12 Best Things to Do in Worms, Germany [2023 Guide]

Worms is an ancient German city in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, located at the Rhine river between Mannheim to the south and Mainz to the north. Dating back to the Roman Empire, it’s home to many historical structures and ancient buildings. Right from the Nibelung legends and myths, Jewish history, and the largest Martin Luther statue, there is a lot to explore and experience. Mesmerize yourself with the museums, remains of the medieval city walls, and magnificent Romanesque cathedral as you step into this mystical land. 

Fun fact: Worms is so old, it’s ranked as one of the oldest cities in Northern Europe!

With that being said, we have prepared a list of the 12 best things to do in Worms while you’re visiting the beautiful Rhine city.

(Going out in Worms? Scroll down at the bottom of the article to see the best places for going out)

12. Siegfriedbrunnen

Siegfriedbrunnen Worms
Siegfriedbrunnen in Worms (Norbert Schnitzler/Wikimedia)

The Siegfriedbrunnen is a beautiful fountain in the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Worms. The fountain in its current form is known to be created in 1913. It is decorated by Siegfried, the dragon slayer and one of the main characters in the Nibelungen saga.

It stands in front of the Haus zur Münze, in which the city ​​library is located, almost immediately next to the Trinity Church. Marvel at this heptagonal domed building, on the highest point of which Siegfried the dragon slayer stands with his sword and amazes you. 

11. Worms Synagogue

Worms Synagogue
Worms Synagogue (Ilsemarie/Wikimedia)

Walking through the Worms Synagogue takes you through the history of the Jewish population of the city. As the Worms city was once called “Jerusalem at river Rhine,” this synagogue is a fine example of this title. Built in 1034, this Romanesque synagogue was destroyed during the second world war but rebuilt in 1961 with a medieval mikveh and Jewish Museum.

Some of the original survivals of the building include brickwork, the Romanesque portal, and the founder’s 1034 synagogue inscription. A tour of this synagogue would be incomplete without going through the Jewish museum that houses rich Jewish heritage.  

10. Hagendenkmal

Hagendenkmal (Tonialsa/Wikimedia)

The Hagendenkmal, or in simple terms, the Hagen statue is a knight standing with a shield filled with Nibelungen treasure to sink them in the Rhine River. This statue commemorates the act of Hagen von Tronje as evidence of the strength of the Nibelungs. It was installed in 1903 in a rose garden set out in the city park, situated on the banks of the river.

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The memorial is the portrayal of a significant incident in the Nibelungenlied. During the absence of King Gunther and his escorts, Hagen stole Kriemhild’s treasure and drowned it in the Rhine. 

9. Nibelungenbrücke


The Nibelungen Bridge or as they call it in German, Nibelungenbrücke, is a significant tourist spot in Worms. This massive gate tower designed in the Nibelungen style was built at the end of the 19th century. The bridge, which was originally named after Adolf Hitler but got blown up during the second world war, connects the ends of the Danube River.

The second bridge was replaced by the third and current bridge to facilitate heavier load. A plaque near the bridge serves as a memorial of the Sudeten Germans who came to the city of Linz after being terminated from Czechoslovakia in 1945. 

8. Museum Heylshof

Museum Heylshof (giggel/Wikimedia)

The Heylshof Art Museum is another museum situated very close to the city’s market square and the cathedral with a large and beautiful garden area. The history behind the museum building says that it used to be the residence of the Heyl family between 1881 to 1884.

The building had been destroyed and rebuilt quite a few times over the years but today stands as an exceptional exhibition housing Frankenthal glassware, earthenware, porcelain, painted glass, and small-scale sculptures. On your walk around the museum, you’ll also see some of the largest German art collections of the 19th century. 

Opening hours and info: Visit website

7. Worms City Museum

Worms City Museum
Worms City Museum (Schulamit/Wikimedia)

The city museum of Worm stands in the same place where the former St. Andreasstift (a collegiate church) building stood once upon a time. The history of this building dates back to the 11th century when it was part of the Romanesque complex, considered as the architectural heritage of the city.

Today the museum has large exhibits of the Roman glassware in Germany and rich archaeological pieces donated by local historians. If you plan a visit here, make sure to attend at least one of the many events that the museum hosts during the course of the entire year. 

Opening hours and info: Visit Website

6. Jewish Cemetery Holy Sand

Also known as Heiliger Sand, the Jewish Cemetery in Worms is famous for being the oldest surviving Jewish cemetery in Europe. The oldest gravestone in the cemetery is from the year 1058/59. Additionally, this cemetery is also known as the “valley of the Rabbis” due to it being the burial ground of many well-known rabbis, martyrs, scholars, etc.

