17 Best Things to do in Koblenz (2023)

Koblenz, also known as the city of Coblenz, has long been a major commercial center and is also a crucial military post and administrative center from around the world. Four mountains with woods and lakes make the city an impressive backdrop of Koblenz. 

Koblenz city is located in the northern part of Rhineland-Palatinate and is a city that pays tribute to the famous rivers Rhine and the Mosel. It is a popular site for visitors and a meeting place for residents, which allows people to create a beautiful environment. A large monument remains at the very tip, and above the hill across the river, you can spot the Ehrenbreitstein Castle.

There are many things to see in Koblenz, one is the beach that is five minutes away on foot from campus, where most of the visitors like to spend their time.

17. Romanticum

romanticum koblenz
Entrance of Romanticum (Koblenz-Touristik/Wikimedia)

The Romanticum is an interesting exhibition for visitors and was opened in 2013 and located in the basement of the Tourist Information Koblenz. 

The Romanticum takes you on a virtual trip with a nostalgic steamer through the history of the Middle Rhine. It is unique in Germany and it has separately designed exhibition areas, with around 65 interactive stations. 

And the best part is that exhibits allow you to save information on the admission ticket so that you can get it later at home or on the go. Every visitor creates an individual internet page where you can save the relevant content after completing the total visit.

What tourists like about Romanticum

The exhibition is best suitable for children. You can touch, try out and play there, some parts very interesting. It was great that you could take some information on the chip card with you.

16. Rhine River Cruise

rhine river cruise
River Cruise on the Rhine (cosplay shooter/Flickr)

If you are planning to experience Koblenz from the water, don’t worry. This slow-moving boat gives you time to see all the sights, town castles, and more with 15 different stations and enjoy the ride scenery with more than 130 possible departure times. If you don’t want to stay on the ship while sightseeing, then you can simply get off anywhere along the way and take the next boat going back to your place.

You can spend as much time that you would like at each station. There is a restaurant onboard where you can sit and eat something you want, but food and drink are not included with the pass, and this pass being valid on all scheduled day cruises.

The Rhine valley is known for its beautiful castles, excellent vineyards, fabled Loreley Rock, and much more.

What tourists liked about Rhine River Hop On Hop Off Cruise

The Rhine Cruise offers a slow-paced sightseeing on the Rhine, where tourists enjoyed terrific views of the vast number of castles, vine yards, and cities along the river with a good opportunity to hop on and off during the day trip was a big plus, as was the food and pricing range.

15. Basilica of St. Castor

Basilica of St. Castor
St. Castor church on a sunny day (Martin Kraft/Wikimedia)

The St. Castor Basilica is placed near the Deutsches Eck at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel. It was built between 817-836 and the scene of many important historical events; the original church construction on this site began in the year 817. The church is embedded in the flowered courtyard, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Gardens. Also, there are some information boards behind the church, where you can read it.

There are two very tall towers with gabled roofs, and one with a clock. The east-end is curved and has two more buildings with some lovely paintings, but the highlight is the two “stellar vaults” and the unique ceiling.

This place is rewarded with very beautiful architecture and its charisma both inside and outside. From inside, the sculptures and frescoes look impressive.

What tourists like about Basilica of St. Castor

You will find this place very beautiful from both inside and outside and forms a good atmosphere. Of course, it is worth a visit with its many flowers. In spring, it is simply fantastic, invites you to linger and have a few moments of peace.

14. Mosel Radweg

Mosel Bike Trail
Mosel Bike Trail (Andreas Lippold/Wikimedia)

The Mosel Cycle Route is a long-distance cycle route along the Mosel river. The entire path can be divided into ten individual stages. It means that the premium cycle path can also be relaxed on several days, and there is time for a detour to the beautiful wine towns to the left and right of the way. The curvy paths, changing landscapes, and easy-to-use bike paths will give you a varied and harmonious tour, either on its route or alongside the road, and is therefore also suitable for families.

You can cycle the 400-kilometer stretch of the Mosel Cycle Path in 18 stages through the beautiful Riesling wine country. Eight of the stages lead you through France and ten through Germany!

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What tourists liked about Mosel Radweg

The bike path is lovely, it is most beautiful from Trier to Cochem. From Cochem, you only drive the bike path along the road. Also, a pleasure to cycle along with plenty of places to eat or drink and usually quiet to cycle along (away from the cars).

