13 Best Things to Do in Ulm, Germany (2023)

In this article, we’ve found the 13 best things to do while visiting Ulm, based upon tourist reviews and ratings.

Ulm is a historic city located at the Danube river in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Due to its geographic location in the southern part of Germany, the climate can be hot during summer and freezingly cold (but beautiful) during winter.

Known mostly for its impressive German cathedral which is the tallest in the world, the city offers attractions for everyone, and if you need even more things to do, we recommend visiting the nearby cities of Memmingen and Augsburg!

While visiting Ulm, you’ll find plenty of deep-blue lakes, castle ruins, cozy shopping streets, museums, parks, and medieval buildings. People who are into photography will fall in love with this German city due to its picturesque medieval streets and lakes.

Fun fact: Ulm is the birthplace of the famous physician Albert Einstein!

So, if you ever feel like you are running out of things to do in Ulm, think again.

13. Friedrichsau

If you are in Ulm with your family or friends, planning a trip to Friedrichsau is going to be a great idea. This is a big park that is full of greenery and quietness, which is quite different from city life. Every day, many tourists and locals come to this place to get some much-needed relaxation.

The park has been in Ulm since 1811 and still remains one of the biggest green parks in the city. The park measures approximately two kilometers and is full of lakes trees. Visitors can come and play sports like volleyball, golf, and even chess.

The park also has lots of restaurants that serve beer and food. There is also a zoo that showcases animals like kangaroos. It is just a lovely place to visit.

12. Donaubad

Donaubad (VillageHero/Flickr)

If you are in Ulm visiting and you badly need a relaxation day, consider Donaubad. Located in Wiblinger Str. 55, 89231, this is a water park with pools and relaxation facilities. It is a great place to visit. Visitors can go on water slides, pools and even take advantage of the sauna.

The amazing part about this location is the presence of different types of pools like outdoor pools and even adventure pools. After a dip in the pools, visitors can also go to the sauna or even head to the Donaubad bar. There is also a sports hall and even motor homes.

Visit website: www.donaubad.de

11. Museum Ulm

Museum Ulm
Museum Ulm (Christian Wolf/Wikimedia)

Museums are a great place to learn while also having fun. Thankfully, if you are in Ulm, there are no shortages of great museums. The Museum Ulm, founded in 1924, is a great place worth visiting. The Museum Ulm focuses on archaeology and art as well as the urban and cultural history of the city.

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Tourists can find exhibits that range far back as prehistoric times. Gothic and even Renaissance paintings are also common. If you wish to visit this Museum, you can locate it at Ulm, Baden-Württemberg. Statues from different periods are also on display. Lovers of art will really enjoy a visit here.

Visit website: museumulm.de

10. Tiergarten Ulm

Tiergarten Ulm
Tiergarten Ulm (Vigneshdm1990/Wikimedia)

Zoos are always a great place to visit, and Ulm also has its very own zoo. The Tiergarten Ulm can definitely kill boredom and make for a fun day with friends, family, or loved ones. You can find this zoo at 89073 Ulm. Visiting this zoo means getting to see tons of exciting and even indigenous animals.

Opened in 1966, the Tiergarten Ulm has more than 500 species of animals. The original history, however, goes back to the late 1920s when animals got donated, and sheds and enclosures got constructed for them. Today, people wanting to visit this place can do so whenever they want as the zoo is open throughout the year.

9. Ulmer Stadtmauer

Stadtmauer Ulm
Stadtmauer Ulm (Source: tourismus.ulm.de)

Located in Unter der Metzig, 89073, the Ulmer Stadtmauer is a place that definitely should be on your visit list. The place gets even prettier and more attractive if the weather is good and the skies are clear and blue. It’s a nice place to visit on lazy Sunday mornings. Taking a walk alone or with a companion is also ideal.

The Ulm City Wall presents so many beautiful sites and locations when taking a walk. People get to see different houses, structures, and even the river. You will get to experience the true beauty of Ulm when taking a stroll here. It is also one of the most popular sites for tourists as well.

8. Museum Brot und Kunst

Museum Brot und Kunst
Museum Brot und Kunst (Anne.honold/Wikimedia)

Among the many exciting and fun things to do in Ulm, visiting the Museum Brot und Kunst or the Museum of Bread and Art is a great idea. This is a Museum of knowledge. As such, visitors get to learn the importance of grains and bread. There is also an art exhibition on another side of the Museum.

Visiting this museum is not just about admiring the place but also learning about the culture. The art side of the Museum houses several artifacts and art collections. The bread section not only showcases the different types and importance of bread but also displays the technological aspects of bread-making. It is a place worth visiting when in Ulm.

