Greece Travel Guides

Greece is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean and is often referred to as the cradle of western civilization. The country has a long history of more than three thousand years, and during ancient times it was home to some of the world’s greatest scientists and philosophers.

Greece is a polyvalent country where ancient art and modern structures are combined, beautiful nature, endless beaches and deep blue seas are omnipresent, enjoying a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The images of the dazzling white houses set against a backdrop of the blue sky and crystal waters definitely typify Greece.

The country consists of more than 2,5000 islands, including many well-known holiday destinations such as Crete, Corfu, Santorini, Rhodes and Kos. The mainland is varied with a number of mountains, the highest of which is the Olympus – the mythical home of the twelve Olympic gods. The largest city is Athens, which is home to 3,154,000 Greeks (2019). Other major cities are Thessaloniki, Patras, and Heraklion, but none of these are nearly as large as Athens.

It is one of the oldest travel destinations in Europe, famous for its architecture, history, cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, healthy food and friendly people. The national language is Greek but English is widely spoken as well.

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