5 Best Things to Do in Tacoronte, Spain (2023 Guide)

Tacaronte is a beautiful and quaint beach town located in the northern region of the Spanish Island Tenerife, and it’s for people who enjoy living a slow-paced life.

From peaceful churches to swimming pools, this town is a must-visit if you’re planning a holiday in the Tenerife islands. With steep cliffs on the hillside and rocky beaches, you are in for an adventurous treat in this town.

But that’s not all about Tacoronte. It also offers lush greenery and fresh farm produce, and delicious locally made wines.

So don’t forget to book a hotel for a day or two because spending just an afternoon in this town won’t suffice.

5. Mesa Del Mar

Mesa Del Mar is a beachside area perfect for relaxing and taking a dip into the sea.

Tourists traveling across Tenerife Island often find lodging around this area and stay for a day or two to enjoy the beauty of this natural swimming pool. It also a popular spot for the locals who visit it for swimming during the summer months.

There are two main pools at Mesa Del Mar, one of them is used all around the year by tourists and locals, other is used during the summers only.

This town is easily accessible via different modes of transport with plenty of car parking areas.

4. Mercadillo Del Agricultor de Tacoronte

The Tacoronte Farmer’s Market is a weekend market for the folks of Tacoronte. The market is located north of Tenerife and gets busy, with many visitors and customers coming from different parts of the island. The farmer’s market was first held in 1980, giving a chance to the farmers to sell their produce without intermediaries.

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The market is famous for selling locally made wines from the small family vineyards in Tacoronte. For an authentic Spanish culture experience, visit the market and see the activities of the locals buying and selling fresh farm vegetables, fruits, pastries, fish, honey, cheese, etc.

3. Santuario del Santísimo Cristo de los Dolores

Santuario del Santísimo Cristo de los Dolores
Santuario del Santísimo Cristo de los Dolores (Koppchen/Wikimedia)

Sanctuary of the Santísimo Cristo de Los Dolores is a famous church located in the municipality of Tacoronte. The church is very popular amongst the citizens of Tenerife because of a carved statue of Jesus Christ who is seen embracing the cross.

The church complex itself is made up of a series of constructions that constitute perfectly defined blocks and buildings.

When you enter the convent and temple of this church, a soothing energy embraces you. The Christ of Tacoronte statue is located in the altarpiece of the main altar of the Sanctuary of Christ, which draws many followers and visitors.

2. Iglesia de Santa Catalina

Iglesia de Santa Catalina
Iglesia de Santa Catalina (Koppchen/Wikimedia)

Iglesia de Santa Catalina or the Parish Church of Santa Catalina was established as a chapel in the 16th century. After several renovations, it was made into a beautiful church with a white façade. It is located in the lower part of Tacoronte town and easily accessible via car or public transport.

Today the people of the Canary Islands consider this church as one of the most important churches on the island. The church is a picturesque site where you can get some amazing shots and a lovely view of Teide. It also has wonderful surroundings with a garden and other well-maintained building in the area.

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1. Playa de La Arena

Playa de La Arena Tacoronte
Playa de La Arena (dronepicr/Wikimedia)

Playa de La Arena is a small beach in the urban resort town of Puerto de Santiago. The beach is suitable for all those traveling across Tenerife Island’s west coast since it has an excellent transport facility around its vicinity. The color of the beach is black, which absorbs all the heat from the sun making the beach a warm bed of sand.

The best part of this beach is that you can take a deep dive and enjoy the marine and aquatic life. This is because the volcanic rocks on the side of the beach make it a perfect spot for scuba diving and snorkeling.

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