8 Best Things to Do in Rüsselsheim, Germany (2023)

We’ve researched the best things you can do in Rüsselsheim, and found eight top attractions that tourists recommend seeing while visiting the city.

As the name indicates, the city is located on the river Main in the German state of Hesse, sitting between the three larger cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden on the left, and Frankfurt on the right. It’s only 2 miles from Frankfurt airport, which makes Rüsselheim the perfect detour to experience a smaller German city if you’re on holiday in Frankfurt.

Tourist Fact: The city is mostly known for the carmaker Opel!

The downtown area of Rüsselsheim is flooded with fabulous boutiques and museums that will take you through the place’s rich history. This place is also a very suitable place for tourists to visit because they have many English speakers and the transportation system is easily accessible.

With that introduction, let’s look at the eight best things to do in Rüsselsheim!

8. Opel Rennbahn

Opel Rennbahn
Opel Rennbahn (Basic.Master/Wikimedia)

In 1919 Adam Opel AG built The Opel-Rennbah, which was a race track back in the day. It used to be located at the south of Rüsselsheim am Main, approximately 2 kilometers south in a forest. Now, this site belongs to the city Mainz and is operating waterworks at the site.

The Opel Rennbahn was known to be one of the fastest tracks in the 1920s in Europe. The design of the racetrack was in the shape of an oval which was believed to support the speed of the cars. Nowadays, you can still visit the site and check out the historic greatness it once held, but it is not used for racing anymore.

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7. Eisenbaum

Eisenbaum (Tiggr/Wikimedia)

The Eisenbaum is located in between Flörsheim and Hochheim. The construction of this lookout tower or watchtower is in the shape of a tree. This lookout tower is at least 18 meters tall which can be seen from all the surrounding areas by passers-by.

The main reason for attraction to this tower is the tree-like features it holds, sometimes even called the “Iron Tree”, although it is made entirely of solid metal. This installation is a must-see on your sightseeing list if you are ever in the area. There are stairs at the side of the tower which you can climb up and enjoy an expansive view of many prominent places in Rüsselsheim.

6. Königin-Victoria-Denkmal


The Königin-Victoria-Denkmal is nothing less of a tourist attraction because of the fascinating story behind the historical monument. Queen Victoria is known to have visited this place for a day with her German husband in 1845. The purpose of this visit was to learn more about the famous wine that found its origins in Hochheim, Rüsselsheim.

The local wine made in Germany received royal recognition and came to be known as “Hock” in England. The Königin-Victoria-Denkmal memorial is situated amongst vineyards where people still come to pay their respects. You can enjoy a glass of this famous wine amidst their bustling vineyards and relax.

5. Opel Werkstour

In 1898, Adam Opel laid the foundation for manufacturing Opel vehicles in Rüsselsheim, Germany. The first-ever factory for the Opel company was constructed in 1868 in the same area as the portal building you can see today. The factory has grown from about 200 square meters to 2.5 million square meters.

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One of the tourist attractions of this place is the Opel tower constructed in 1930, which stands about 52 meters high. Interested folks can now book a tour at the factory and experience the state-of-the-art production firsthand. If you’re lucky, you can score one of their special tours for the exclusive tours of their luxury cars and concept vehicles.

Tickets & Info: Visit website

4. Festung Rüsselsheim

Festung Rüsselsheim
Festung Rüsselsheim (Alexander Fiebrandt/Wikimedia)

This is historically a castle of the Katzenelnbogen Counts. It is believed that the castle was expanded to be developed into a fortress in 1479 under the rule of Heinrich III. In the wars that followed this construction, the fortress played the part of the primary defense for the Hessian territorial state.

This fort was then captured by the French troops in 1688 and blown up in 1689. Since then, this fortress lost all its military significance and was not open for public entry till 1954. Today, the Festung in Rüsselsheim holds the Rüsselsheim City and Industry Museum, attracting dozens of tourists to see this historical landmark.

3. Urban and Industrial Museum Rüsselsheim

 Urban and Industrial Museum Rüsselsheim
Urban and Industrial Museum Rüsselsheim (Alexander Fiebrandt/Wikimedia)

The Urban and Industrial Museum was established in 1976 in Rüsselsheim. This museum showcases social, cultural, political, and technological developments in the city right up till the 20th century. This place was formerly a fortress, and hence, it now enjoys its position in Rüsselsheim as a historical and tourist site.

The museum hosts a myriad of excursions, lectures, and workshops for students and scholars. It also is a core motivator in promoting the development of the Opel Factory. Not only this but there is also a café in the fortress that lets you enjoy the downtime.

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2. Pinta Beach Raunheimer Waldsee

The Pinta Beach Raunheimer Waldsee offers tourists the best place to enjoy a cool day in the water. This sand beach is quite extensive and leaves you feeling like you’re holidaying at the Caribbean islands.

You can find a lake house attached with a café and restrooms where you can change. The highlight of the beach is that it has a nudist section, so those who enjoy this practice can join in the fun. There is also a platform in the water which can be used as a podium for concerts and other recreational activities such as movie screenings.

1. Verna-Park (Stadtpark)

Verna-Park (Tripadvisor)

Verna-Park (Stadtpark) is named after its founder, Baroness Wilhelmine vin Verna in the mid 19th century. It comprises about 14 acres in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Visiting this place in the summer is the best! The luscious hills, plains, and meadows boasting a bright green color are all you need to see to feel like you’re out of this world.

You can also find the Eremitage or the Alten Muehle building inside the park, which the Baroness previously used as a retreat with a view of the park. This park is a recreational ground for musicians who come here and put up performances for the crowds of locals and tourists. You will also find unique sculptures and artwork installed in different locations inside this vast park.

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