10 Fun & Best Things to do in Chalkida, Greece (2022)

If you’re looking for a place to vacation in Greece, make sure to visit the city of Chalkida.

The area surrounding this small town is filled with natural beauty and features some amazing beaches, a perfect getaway from your daily routine!

In this article, we’ve found the 10 best things to do in Chalkida based upon tourist reviews and ratings. The article will give you all the details about Chalkida so that once you arrive, you’ll know exactly what to do. Enjoy!

10. Mosque of Chalkida

Τζαμί – The mosque of Chalkida, is otherwise most popularly known as the mosque of Emir Zade.

It is located just 5 minutes walk away from the beach and is close to Saint Paraskevi Church.

The mosque dates back to the Ottoman period when the Turks constructed it around the 15th Century. To this day, it is preserved and maintained in excellent condition. 

Today, it stands partly as a historical monument, while part of the mosque’s section is a museum. You’ll get to witness the magnificent Byzantine architecture along with archaeological collections since the medieval era of Chalkida. 

9. Cultural Museum Of Chalkida

The Cultural Museum of Chalkida also goes by the name Archaeological Museum of Chalkida. 

Housed in a 20th-century neoclassical building, the cultural Museum of Chalkida has been open to the public since 1991. It is easy to locate the Museum, as it is located in the city center. 

This Museum houses a vast and extensive collection of artifacts and items relating to Chalkida’s past. 

Prepare to amaze your sight with artifacts dating back to the Paleolithic Era. Items on display include cultural-related rare artifacts – bone figurines and statutes, ceramic vessels, a range of pottery items, jewelry, and classical coins, etc. 

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8. Paralia Liani Ammos

After sightseeing and visiting monumental sites, you may want to see a quieter place far from the maddening crowd. Liani Ammos beach, a stunning wild beach, is almost a hidden destination of Chalkida. 

Secluded from the main town, Paralia Liani Ammos beach is located in a village called Agriovotano.

The shallow clear blue waters, coarse sand, and pebbles, with rock cliffs at the end, create a soothing backdrop. 

During low tide, the beach is filled with sand ripples creating an artistic view. The beach is lined with trees offers a magnificent landscape, and the cool breeze from the waves makes it an ideal relaxing spot. 

7. High Bridge Evripos

We have told you about Chalkida’s old bridge above. Now, the High Bridge Evripos is the New Chalkida Bridge.

The High Bridge (New Chalkida Bridge) is a cable-styled suspension bridge, inaugurated in 1993, built across the Evripos water strait.

The most remarkable thing about this bridge is that it connects and joins with Chalkida’s old bridge, which connects Athens and Chalkida. 

You can choose to walk across the pedestrian street or take a quick drive down to Athens. You can enjoy the magnificent and picturesque views of the bridge, and the sea, while grabbing something to eat and drink from the cafes nearby.

6. Lighthouse Bad Head of Chalkida

Want to visit a lighthouse that is 135 years old? The Lighthouse Bad Head of Chalkida, constructed in 1886, is here to fulfill your fancy. 

The lighthouse tower is an old stone building standing tall at 12 meters in height. And every after 18 seconds, it flashes red lights twice. 

You get amazing views of the sea from the lighthouse and get to witness the tidal waves that change their direction after every 6 hours. There are about 120 lighthouses around that area, all built around the 2nd Century, of which only 20 are functional.

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5. Red House of Maliou family

Another spot you cannot miss, especially if you are an architecture fanatic, is the Red House of the Maliou family.

As distinctive as its name, it is a red-colored mansion owned by the Maliou Family but is now owned by the municipality of Chalkida.

It stands at the end of the promenade towards the north, alongside the beach of Chalkida. You can get there walking or taking a short drive along the path. 

On the way there, you can stop by to enjoy local food and drinks or for a coffee break. The driveway is lined with restaurants, cafes, and bars. 

4. New Archaeological Museum of Chalkis “Arethousa”

Let’s start by telling you some exciting news about the “Arethousa” Archaeological Museum of Chalkis – it opened its doors for the public for the first time this year on 24th May, after being permanently closed down since 1980.

This latest addition of a cultural Museum with a rich source of history and archaeology is bound to be the hottest landmark for Chalkida. It is located in the heart and main town of the mesmerizing island of Evia.

The building that houses Arethousa is part of an early 20th-century distillery makes it a part of history. 

The Museum is an excellent place for young and old, housing physical exhibits and interesting interactive virtual tours and multimedia applications.

3. Karababa Castle

When you schedule and plan your trip to Chalkida, don’t miss the most historical sites of Chalkida.

Much more than its brilliant architecture or panoramic views from up the castle, the history behind it is what makes it all the more worthwhile.

The Karababa Castle is perched on a hill covered in pines at a coast called Phourka. The Turks built it in 1684 as a protection tower for the Chalkida citizens from the Venetians. 

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Inside the castle, there is a little museum too. This castle is kids-friendly, including for people needing wheelchairs. Do note that it remains closed on Mondays.

2. Saint Paraskevi Church

St.Paraskevi Church, or the church of Agia Paraskevi, which is considered the protectress of Chalkida, is one of the most historical and holy places in Chalkida.  

As the name suggests, this church is dedicated to the patron of Chalkida, St.Paraskevi. It was built around the 5th and 8th Centuries, and it’s still standing strong and tall with a wooden roof basilica.

 You won’t wanna miss the pomp and celebration on 26th July, a festival known as “St.Paraskevi feastday.” Greece citizens come to the church, followed by a parade exhibiting the traditional costumes and music.

1. Chalkida’s Old Bridge

If a bridge that connects two cities finds your fancy for your travel bucket list, Chalkida’s Old Bridge is definitely for you, and it’s the most popular thing to do in Chalkida.

Built during 1962, Chalkida’s old bridge (sliding bridge) connects the island of Euboea or Evia and Athens with the Euripus Strait running across the bridge. 

A walk through the esplanade along the waterfront or a drive through Chalkida’s old bridge is sure to mesmerize you during both the day and night. 

You can stop for a coffee break or grab a bite at the numerous seafood joints along the promenade. Don’t forget to grab a drink or two when taking an evening stroll to enjoy the captivating view accompanied by a cool breeze. 

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