and merchants, about shipyards and ships, cordage and rigging, about machines and engines. Also machinists and captains and their daily life at sea.

So there is a lot to experience here. A total of seven exhibitions and a special exhibition with numerous stations for trying out, touching, looking, listening and marveling visit the museum an exciting discovery journey for young and old!

What tourists liked about Flensburger Schifffahrtsmuseum

The Flensburg Ship Museum is good because it does not confine itself to collecting various sea goods: looking at old and not very old ships is more interesting than at sextants and other inventory. But next to each ship, plates are indicating what exactly this instance became famous.

5. Flensburger Brauerei

Flensburger Brauerei
A tour at the “Brauerei” (Chaostreff/Flickr)

The beer is characterized by its tart freshness, spicy taste and excellent digestibility. The good quality is guaranteed by great care in using the best raw materials and the use of the latest technology. The Flensburg brewing water is obtained from the underground “Flensburg Glacier Spring”, which rises artesian from 240 meters and is free of any pollutants. A particularly gentle brewing process also ensures that all biologically valuable ingredients are retained in the beer. The classic Flensburger Pilsener is just one variant of the Nordic beer enjoyment from Flensburg, where around 20 small breweries were still active in the late 19th century: there are now 16 different types of “Flens”: noble “Helles,” bitter? Dark? Mild? Gold?, malt beer, cellar beer and shandy, Spring and winter buck as well as, of course, non-alcoholic beer, barrel sprays and water. And anyone who thinks that good wheat beer is only available in Bavaria is wrong and should try the delicious Flensburg wheat beer. 

What tourists liked about Flensburger Brauerei

An exciting tour of the brewery, two super-skilled tour guides who knew how to capture the guests with history and facts about German beer, time went fast, and in the end, they had to taste beer with some delicious food. It is definitely the most important place one must visit if one is in Flensburg.

4. Citti-Park

CITTI-PARK Flensburg (Marseille77/Wikimedia)

CITTI-PARK is Flensburg’s newest modern shopping center. In daylight, this huge shopping mall makes you feel as if you are walking along a beautiful city. The lounge area near the fountain and the diverse range of restaurants are perfect for taking quick breaks. There are around 55 different shops to choose from, you will find here everything which your heart desires – from fashion and lifestyle to toiletries and household items, sports equipment, electronics and much more. CITTI Market is also an experience of its rightness. This market indeed excludes ‘joie de vivre’ with over 80,000 more items and an impressive range for connoisseurs. And suppose you want to experience authentic culinary Sylt flair. In that case, GOSCH Sylt is the place to go medium, consisting of 10 practices and 14 healthcare specialists, a chemist and a free nursery, is CITTI-PARK’s health center. Although there are many free services, CITTI-PARK offers you with almost 2,000 free customer parking spaces.

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What tourists liked about Citti Park

Citti Park is a good alternative to downtown Flensburg. Starting with many parking spaces, you will find everything you need for your daily needs here. It is a great place and shopping with the whole family.

3. Nordermarkt

Nordermarkt (Andreas Trepte/Wikimedia)

The Nordermarkt might be THE best place to relax in the city. Here, the gorgeous backdrop is one among the oldest squares in the city,where you’ll find numerous cafés, restaurants and bars. it is also the perfect place to require an occasion during harbor festivals because it is barely one minute go away. And while you’re in nordermarkt, make sure to require a fast detour to Johannsen Rum, located within the historic Marienburg.

What tourists liked about Nordermarkt

This area offers you many impressive pubs, bars and dining places. Young and old both enjoy sitting outside for drinks and food. There is a cozy atmosphere and after dinner or drinks, you can take a stroll along the short lane at the port to show you why people like Flensburg.

2. Historischer Hafen (harbour)

Historischer Hafen
Historischer Hafen in Flensburg (HenrikKbh/Wikimedia)

Experience this unique ensemble of historical sailing, motor and steamships on the pier and at sea, with an exciting maritime museum and a lively museum shipyard. Old ships are restored, built and: driven here on a private initiative!

A real voyage of discovery for all seafarers and landlubbers interested in rustic ships love the smell of tar and cordage.

What tourists liked about Historischer Hafen

The historic port with its vintage ships is idle for photo fans. It gives an insight into contemporary maritime history. Everywhere there is an opportunity to eat or drink. You have a wonderful view when you go around the Föhrde from the opposite side.

 1. Rote Strasse

Rote Strasse
The red street (Aschroet/Wikimedia)

The Rote Strasse is situated at Südermarkt near the old city gate, once stood at the street’s southern end. Merchants and skilled manual laborers had their own businesses and workshops, which respectively occupied the shopkeepers’ courtyard. All buildings have been splendidly fixed, and it’s worth taking a look at the picturesque courtyard and enjoy the various atmospheres. 

The beautiful historical alleys area unit acknowledged for his or her notably stunning courtyards and hospitable eating institutions, individual retailers, artisans, gallery homeowners, designers and everything else to satisfy your curiosity.

What tourists liked about Rote Strasse

Here you will find several different specialty shops, cafes and restaurants, etc. Rote Strasse has a long and exciting history behind it. Many years ago it was an important shopping street and part of the famous ox road that went from Denmark to Altona.

Bonus: Phänomenta

Phänomenta (Sönke Rahn/Wikimedia)

Human beings are curious. They want to understand the processes in their world. Long-winded lectures or hardly comprehensible writings do not help them in this respect. Reliable knowledge is only obtained by own experience. The PHÄNOMENTA offers visitors to experience the world with all their senses by themselves. They can immediately experience astonishing scientific and technical phenomena.

Visitors discover the interrelation between waves and oscillations. They puzzle over the form of the fastest runway; get to know the influence of the form of bridges on their stability. They let electric discharge jerk their fingertips, experience smells and taste herbs. They experience weightlessness and the angular momentum that keeps planets in their orbit.

The PHÄNOMENTA is more of a workshop than a museum. The PHÄNOMENTA yields astonishment about unexpected occurrences and develops the thirst for knowledge. Visitors learn to trust their own experience: Science and technology reveal their secrets.

What tourists liked about Phänomenta

The installations are in themselves quite simple. On the other hand, there are many and something for all ages. It’s instructive, and you get some fun surprises in several places.

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