10 Best Things to do in Sion, Switzerland (2023)

Sion is a medieval city in the canton of Wallis in the southern part of Switzerland.

Located just a couple of miles from several famous ski resorts like Verbier and Crans Montana, Sion is a perfect place to spend a day or two, experiencing the castles, churches, and breathtaking nature.

In this article, we’ve found the 10 best things to do in Sion according to tourists and past visitors. Let’s have a look at the attractions!

10. Lac du Mont d’Orge

Lac du Mont d’Orge is a small lake surrounded by natural scenery. It’s located above Sion on the right bank of the Rhône. This lake was built during the late 19th century and is dominated by the ruins of ancient castles.

You can take a stroll on the Lac du Mont d’Orge and enjoy the spectacular view of the Rhone valley. A beautiful place to peacefully enjoy the surrounding nature. The lake is a perfect place to go for nature trips, hike, run, and an easy place to walk. Pets are also welcomed but should be kept on a leash. The best time to visit the site is from April to November.

9. Place la Planta

Place la Planta
Place la Planta (afritzse/Flickr)

Place la Planta is the largest square located in Avenue de la Gare, Sion 1950, Switzerland, in the canton of Valais. It is where the Government Palace is headquartered. Situated in the heart of Sion, nearby the tourism office, place la Planta is a beautiful prominent place surrounded by trees, with a park next to it. It has a large parking area and is easily accessible to the nearby coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

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8. Lac souterrain de Saint-Léonard

Léonard- Lac souterrain de Saint-Léonard is an underground lake located in Saint Léonard in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. In 1943, this underground site was discovered, which is situated along the Rhone valley. As one of the largest natural underground lakes in Europe, it measures around 300 meters. You can explore the underground lake for a 30-minute boat trip, where you’ll get to witness all the exciting details about its roots and the history of the lake. You can enjoy a peaceful exploration in this underground lake.

7. Valais Nature Museum

Valais Nature Museum
Valais Nature Museum (vaquins/Wikimedia)

Valais Nature Museum is located in Rue des Châteaux 12, 1950, a natural heritage of Valais. This nature museum is situated alongside the Art Museum and the History Museum in the old town of Sion. Founded in the 19th century by the Jesuits, its exhibitions covers over 200,000 objects, 80,000 insects, lynx, and brown bear.

Touring the museum, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the relationship between man and nature from the Mesolithic age till the present day. Flora and fauna are presented to display the biological and geological diversity. The museum’s display also features various objects to symbolize the growing separation between man and their natural surroundings.

Official website: www.musees-valais.ch

6. Sion Cathedral

Sion Cathedral
Sion Cathedral (Martin Doelberg/Wikimedia)

Sion Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church located in Rue de la Cathédrale 13, 1950, Sion, Switzerland. This magnificent church, also known as Notre-Dame du Glarier, was dedicated to Virgin Mary. It dates back to the 12th century and is popularly known for its forts, golden altar, and inscriptions.

Situated away from the busy streets, this beautiful church with a gothic look has lovely stained glass windows, antique items, and an impressive well-structured interior. It’s an exceptional place to visit for all the history enthusiasts touring the city.

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5. Domaine des Iles

Domaine des Iles is an adventure park located in Rte des Iles, 1950 Sion, Switzerland, a Wildlife in Canton of Valais. A place perfect for family outings, especially for children. The park covers around 54 hectares with two lakes where you can spend your time fishing or swimming. There are many exciting things you can do in Domaine des Iles, including camping, cross-country ski track, wall climbing, golf, to name a few. It’s a great place to relax and have a memorable time.

4. Valère Basilica

Valère Basilica
Valère Basilica (Christian David/Wikimedia)

Valère Basilica popularly known as Valère castle is located in Rue des Châteaux, 1950 Sion, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Valere Basilica is situated on the hill and faces the Castle of Tourbillon on the opposite hill. It was built in the 12th century, and its architectural work is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

The 13th-century organ on the west is one of the oldest well-functioning organs in the world. Inside the church, you will find murals from 1435, including the gothic marble statue of Madonna with baby Jesus on the altar from the 15th century and choir stalls from the mid-17th century.

3. Bisse du Torrent Neuf

Bisse du Torrent Neuf
Bisse du Torrent Neuf (Dave Lonsdale/Wikimedia)

Bisse du Torrent Neuf is Switzerland’s hidden gem built around 1430. It’s located in 1965 Savièse, on the right of Rhône. Bisses are irrigation channels and can only be found in the Valais region. In the days, Bisses were used to bring water from the mountains to the vineyards and fields.

Today, it has been restored and is one of the popular tourist attractions—an excellent place to go for a hike along the Bisses surrounded by mountains and magnificent scenery. There are many beautiful things to see along the way, and it’s worth visiting.

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2. Les Celliers de Sion

Sion- Les Celliers de Sion is a winery located in Rte d’Italie 9, 1950, Switzerland. The winery proudly represents the skills of two traditions of the Bonvin and Varone estates through its history and heritage. Les Celliers de Sion takes you on a unique experience to discover and learn the original taste of the wine of Sion right in the heart of the cellar.

A great place to learn about the expertise of the one-hundred-year history. You’ll be able to discover and enjoy the picture-perfect landscape of the majestic hills, local vineyards, and terroir. A unique experience awaits you, and wine lovers shouldn’t miss this place.

Official website: www.celliers.ch

1. Tourbillon Castle

Tourbillon Castle
Tourbillon Castle (Kateryna Baiduzha/Wikimedia)

Tourbillon castle located in Place Maurice Zermatten, 1950, Sion, Switzerland, is situated in the canton of Valais. It was built in the late 13th century and was used as the residence of the bishops of Sion.

This majestic castle is protected by nature and surrounded by a ring wall. You’ll have to climb steep stairs to reach the hill. Additionally, the court also has a chapel, a keep, and a garrison building. On reaching the top, you can visit the cathedral, look at the mural paintings, and enjoy the spectacular view.

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