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7. Wilhemsburg

Staying in Ulm and not visiting Wilhemsburg is a sin! This citadel is a location that people need to come and see. Built from the years 1842-1849, this place is a fortified location that, in the past, served as stations for different regiments and units.

Visiting this place today is quite different from what it was originally built for. Today, visitors can simply admire the location and think about all the things that went down. After the end of the second world war, the place also served as refugee camps. If you plan on visiting this place, you’re not going to regret it! You will be offered a guided tour.

More info: www.die-wilhelmsburg.de

6. Blautopf

Located about sixteen kilometers west of Ulm, this spot is a must-visit location for nature lovers. Blautopf is a natural spring as well as the source for the river Blau. If you are getting tired of the city landscape and the busy city life, retreating to this quiet and peaceful location is surely a good way to rejuvenate.

Tourist Tip: You can also go and take a visit to the Blau cave system

The spring is not the only attraction. The water is a rich blue in color and photographs really well. Just standing or sitting somewhere and admiring the landscape is in itself a magical experience. Taking a stroll near the spring’s vicinity is also another must-try.

More info: www.blautopf.de

5. Ulmer Rathaus

Ulmer Rathaus
Ulmer Rathaus (Drombalan/Wikimedia)

Have you heard of the Ulmer Rathaus? Known as the Ulm Town Hall, this Renaissance-inspired building is hard to miss and should be on everyone’s visit list. The present-day structure has a total of three structures, with the oldest one going back to the 1370s.

Not only does this place photograph incredibly well, but the place has so much historical value and significance as well. There is also an astronomical clock that you won’t get to see anywhere. Exterior murals are also visible and offer insights into interesting topics. If you’re ever getting tired of this rustic city, visiting Ulmer Rathaus will renew your interest.

4. The Leaning House (Das Schiefe Haus)

Das Schiefe Haus
Das Schiefe Haus (Franzfoto/Wikimedia)

Getting bored is normal, but not in Ulm. The city offers so much potential and ways to have fun and get inspired. One great thing to try out is to visit the Leaning House. This 16th-century structure is unique in the sense that it leans at an interesting angle. What’s more, is that it is one of the oldest buildings in the city that till today is in livable condition.

For an onlooker, the buildings appear as they will fall at any moment, but there’s no reason to panic! The building is still strong and got reinforced. Try not to leave this place without clicking a photo. This particular structure is easy to locate, you just need to take a stroll in the Fishermen’s Quarters, and you’ll spot it. You cannot miss it.

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3. Wiblingen Abbey

Wiblingen Abbey
Wiblingen Abbey (Ekki01/Wikimedia)

Ulm has no shortages of historic sites and locations, and Wiblingen Abbey just so happens to be one of them. Founded in 1093, this Abbey originally served as a Benedictine Abbey and, in the later years, got converted into barracks. If you are wondering what your next move should be in Ulm, then visiting this Abbey should be your top priority.

From the outside, the Abbey looks like any other building. However, once inside, visitors always get blown away by the lavish decoration, pillars, wall art, and even ceiling art. It is a great location for people who love art, architecture, and history. Wiblingen Abbey also has a church and even a library. For people who are in Ulm, taking a day off and coming here will surely be a fantastic idea.

Visit website: www.kloster-wiblingen.de

2. Fishermen’s Quarter

Ulmer Fischer- und Gerberviertel
Ulmer Fischer- und Gerberviertel (Pixelteufel/Flickr)

Want to enjoy and experience the rustic charm that Ulm has to offer? If so, make it a point to visit the Fishermen’s Quarter. This place offers a contrast from the busy city life. It is quiet and very peaceful. While visiting this place, you can take strolls around the back streets and bridges. The quarters were built around channels of the Blau stream.

Historically, these quarters were the homes of medieval artisans, including tanners, shipbuilders, and of course, fishermen. These quarters were also a resting place for so many emigrants. Today, this is an amazing tourist attraction, but locals and residents also visit this place often. A summer visit is a must as festivals are common on this site.

1. Ulmer Münster (Cathedral)

Ulmer Münster

Won’t it be exciting to see the tallest church in the world? Well, if you are in Ulm, you can make this a reality by simply visiting the Ulmer Münster. This Lutheran church is the tallest there is in the world, and is the main reason for being ranked #1 of things to do in Ulm. The church’s steeple stands at the height of 540 ft.

People can find this massive church at Münsterplatz 21, 89073. The construction started in the closing decades of the 14th century. The church officially opened in 1890. The architectural style is Gothic influenced with bricks as the main building material. The towers and steeples, however, used sandstone in their construction.

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