13. Burg Lahneck

Burg Lahneck
Burg Lahneck (Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints/Flickr)

Lahneck Castle is a fortress located on the high hill city of Lahnstein, south of Koblenz, and was first built in the middle of the 13th century by the Archbishop of Mainz and is reasonably intact except for some damage.

The castle, unlike other Rhine fortresses, has never performed customs functions. The archbishop of Mainz, who built it in 1226, defended his northern possessions’ borders in this way, in particular, the nearby silver mines.

The outside of this castle is beautiful, almost like a Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Inside, you’ll find its chapel, great hall, valuable paintings, and furniture are also worth a visit.

What tourists liked about Burg Lahneck

The restaurant is located at Lahneck Castle high above Lahnstein. The atmosphere is quaint and cozy, and they give you excellent service. There are many dishes with meat and delicious vegetarian dishes and salads. You can sit outside and enjoy the view of the Rhine and Lahn!

12. Emser Therme

Emser Therme
Emser Therme (WJournalist/Wikimedia)

The Emser Therme is one of the most modern and impressive thermal baths in Germany, and can be found directly on the Lahn in Bad Ems, which is located in the heart of the city and yet in a very scenic location on the banks of the Lahn. It is ideal for relaxing hours or the whole day. With a total of eight pools offering different temperatures, you can experience a thermal spa landscape with a sauna park, wellness gallery, fitness, and restaurants. At the sauna bar, you can get healthy juices, refreshing drinks, and small snacks.

Emser Therme welcomes its guests with the refreshing motto where visitors expect relaxation, cold baths, circulating training, and physical rest and nourishing baths. There is an area that is partially divided into two parts: a public place and a self-service area.

What tourists liked about Emser Therme

It is a charming and clean thermal bath that offers you a super relaxing, pleasant atmosphere without ever being overcrowded—the outdoor pool with a direct view of the Lahn, particularly highlights.

11. Thurant Castle

Thurant Castle
Thurant Castle (marcostetter/Wikimedia)

The Thurant Castle stands on a complete slate hill-spur above Alken’s villages, and it’s one of the oldest castles of the Mosel area.

You can experience the castle on your own and be enchanted during your stay with a romantic resort. As with many other attractions, this castle is beautifully located with a view over the Mosel, loving planting roses and many other flowers, perfect for relaxing and enjoying.

There is a short but powerful ascent on foot, which is rewarded with a great view of both the Mosel and Alken. The castle can be visited quickly, but you should do it when you are up there. A small kiosk offers drinks that can be taken in the beautiful castle garden.

What tourists liked about Thurant Castle

A castle tour is always worthwhile for you and the entrance fee is reasonable and not excessive. Friendly staff and lots of information are available and there is comfortable seating with great views that invite you to linger. 

10. History Column

History Column
History Column at the Görresplatz (Jim Linwood/Flickr)

The History Column is the central part of the fountain on the Görresplatz, which is located in a plaza named after Josef Görres, and the idea was to tell the story of Koblenz through one statue.

The sculptor is Jurgen Weber, who founded this unique history column to celebrate Koblenz’s 2000th anniversary. The sculpture is carried out with 3-D numbers in 10 scenes representing Koblenz’s important event in Roman time. 

Very impressive is its first scene in which slaves row a Roman galley boat filled with wine barrels. The ship almost floats in the super large basin as there is water pouring out of the mouths of Rhine and Mosel attached to the side of the vessel, from the barrel spouts. All provide the sound of rushing water. That portion is very beautiful, as the dominant figures, the oars, and the barrels have turned turquoise.

The other nine historical scenes atop the boat are much smaller, darker, and circular. The top scenes show Koblenz’s destruction from the 1944 bombing raids and the city’s rebirth from those flames.

What tourists liked about History Column

This fountain is exciting to study because it sums up the life of Koblenz floor by floor and is worth lingering over—all the highlights from the Romans up to the present day. Spend a couple of minutes with it and read the plaque which stands beside it and there are lots of birds flying around and some seem to have nests inside the actual fountain.

9. Schloss Koblenz

Schloss Koblenz
Schloss Koblenz (Wolkenkratzer/Wikimedia)

Schloss Koblenz is one of the most impressive palace buildings of French early classicism in southwest Germany. It’s located in the former Federal Garden Showgrounds and built from 1777 to 1786 in French classicism.

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This beautiful place was designed by the well known German landscape gardener Peter Lenne, responsible for many parks throughout Germany, particularly in Potsdam. 

