7 Best things to do in Oppenheim, Germany (2023)

Oppenheim is located in between Mainz (see our Mainz city guide) and Worms in Germany. It is a small town compared to the nearby cities and is filled with the charms of a medieval flair and the Krötenbrunnen vineyards that flock the city.

Famous for its wines, Oppenheim is the perfect getaway for those who want some peace and quiet but at the same time, be close to the cities.

The Oppenheim attractions are an endless stream of organized chaos filled with adventures.

In this guide, we’ll discover the best things to do in Oppenheim!

7. Michaelskapelle

Michaelskapelle (Joscha/Wikimedia)

Michaelskapelle Ossuary is a German bone house that holds the remains of about 20,000 people who are believed to have died between 1400 to 1750 CE. This place is located behind St Katharin church.

The Michaelskapelle or the Chapel of St Michael is home to one of the largest ossuaries in the country. The exact reason for each of the remains’ storage in the Michaelskapelle is still a mystery, but most of them are believed to be there due to the war and the famine. The ossuary itself remains closed, but you can book a tour to enter the ossuary and take a closer look.

6. Oppenheimer Kellerlabyrinth

Oppenheimer Kellerlabyrinth
Oppenheimer Kellerlabyrinth (Reneman/Wikimedia)

The Oppenheimer Kellerlabyrinth or the cellar labyrinth of Oppenheim is an exciting place to visit when you’re in the country. This cellar labyrinth is located beneath the old medieval town and consists of complex cellars connected on various levels. The most exciting part is that no map leads you out of the labyrinth.

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People believe that this labyrinth was formed due to the rising demand for safe storage spaces around the 1200s. These cellars were connected underground from one house to another and used to store food and other items.

Today, you can get a full tour of this labyrinth and see for yourself the intricate complexities of these underground cellars.

5. Deutsches Weinbaumuseum

Deutsches Weinbaumuseum
Deutsches Weinbaumuseum (Patrick-Emil Zörner/Wikimedia)

Deutsches Weinbaumuseum is a German Viticulture Museum that entertains its guests with a more than 2000-year history of viticulture. The Deutsches Weinbaumuseum was opened in 1980 and is now one of the largest wine museums in the world. It is excellent for visitors who are wine fanatics and want to learn about the history of wine-making in detail.

The museum exhibits rare wine presses, traditional wooden barrels, and other bottling equipment. There are thousands of exhibits to look around and explore. You can start from the vines that make the wine to the intricate process of producing their exquisite wine.

4. Krötenbrunnen

Krötenbrunnen (Jivee Blau/Wikimedia)

The city of Oppenheim has much to offer, but it is known significantly well for one thing. That is the Oppenheimer Krötenbrunnen vineyards. These vineyards do the job of attracting tourists to Oppenheim, not only for its beauty but also for the quality wine they produce.

Krötenbrunnen Vineyards are widely known for their vintage wines from 1900 till the present date. A trip to this vineyard will entail a breathtaking view coupled with some of the best wine flavors that Oppenheim offers. Don’t miss your chance on this great opportunity and sign up for one of their vineyard tours to learn all about the process of making their world-class wines.

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3. Katharinenkirche

Katharinenkirche (Patrick-Emil Zörner/Wikimedia)

The Katharinenkirche, also known as St. Catherine’s church in Oppenheim, is a significant Gothic church. It is believed that the construction for this church began around 1225 with the granting of Town privileges to Oppenheim.

This church is the largest German Protestant church in the area, constructed in memory of Catherine of Alexandria, who was a martyred Christian saint. Today, the Katharinenkirche is a tourist attraction for those who are into church music and ancient gothic architecture. They also regularly host concerts for church music, which attracts tourists interested in that genre of music.

2. Strandbad Oppenheim

Strandbad is a small beach in Oppenheim which runs about 0.79km long. It is pretty pebbly but still safe for tourists to be. During hot summer days and far away from sandy German beaches at the coastline, you can choose to spend it at the Strandbad and explore the beautiful sights around the area. The spot gives you leisurely vibes to run along the shore and enjoy a little bit of water.

You can also easily walk to other tourist hotspots from Strandbad, such as the Bergstrasse-Odenwald Nature Park and the St. Catherine’s Church. There are also tons of Museums and galleries nearby to wake the artist in you.

1. Burg Landskron

Burg Landskron
Burg Landskron (Immanuel Giel/Wikimedia)

Burg Landskron or the Landskron Castle is a German medieval castle located a short walk from St. Catherine’s Church. This castle dates back to the 13th century and was built on a hilltop where keepers had excellent views over Oppenheim from all angles. Like so many other castles in Germany, Burg Landskron burned down during the 30-year war in the 17th century, and today only it’s ruins remain.

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Today, you can enjoy different cultural happenings throughout the year, and if you visit Oppenheim in May, tourists recommend visiting the Medieval Market at the castle.

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