10 Best Things to Do in Pforzheim, Germany (2023)

Pforzheim is a prestigious city in southwest Germany. It is situated on the Northern edge of the Black Forest just between the larger German cities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, making it the gateway to one of the most iconic forests in Germany. Initially, the site of a Roman settlement was built in the year 90 A.D, the city today has a population of over 120,000 residents.

The three rivers Enz, Nagold, and Würm meet here, making it ideal for enjoying a peaceful and serene walk.

Known for its watchmaking and jewelry industry, it has earned the nickname ‘Golden city’ and is home to the renowned Jewelry Museum, the Enzauen Park, and Wildpark Pforzheim.

Without further ado, here are the 10 best things to do in Pforzheim!

10. DDR-Museum

DDR Museum
DDR Museum (pforzheim-ddr-museum.de)

Klaus Knabe founded the DDR Museum of Pforzheim in September 1998 after being allocated the former kindergarten of the French garrison in the city. The DDR Museum of Pforzheim has an annual visitor count of 4,000.

It is an extensive collection aimed at presenting a comprehensive picture of the East German state. The museum, while small, is exceptionally astonishing as it gives you a quality course about the social and political history of the East German state.

9. Waldklettergarten Pforzheim

If you’re sporty and looking for adventure and action, the Climbing Forest should be an ideal place for you to visit. Waldklettergarten, located in the middle of the Pforzheim Wild-park, is the perfect place to test out your daredevil skills.

It offers exciting climbing adventures throughout six courses ranging from a height of three to eleven meters. Equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures, the Climbing Forest gives you an exhilarating adrenaline rush. Under the vigilant supervision and help of trained professionals and guides, one can truly enjoy this adventure sport without any risks or injuries involved.

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8. Stadtmuseum Pforzheim

Stadtmuseum Pforzheim
Stadtmuseum Pforzheim (Grossbildjaeger/Wikimedia)

Established in 1974, Stadtmuseum Pforzheim encompasses an old schoolhouse and the secular parish church of St.Martin. Visitors embark on an exciting journey through the history of Pforzheim, from the Middle Ages to the post-war period. Enter the school building, and you will be presented with fully preserved workshops of watchmakers and goldsmiths, two traditional industries that grew in Pforzheim. Some of the other features include the workshops of tanners, shoemakers, and saddlers. Inside the Parish church, there are displays of critical events in the city’s history from the 12th to the 20th century.

Some of these events include the princely wedding of Margrave Karl I with Catherine of Austria in 1447, the plague in 1501, the city fires in the 17th century, and lastly, the city’s destruction from constant bombing during the second world war.

7. Hohe Warte

 Hohe Warte Pforzheim
Hohe Warte (Stefan Karl/Wikimedia)

Constructed in 2002, The Hohe Warte is a 40 meters high observation tower in the Hohenwart district of Pforzheim. Built according to the plans of the Heidelberg architect Robert Teltschik, it consists of 192 steps and was constructed using larch wood and steel. Once visitors climb to the top of the tower, they are rewarded with a one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring view of the great Northern Black Forest. It is truly a unique place to submerge yourself into the relaxing arms of nature.

6. Enzauen Park

Enzauen Park
Enzauen Park (Pforzheim.de)

Enzauen Park is a leisure and adventure park for people of all ages. It runs adjacent to the Enz river, hence the “Enzauen” part of the name. The park truly gives off the feeling that one is completely immersed in nature, far from the bustle of the city.

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It is peaceful, serene, and a beautiful place to relax. The park has a water playground, basketball field, bike path, countless bridges, beautiful walkways, and some mesmerizing roman ruins. The beer garden, with 2000 seats, is an ideal location to spend time with friends and family.

5. Technisches Museum

Technisches Museum
Technisches Museum (Roman Eisele/Wikimedia)

What once used to be the Kollmar & Jourdan jewelry factory was refurbished and reopened as the Technisches Museum of Pforzheim in 1983. It was done to pay tribute to the bustling jewelry and clock industry and preserve some of its machines and tools.

Visitors can experience the intricate process of jewelry and watchmaking demonstrated by expert technicians who used to work in this flourishing industry. Take a tour of the museum, experience the fine machinery, and surround yourself with the smell of oil and metal as you embark on a journey into the industry that once dominated the world market.

4. Liebeneck Castle

Liebeneck Castle
Liebeneck Castle (Til132/Wikimedia)

Liebeneck castle was build during the 12th century and was initially used to guard the rafting toll station by the river Würm. The German castle was razed in 1692 during the Orleans war. Today, only the tower and several castle walls surrounding the castle courtyard survive.

You can reach the site by traveling on foot through the protected forest area south of Pforzheim. One of the features of this castle is its unique defensive structures called “zwingers”. Overall, a trip to the Liebeneck castle makes for a great trek as well as a fascinating history lesson.

3. Jewelry Museum (Schmuckmuseum)

Schmuckmuseum (SloopRiggedSkiff/Flickr)

A clock factory built by Margrave Karl-Friedrich in 1718 to employ the orphanage’s children soon became the cornerstone for jewelry production in Germany. Today, the Jewelry Museum of Pforzheim displays some 2000 exhibits of magnificent jewels, decorative ornaments, and items from as far as 5000 years ago.

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It focuses on gems of all epochs and eras, from Greek and Etruscan – Roman antiquity to the Renaissance and Art Nouveau. Not to mention the scores of ethnic jewelry and pocket watches, all displayed under breathtaking lighting.

2. Gasometer Pforzheim

Gasometer Pforzheim
Gasometer Pforzheim (juergen_skaa/Flickr)

Initially used for supplying the streets and public buildings with Gaslight in 1853, the Gasometer Pforzheim has been converted into an art gallery since February 2013. Featuring a full 360-degree panoramic artwork of ancient Rome in 312 AD, it is easily one of the most fascinating places to visit in Pforzheim.

Take in the view and observe every exquisite detail of this illustrious 3,500 square meter artwork by the renowned Viennese artist Yadegar Asisi. Climb up the stairs for a complete picture, listen to the realistic soundscapes, and immerse yourself into this masterful depiction of ancient Rome.

Visit website: www.gasometer-pforzheim.de

1. Wildpark Pforzheim

Founded in 1968, Wildlife park Pforzheim is a zoo and nature park with a range of fun-filled activities such as a forest climbing garden, petting zoo, and children’s farm. With around 16.5 hectares in size, the park is home to over 400 mammals, fish, and birds of over 70 species.

It also houses a nature education center, founded in 1997, where regular exhibitions and workshops occur. Feed and pet a range of adorable animals such as Alpacas, Lynxes, and Pygmy Goats, while taking a relaxing walk across the lush vicinity, a perfect place for children and family.

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