12 Best Things to Do in Offenbach, Germany (2023 Travel Guide)

The city of Offenbach has grown to be one of the best tourist spots in Germany. This small city has an area of 44.90 km2 and is located near the borders of Frankfurt, and is one of the urban hubs.

Over the years, the city has garnered much attention from tourists because there is much to do here. And do not be fooled because of its small size. There are a lot of cool spots to visit while you are here.

If you are planning to visit Germany, you might want to consider Offenbach on your list, and we’ll explain why.

So, let us look at the 12 best things to do in Offenbach!

12. Bieberer Berg

Bieberer Berg
Bieberer Berg (diba/Wikimedia)

The Bieberer Berg stands tall over the city of Offenbach. It is one of many hills in Offenbach and is also home to the stadium of the Kickers Offenbach football team. The stadium was built in 1921 with a capacity of 26,500. It has also hosted several concerts and shows. Along the hill, you will find several walking trials.

You will enjoy the fresh air as you walk along with the trees and greenery. If you spend hours, you will observe a water tower. Additionally, there is also a park with a ropes course if you feel adventurous.

11. Blauer Kran

Blauer Kran
Blauer Kran (Muck/Wikimedia)

If you are in the Offenbach harbor and walk along the Main Cycle Path, you will be standing next to the Blauer Kran. This 26-meter relic owes its origins to the Offenbach industrial period. It was left behind after this period ended and is now a showcase for many tourists.

This non-functioning crane now serves as a viewing platform for visitors. Once up there, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the harbor and surrounding areas. And during sundown, the crane gets rejuvenated with hundreds of LED lights illuminating the whole structure. This creative idea is the work of artists Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Horbelt, who won a competition.

10. Schloss Isenburg

Schloss Isenburg
Schloss Isenburg (diba/Wikimedia)

In the center of the city of Offenbach lies the majestic Schloss Isenburg. For all you Renaissance enthusiasts, this is the place to visit. This 16th-century palace was home to many historical figures. And it was the place for many cultural and political debates.

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Standing outside, you will observe the beautiful and rich red brick exterior. It is laden with Baroque windows and curvy archways. All these structures draw inspiration from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance period. Inside the building, there are several furniture and room designs which deviate towards a medieval style.

9. Dreieich Park

Dreieich Park
Dreieich Park (Christos Vittoratos/Wikimedia)

If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature in its glory, your search ends at Dreieich Park. This 43,500 m2 park lies within the western city limits of Offenbach am Main. It has its roots in the 2nd Hessian State Trade Exhibition of 1879. And it is one of the first public parks to emerge in the city of Offenbach.

Inside the park, you will observe several concrete monuments and buildings. These monuments are preserved under the Hessian Monument Protection Act as they are culturally significant. To the northeast of the park, you will find the Villa Jager, a two-story brick building. You can also leisure around near the large pond or in the playground.

8. Digital Retro Park e.V

 Digital Retro Park Museum
Digital Retro Park Museum (49Mugg/Wikimedia)

To impart technological knowledge among the Rhine-Main residents, this unique museum was established. This non-profit initiative came to light through efforts between many partners and sponsors. Through various interactive presentations and exhibits, one can quickly grasp the much-needed IT knowledge. As a result of this effort, the people of Offenbach can keep up to date with technology and digital developments.

Located in the Frankfurter Strasse, this building houses several exhibits for visitors. One can learn about the rich technological history of the Rhine-Main area through both viewing and interaction.

7. Wetterpark Offenbach

Wetterpark Offenbach
Wetterpark Offenbach (Stadt Offenbach am Main/Wikimedia)

Offenbach is referred to as the “weather capital” of Germany. And it is at this center where the Wetterpark is located. The Wetterpark or Weather Park is another unique place to visit while you’re in Offenbach. Since its establishment in 2005, it has played host to many visitors wanting to learn about various weather patterns.

Located in the Buchhugel recreational area, it is an open-air, 20,000 m2 trial. Guided tours will walk you through 13 exhibitions. And these exhibits will surely catch onlookers curious about atmospheric change, solar energy, wind velocity, etc. Plus, you can visit the visitor center for more fun.

