14 Best Things to Do in Interlaken, Switzerland [2023 Guide]

Are you staying in Interlaken and looking for fun things to do? If yes, you’ve arrived at the right post.

Interlaken, the Swiss alpine town known for being located just between two of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland (lake Thun and lake Brienz), welcomes you with its breathtaking nature and action-packed attractions. From the town and the surrounding mountains, you’ll be able to spot the famous swiss peaks of the Eiger and the Jungfrau.

In this article we’ve found the 14 best things to do in Interlaken based upon tourist reviews and rating across trusted websites. So, if you’re out of ideas, scroll down our list and find what suits you best!

14. Funky Chocolate Club Switzerland

Chocolate lovers, the Funky Chocolate Club is the chocolate heaven to visit in Interlaken. The place is a visitor’s favorite where you can get hands-on experience in making and creating your chocolate. The small business runs a workshop for the enthusiast in introducing them to chocolate ingredients, techniques, and moldings.

A chef’s hat and apron will be provided for the workshop experience. Individuals or tourists with kids can experience a fun-filled day decorating and creating chocolate. This chocolate made could be your sweet souvenir. The club also has a shop stocked with luxurious Swiss chocolate, which you can purchase. The club is located in Jungfraustrasse, Interlaken.

13. Statue Of Yash Chopra

The Statue of Yash Chopra is an homage to the famous Indian film director late Yash Chopra, by the Swiss government. The bronze statue weighing more than 350 kg was built for his contribution to popularizing the Swiss Alps to South Asia. For most tourists, it will be like meeting India from across the world. The statue signifies a long-standing love affair between the two countries.

He was awarded the honorary title of ‘Ambassador of Interlaken’ in 2011 for his contribution. The statue is located at the heart of Interlaken, Kurssaal garden near the Congress Center and has become a prime tourist spot.

12. Weissenau Nature Reserve and Castle

Weissenau Nature Reserve and Castle
Weissenau Nature Reserve and Castle (WillYs Fotowerkstatt/Wikimedia)

The Weissenau Nature Reserve is a nature reserve on the upper end of Lake Thune. The reserve is lush and home to numerous species of flora and fauna. It is comparatively the lessor visited by tourists.

Nonetheless, a walk into the nature reserve with a beautiful natural landscape and wildlife will refresh you. You can also spend your time at the golf course in the reserve.

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The reserve is also home to the ruined remains of Weissenau Castle dating back to the 1200s. The castle has become a site of Swiss national heritage. The uninhibited view from the top of the castle is a motivation to climb the castle.

11. Japanischer Garten Interlaken

Japanischer Garten Interlaken
Japanischer Garten in Interlaken (Rabenbunt/Wikimedia)

The Japanischer Garden is a gift from Japan’s city of ­ Ōtsu to its twin city Interlaken. Built in 1995, the garden is also referred to as the ‘Friendship Garden’. The garden is a glimpse of Japan in Interlaken. There are ponds and landscapes which symbolize the famous lakes of Interlaken. The waterfalls and deep ravines of the Bernese Oberland are incorporated into the landscape of the garden.

The Friendship Garden is located next to Hotel Interlaken. The garden is easily accessible to the public, and fishing is prohibited at the pond. The best time to visit the garden would be in spring.

10. Schloss Interlaken

Schloss Interlaken
Schloss Interlaken (Gerd Fahrenhorst/Wikimedia)

The Schloss in Interlaken was first built as a monastery in 1133 and has been converted as a castle often referred to as a castle church. A heritage property of Switzerland, the castle church is known for its outstanding beautiful stained-glass art and architectural simplicity. Going for a stroll along with the castle church, one can notice the 14th-century tower bell standing tall.

Schloss monastery castle is located at the heart of Interlaken town and is easily accessible. The castle also opens as a venue for hosting concerts, operas, orchestras, and cultural events. Experiencing any of the events in the scenic backdrop of the beautiful castle will be an experience for visitors.

9. Kunsthaus Interlaken

Kunsthaus Interlaken
Kunsthaus Interlaken (Gerd Fahrenhorst/Wikimedia)

If you are a lover of art and history, pay a visit to Kunsthaus, the center for art and culture. The center is in the eastern Bernese Oberland in Interlaken. The center will give you an experience of the world of art and culture. It holds art exhibitions for artists from across regions, national and international standing. Experience the work of famous artists all by yourself or with a tour guide.

The center also has concert halls and host regular concerts. Concerts with everything from jazz, reggae, and blues are performed at the center. Cabaret performances and musical concerts by world-class international musicians are the attraction of the center.

8. St. Beatus Caves

Mixed with a hint of myth and local folklore is the St. Beatus Caves, one of the most popular tourist spots. This marvelous collection of caves is located at the northeastern shore of Lake Thun. It stays open daily from mid-March to mid-November. The caves are stretched over 14 km underground, with proper lighting on accessible caves. One can get a taxi or a bus from Interlaken to the caves, or even a boat ride.