Today, the cemetery holds a sacred significance and has become a popular pilgrimage destination for many Jewish visitors. The craziest thing about the cemetery is that you get to see inscriptions on the gravestone covering a period of almost 900 years! 

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5. Luther Monument

Luther Monument

The Luther Monument is another hallmark of the city Worms, located only 500 meters away from Dom St. Peter. This monument is a collection of bronze statues erected to memorialize Martin Luther, the protestant reformer. The monument was unveiled in 1868, making itself the largest Luther monument in the world.

Here, the group of statues is centered by Luther’s statue and surrounded by statues of related individuals. Along with those, there are also allegorical statues that represent other towns near Worms. These statues are arranged in the form of a castle providing a spectacular view for the on-lookers. 

4. Nibelungen Museum

Nibelungen Museum

Started in 2001, the Nibelungen Museum at Worms is an exhibition center dedicated to Nibelungensage, a saga of the songs of Nibelungs. Integrated with the city wall of Worms as well as with two 12th century towers, this museum examines the mythical characters of Nibelungensage with audiovisual exhibitions.

At the Audio Tower, you can sit and listen to passages from the original song sung in Middle High German. At the Tower of Vision, the visitors are presented with the main information of the saga, its history, and its context. Likewise, the museum has many information corners to familiarize the visitors with the mythical songs of Nibelungensage. 

3. Silbersee

Silbersee (Sciencia58/Wikimedia)

The Silbersee is a lake adjoined with a recreational area located on the eastern side of Bobenheim-Roxheim, approximately 5 km from Worms. This lake, which covers a total area of 117 hectares, including its 37,000 square meter beach, is also known as Silver Lake in English.

Many visitors and sports enthusiasts visit the beach for water activities like sailing and surfing. In November 2006, the lake was treated with 21.5 tonnes of Phoslock to reduce phosphorus, making it the first lake in Germany to be treated with the chemical. When you visit the German lake, you can explore the agricultural fields and camp at the camping sites.

2. Tiergarten Worms

Tiergarten Worms or the Worms Zoo is a recreational cum animal park established in 1972. It currently has about 640 animals of 98 species spread over an area of 8.5 hectares. The zoo houses old breed animals such as the Glan cattle, Thuringian Forest goats, Ardennes, Bentheim pigs, and the likes.

The most interesting thing about the zoo is that it has been divided into different conceptual areas such as the South America facility, the exotic area, the African area, the Australian area, the Eurasian area, and a large farm area hosting cattle.  

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1. Dom St. Peter (Worms Cathedral)

Worms Cathedral
Worms Cathedral (dé.wé./Flickr)

The St. Peter’s Dom is the most important point of attraction you’ll come across at Worms. It is generally known by various other names such as Kaiserdom, Wormser Dom, or Worms cathedral. For nearly 1,000 years, the Worms Cathedral has dominated the city’s skyline with its magnificence and High Romanesque architecture.

The history of St. Peter Dom goes back to the early Christian times around 614 A.D. One of the most distinctive features of the German cathedral is its façade with twin dome choirs and four corner towers. As you walk inside the cathedral, you’ll witness many Gothic architectural pieces, including the Südportal, which is a veritable bible made in a stone lying at the main entrance.  

That’s it! For more info on what to see in Worms, please check out this video with a complete city tour by Poptravel:

Worms nightlife – best placed for going out?

According to tourists, Worms offers both cozy bars and discotheques when going out for drinks. Here are three of the best nightclubs and bars to visit while staying in Worms.

Strandbar 433

Even though Worms is located in the middle of Germany far from sandy beaches, you’ll get the full beach vibe at the Strandbar 433. Decorated with tiki huts and lounge chairs, the venue is located at the river banks of the Rhine. Depending on the weather, they’ll throw a beach party and a DJ, and for a moment you might forget you’re in Germany at all.

More info: Visit Strandbar 433

EINRAUM – Cocktail & Wein Bar

As the name states, you’ll experience a cool and ambient wine bar at the center of Worms.

EINRAUM is for people who want to enjoy a good tasty wine or above-average cocktail in a cozy atmosphere. During summer you can sit outside in the southern-inspired yard. During winter you can choose between several themed rooms.

More info: Visit EINRAUM

Kolb’s Biergarten und Restaurant

When in Germany, you should try the local food and drinks, which are said to be among the best in Europe. A visit to Kolb’s Biergarten und Restaurant will leave you completely satisfied when visiting Worms. Even though you can’t sit here till the morning, you can choose between a big catalog of German beers and delicious local, salty food.

More info: Visit Kolb’s Biergarten und Restaurant

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