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6. Haus der Stadtgeschicthe

 Haus der Stadtgeschicthe
Haus der Stadtgeschicthe (ChristosV/Wikimedia)

Want to learn learn more about the history of Offenbach up close? Step inside the Haus der Stadtgeschicthe. It translates to “House of City History” in English. The museum was founded in 1969 in the Bernardbau building complex. 

There are artifacts of different eras ranging from stone-age to the modern-day. One of the oldest artifacts here is the wagon grave from Offenbach-Rumpenheim.

You also have access to the archive files and documents if you want to study the history of Offenbach. Additionally, you can attend lectures and special tours to learn more and have your questions answered by experts.

5. Fun Forest Abenteuer Park Offenbach

For all the fun and adventurous people out there, step inside the Fun Forest in Offenbach. This park will test your limits of high rope climbing and provide an enthralling experience at the same time. The high rope courses have attracted nearly 500,000 visitors since its inception in 2007.

There are courses for both the young and grown-up alike, although most of them cater to adults. Additionally, these courses are of different levels, ranging from beginner to expert courses. You will also have the best experts and staff guiding you through the whole process.
The trees in the park and surrounding areas are all connected with over 8.078 miles of sturdy steel cable.

4. Klingspor Museum

Klingspor Museum (diba/Wikimedia)

Are you curious about how books were produced and printed in the past? Look no further than the Klingspor Museum. It started in 1953 under the leadership of Dr. Klingspor, an ardent book collector.
The exhibits in this museum will attract any book nerd. Various collections are displaying graphic art and typography. Additionally, you can also marvel at the art of hand-press printing and calligraphy from renowned artists of bygone days. Everything on display is neatly detailed and arranged for you to admire.

What’s more? If you have kids, you can enroll them in workshops. Here they can take part in various activities and learn typography.

3. Rumpenheimer Schloss

Rumpenheimer Schloss
Rumpenheimer Schloss (Stadt Offenbach am Main/Wikimedia)

If you’re a fan of Baroque or Neoclassical architecture, you should visit the Rumpenheimer Schloss. It started as a mansion in 1680 and gradually transformed into the majestic palace we see today. Initially left to rot, it was renovated and refurbished by the town folk in 1965.

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This 16th-century building consists of three sections, surrounded by beautiful gardens all around. It is an ideal place for family and friends to explore. Whether you are in it for a photo session or a casual walk among the flowers and trees, this is the place to be. The summer also brings various festivals and concerts in the surrounding areas, making for an extra treat.

2. Offenbacher Wald Zoo

For all you animal lovers out there, this is the place to visit. Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, the Wald Zoo is the perfect destination. The zoo was founded in 1965, initially tending to injured animals. But over the years, it has grown from a vet center to a zoo with multiple enclosures for various animal species.

Here, you’ll mostly find domesticated animals like cattle, goats, rabbits, parrots, and pigs. But there are also some exotic ones like chipmunks, ferrets, and kangaroos. The infamous Shetland pony is also an attraction for young children.

A unique thing about this zoo is that you can pet and feed the animals here. And if you have a particular liking for a specific animal, you can sponsor them and earn free entry every time you visit.

1. German Leather Museum

Deutsches Ledermuseum
Deutsches Ledermuseum (Stadt Offenbach am Main/Wikimedia)

Founded in 1917 by Hugo Eberhardt, this museum is one of the largest leather museums in the world. And there is much to see in this museum which is divided into three sections: The German Shoe Museum, the Ethnological Museum, and the Museum for Applied Arts. The extensive display of leather artifacts points towards the foundation of the leather industry in Offenbach. 

Once you’re inside, you’ll find exhibits showcasing various leather goods. These vintage goods include shoes, puppets, purses, coats, etc. And they are carefully preserved and arranged for us to admire.
You won’t waste a single dime here because it is free and open for all. So, step right in and enjoy the craftsmanship.

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