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Underground waterfalls, pristine water lakes gorges, and sediments of limestones formed over millions of years lie under the caves. With a stunning lake Thun view, the restaurant at the St. Beatus Caves is a go-to for relaxing and eating.

7. Harderbahn

Harderbahn (Manfred Wohlfahrt/Wikimedia)

One of the tourist attractions is the ride of the 100-year-old funicular train Harderbahn. You can reach the valley station of Harderbahn after walking for five minutes from the Interlaken-Ost station. The funicular service will take you up 1322m above sea level in a ten-minute ride to reach Harder Kulm. The funicular runs from April till November, so plan your trip accordingly.

The train runs every 30 minutes and evening trips are available for a sunset view from the top. The panoramic ride will offer you a beautiful view of the deep blue lake Thun, turquoise Brienz, and the famous mountains o the Swiss Alps.

6. Schynige Platte

Schynige Platte
Schynige Platte (Audrius Meskauskas/Wikimedia)

One of the must-see places in Interlaken is the Schynige Platte. Located in the north of the Jungfrau region, it is a plateau. The attraction of the place starts from the beginning of the ride which is the historical cogwheel train ride. In the 50 min train ride, you will be enthralled with the deep green forest, beautiful alpine flowers, and the mountains.

The place has several hiking trials options, and famous are the Swiss flower and Panorama Trail. It offers a spectacular natural view of the mountains and the lakes. The Alpine Garden, home to around 650 species of plants, is a must-visit place.

5. Adventure Park Interlaken

Need a little extra dose of adventure for you and your family? Adventure Park Interlaken will keep you hooked. Located at Wagnerenstrasse, Interlaken will take you just 15 minutes walking from the Interlaken West train station. The Adventure Park or the Rope Park is a forest adventure of rope bridges set on treetops of the Swiss Alps.

The Park is famous for its nine-course adventures with varying degrees of difficulty consisting of 160 challenges. Experiences like Tarzan lines, rope bridges, ladders, and zip lines are all over the Park. There are proper safety measures and instructions given. The rope adventure is for everyone, both young and adult, individuals and groups.

4. Höhematte Park

Höhematte Park
Höhematte Park (Kenwbar/Wikimedia)

If you are not putting much effort yet want to delight yourself with a gorgeous view of nature, Höhematte Park is the place. The public Park is nestled at the heart of the town Interlaken, spread over 35 acres, open daily with no admission fee.

The green open space park is famous for colorful seasonal flowers and working clocks made from flowers. You can enjoy a picnic amid the beautiful scenery and snowcapped mountains view of Jungfrau mountains. You can watch the paragliders land in the Park while sipping a cup of coffee in the many coffee shops available in the vicinity. Ice-skating rinks are set up during winter.

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3. Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz Switzerland

The mesmerizing turquoise gem Lake Brienz is located on the east of Interlaken, amid the Bernese Oberland. The surrounding scenic view of the lake offers a calm and still experience. From the Interlaken airport, you can get there by train, bus, ferry and by car. The best time to visit is from April-June and August- November.

The lake has several water activities you can experience like waterskiing, waterboarding, kayak, windsurfing, jetboat, and surfski paddling. You can enjoy passenger ferry, boat trip, and culinary cruise while savoring the view of the mountain, forest, streams, and waterfalls. Must visit place at Lake Brienz are the Augstmattorn mountain, Giessbach waterfalls and Brienzer Rothorn range.

2. Harder Kulm

Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm (Wikieditkid/Wikimedia)

If you enjoy panoramic scenic views, Harder Kulm is the place you need to visit. A 5 min walk away from the Interlaken-Ost Railway station, you are at the Harder Railway valley. From there, a mere 10 min funicular (cable railway) ride will take you to Harder Kulm, standing high at 1322m.

The Two Lakes bridge at the top with a glass section on the floor offers a picturesque view of Lakes Thun and Brienz. From there, the natural landscapes of Mt. Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau can also be seen. The Panorama Restaurant at the top offers delectable Swiss food. The mountains are an ideal place for walks and hiking.

1. Paragliding and Skydive Interlaken

You wouldn’t want to miss the adventure opportunity of paragliding over the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Interlaken, the adventure capital of Switzerland, is world-famous for paragliding. The view from the top overseeing Swiss Alps famous peaks Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, is spectacular. To get to the highest vantage point, Beatenberg Amisbühl 1350 m above sea level, take a 20 min bus ride from Interlaken. This action-packed attraction is the most popular thing to do in Interlaken according to visitors.

Another adventure to try in Interlaken is airplane skydiving with a bird’s eye view of the famous Swiss peaks and the Lake Thun and Brienz. Experience an adrenaline rush freefall from above 13,000 feet from the airplane.

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