[QUIZ] Test your German knowledge before you travel!

Are you ready to engage in conversations with local Germans?

Regardless if you’re up for a trip to Germany, or just curious, try our Germany Quiz and see how hardcore of a German expert you really are.

The quiz contains 25 questions and will test your knowledge about German culture, sports and geography.

Let’s jump right in!


Name a non-traditional German sausage

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What city was the favourite residence of Charlemagne and later the principal coronation site of medieval German kings?

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How many states (“Bundesländer”) are there in total?

Germany map blank
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Which is the richest Bundesland (according to GDP per capita)?

1200px Frankfurt Skyline 126739545
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How much beer is in a German “Maß” glass?

Bier lady
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Which of these cities is known for its flamboyant Carnival?

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Which Bundesland has the largest population?

germany population pyramid
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How do you call this local delicacy?

1600x1200 duesseldorfer currywurst
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The biggest sea port in Germany is located in…

Bremerhaven loss Hapag scaled
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The name "Munich" means …

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This TV-tower is a famous landmark of which city?

Berlin tower
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When does the Oktoberfest start?

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Düsseldorf is the capital of…

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How many countries have German as official language?

German flag
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List the correct order of colors in the German flag

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This sculpture is found in many German gardens. What's its name?

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How many kilometers of Autobahn (freeway, motorway) does Germany have?

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What's the name of this tradition German dress?

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What’s Apfelschorle?

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Which countries share borders with Germany today?

Germany German Atlas
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How many billionaires (based on U.S. Dollars) are there in Germany?

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In Germany, dog owners need to pay taxes for their four-legged friends. How much is the dog tax in Berlin?

dog owner
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What is the general speed limit on the German Autobahn?

a7 ausfahrt
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How many World Cup titles does the German National Team hold?

World Cup titles
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Germany Quiz
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