The garden can be entered by a walk along the Rhine or through the lobby of the Schloss.

The Rhine and Mosel divide this garden into two sections. On one side of the pool is a large area planted with seasonal flowers, like tulips, amongst the clipped low hedges. Each unit also has a long arbor with sweet-smelling pink or white wisteria blossoms.

The castle has a beautiful park and is also used for concerts in the city. Many classical concerts take place here, you enjoy the garden view and imagine that they are more beautiful from the palace’s higher floors.

What tourists liked about Schloss Koblenz

A very beautiful palace with a park and restaurants and an area to spend time and there are tables for people to sit; here you can eat and drink something. It has a playground for children too. Also, It yields beautiful photos.

8. DB Museum Koblenz

DB Museum Koblenz
One of the vintage trains at DB Museum (Paul David Smith/Flickr)

The Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) Museum building is located in Koblenz.

It was opened in 2001 as the first external location of the DB  Museum and offers a good overview of stationary technology, such as wagons. There are historical and modern exhibits, most of which can be grasped. The outdoor area of the DB  Museum is also used as an exhibition area.

The museum contains an impressive collection of virtually all DB´s electric locomotives for carrying passenger and freight trains. Most of them are parked outside the museum in the open air, but in excellent condition, and most of them are ready to go. The museum is best reached by local train from Koblenz Hbf to Koblenz Lützel, approx. 5 min and 20 minutes on foot.

Tourists can experience the world of railways through exhibitions and interactive charm such as a train simulator.

What tourists liked about DB Museum

The DB Museum is an absolute must for rail enthusiasts away from the steam locomotive. Numerous exhibits from the diesel or electric traction and rolling stock from the time of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Also, an excellent selection of locomotives and wagons and a large Trix Express layout and garden railway.

7. Stolzenfels Castle

Stolzenfels Castle
Stolzenfels Castle on the hill top (Holger Weinandt/Wikimedia)

Schloss Stolzenfels was built in 1250 and extended in the 13th century which was totally destroyed by the French in 1689. 

You should walk up to the Castle through the landscape park designed by the Prussian head of gardening Peter Joseph Lenné.

Stolzenfels Castle is the most outstanding work of Rhine romanticism. It can only be visited with a guide, and this takes around 80 minutes to reach. The park is the highlight at the end of the tour. Here you can finally move around freely. Also, you can find a parking lot at the foot of the Schlossreges, parking costs are free for visitors to the palace.

What tourists liked about Stolzenfels Castle

This tour is very informative and entertaining with free parking in the nearby parking garage upon presenting the parking ticket. You better visit on a sunny day, though, as there is no lighting inside, and some paintings were difficult to see.

6. VFF Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Koblenz

VFF Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung
Impressive military equipment on display (AlfvanBeem/Wikipedia)

The VFF Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung in Koblenz is one of Germany’s largest technical exhibitions and was founded in 1962 and built by the military historian Arnold Wirtgen.

The WTS is the only collection in the Bundeswehr Museum Association that is exclusively limited to the preservation, exhibition, and research of military-technical objects. The collection includes military technology from combat shoes to flying weapons systems and hand weapons with approx 15,000 items. 

There are planes and tanks and cannons, a vast collection of small arms, which is very impressive. Some of the exhibits are former training models (in section). The price is only 3 euros, but you need a document to enter.

What tourists liked about vff wehrtechnische studiensammlung

At the entrance, there is a jumping bomb and in the great hall, there are tanks, planes, helicopters, and miniature submarines to supplement. The major highlights are extraordinary exhibits, military vehicles as well as aircraft, and impressive prototypes.

5. Cablecar Koblenz (Rheinseilbahn)

Cablecar Koblenz (Rheinseilbahn )
The Cable Car taking you to the top of Koblenz (Harke/Wikimedia)

The Koblenz cable car was opened in 2010 with one of the highest capacities of about 7,600 persons/hour, the most for any such ride in the world, and travels almost 850 Meters. 

You should not miss the ride on the cable car that runs from the Rhine beach next to the Deutsches Ecke across the river and the impressive Ehrenbreitstein castle. The tour does not take many minutes but gives a beautiful overview of the river and the city for a short time. The cable car cabins are large, modern, and with views in all directions. 

What tourists liked about Cablecar Koblenz

If you want to have a beautiful experience, then this place is for you, with a great Rhine crossing. The trip takes a few minutes and allows you to admire the beauties of the city of Koblenz from a different perspective.

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4. Marksburg Castle

Marksburg Castle
Marksburg Castle (Polybert49/Flickr)

The Marksburg Castle is one of the most beautiful and well-known castles in Germany. It is located above the right bank of the Rhine River and is approx. 12km away from Koblenz. It is the only hilltop castle in the Middle Rhine and gives an impressive view and it occasionally hosts royal families. 

The castle had some additions in the 17th-18th centuries but maintained its medieval character.

The Marksburg has a significant guided tour. It is in excellent condition and contains small rooms, including a kitchen with a bedroom, a wine cellar and one of the armament rooms. There are many sites with uneven flooring, which necessitates watching where you walk, particularly near the entrance.

What tourists liked about Marksburg

Marksburg allows you to see the beauty of the castle from the inside and outside. It is majestic, beautiful when seen from a distance, towering above the Middle Rhine River and surrounding the municipalities.

3. Ruppertsklamm

Ruppertsklamm (rbrands/Flickr)

Just a few km outside Koblenz, the Ruppertsklamm is one of the highlights of the Rheinsteig in Lahnstein. It is located in Niederwesterwald and developed by Theodor Zais between 1910 and 1912.

This place is wild and romantic at the same time, whether for adults or, of course, for children. But don’t worry, you will be rewarded with beautiful fauna and flora and you can also climb a little, so you should already have hiking boots or sturdy shoes when you reach on top you can rest a little bit in the hiking and left at the top of the Lhnhöhenweg and hike to the Allerheiligeberg, beautiful views of the Lahn and much more are worth it.

What tourists liked about Ruppertsklamm

A beautiful place where you walk through the bed of the river. Make sure you have appropriate shoes in wet weather. The gorge can be walked back and forth. Another possibility is to continue walking along the top after the rest hut. 

2. Deutsches Eck (German corner)

Deutsches Eck
Kaiser Welhelm looking over the German Corner (LOfter90/Flickr)

Deutsches Eck, the giant Kaiser Wilhelm statue of the first German Emperor, was erected in 1897. The monument is 37 meters high, with the equestrian statue accounting for 14 meters and weighs 60 tons. In the Second World War, the equestrian statue was severely damaged by the approaching Americans. 

Today, a visit to the headland is a must for every tourist in Koblenz. It is one of the greatest bronze landmarks in Germany. Thus you will always find a lot of tourists here when the weather is nice. There is also a beautiful view of the cable car’s memorial, the valley station not far from the Deutsches Eck.

What tourists liked about Deutsches Eck (German corner)

It is a large area with history and statues. Great views up the stairs. Good opportunity to sit on a bench or on the stairs.

1. Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
The massive Ehrenbreitstein (marcoverch/Flickr)

The fortress, with beautiful panoramic views over Koblenz and the Rhine and Mosel rivers, is built on the site in the 11th century, located on the eastern bank of the Rhine. It is well situated above the river and is the second-largest fortress accessible by cab cars from the town.

The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, together with the Deutsche Ecke and the cable car up to the fort, is one of the three experiences you must bring with you from Koblenz. The fort itself is an almost gigantic facility and testifies to ancient times’ power-hungry and strategic thinking. 

What tourists liked about Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

This fortress is extremely extensive and magically casts a spell on you (just like other castles like the ones you’ll find in Füssen). Great experience when you take the gondola high over the Rhine to the fort; worth seeing for defense purposes; great view of Koblenz with Deutschem Eck and the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel rivers.

Frequently asked questions about Koblenz

Is Koblenz worth visiting?

Koblenz is a small and old city situated in the northern part of Rhineland-Palatinate, and is definitely worth visiting, offering beautiful churches and breathtaking castles.

How many days do you need in Koblenz?

If you plan a trip to Koblenz, you should have a minimum of 3-4 days to see the beauty of the city. Due to its small size, the Rhine and Mosel River city is ideal for walking.

Is Koblenz expensive?

A trip to Koblenz for one person costs near about €754($894) for one week and two-person it costs around €1,508($1788). If you are with a family of three to four people, the price must be less as you can share a hotel room.

Is Koblenz safe?

Koblenz has a very low crime rate and safe place for both residents and tourists. But while visiting the Koblenz of the Rhine River Valley, you have to be more careful as there is much ice on the route during winter.

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