7 Best Things to Do in Harburg, Germany (2023)

The small and peaceful town of Harburg serves as an amazing escape from the busy city life in the southern part of Germany. The town may be small and quiet, but the architecture you’ll find there is everything but small.

With impressive and well-preserved German castles in various locations, visiting the town of Harburg will make you feel like you’ve stepped back into time during the middle ages.

If you are planning to take a tour of this picturesque town, here are the 7 best things to do in Harburg!

7. Schlosskirche St. Michael

St. Michael Castle Church
St. Michael Castle Church (Aarp65/Wikimedia)

Your visit to Harburg will not be complete if you don’t visit a bunch of medieval buildings. For a complete experience during your visit to Harburg, you should check out the Schlosskirche St. Michael, also known as St. Michael Castle Church is one of the finest examples of medieval architecture. 

Built in the 18th century, Schlosskirche St. Michael contains some breathtaking statues. You will find three large statues, which are the main attractions of St. Michael Church. The first is a statue of Count Gottfried. The other two are statues of his two wives. You will also find other statues including, Louis XVI and his wives Elizabeth and Salome.

6. Alte Steinerne Brücke

Steinerne Brücke
Steinerne Brücke (zczillinger/Flickr)

Steinerne Brücke, also known as The Stone Bridge, is another top tourist destination located across the famous Danube River. Built during the 12th century, the Stone Bridge links Stadtomhof with Old Town. Up until the 1930s, the Steinerne Brücke was the only bridge connecting the two cities for over 800 years.

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The fact that it is still standing today after so many centuries shows the level of medieval workmanship. You can visit the Steinerne Brücke for a quick stroll or just marvel at the bridge. When you visit the bridge, you can also get an amazing view of the Danube River.

5. Der Bockberg

Der Bockberg is another popular tourist spot in Harburg that you cannot miss. You will find this location on the south-eastern side of the Ries crater that we mentioned earlier. The Bockberg is 562 meters tall and will give you a stunning view of the Ries. It is one of northern Swabia’s highest peaks.

You can choose this location as part of your plans for a more adventurous hike and also get an amazing view of the Ries crater. What makes The Bockberg special is that you can either walk or bike in the area, which is great for relaxing.

4. Hexenküche


If you’re traveling in a new country or town like Harburg, you cannot miss out on the food. Food is a big part of traveling, and so if you’re in a mood for some delicious meal, you will love Hexenküche. This cozy restaurant provides tasty homemade food and amazing snacks. Plus the meals are affordable.

You can have an amazing German culinary experience. One of the best things about this restaurant is that you can also choose between vegan and nonvegan meals. If you are feeling tired and just want to stay at your hotel, you can take advantage of the delivery services as well. But it is best if you go to the restaurant yourself to have the best real experience.

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3. Geopark Ries

Geopark Ries
Geopark Ries (Tobi Merk/Wikimedia)

The Geopark Ries is one of the coolest places you will get to see when you visit Germany. If you’re going to the town of Harburg, you should definitely go and check this place out. The Geopark Ries was a result of a meteorite that landed on earth around 14.5 million years ago. It has an area of about 1800 square kilometers. It is considered the best-preserved crater in Europe.

 What makes this crater special is the fact that it is densely populated by people. This place will absolutely blow your mind away.

2. Romantische Straße

 Romantische Straße

The Romantische Straße or the Romantic Road is another popular tourist destination in Germany. If you are traveling to the country for the first time, you will definitely want to visit this location. What makes this location special is that it takes you back in time. You will feel like you’ve entered the world from your favorite fairy tale books.

When you visit this location, you will get a unique experience and combination of culture, history, and nature. Some parts of the street are so old and even dates back to the Roman Empire. You could easily wander the Romantische Straße for weeks thanks to its picturesque towns and nature.

1. Harburg Castle

Harburg Castle
Harburg Castle (Tilman2007/Wikipedia)

The first location on our list is Harburg Castle. The Harburg Castle is a jewel of the town, and there’s no question why it is one of the best attractions in Harburg. Some people also refer to the castle as the Schloss Harburg. It is still not clear when the castle was built; however, you will find the Harburg Castle mention in documents as old as 1150. 

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The Harburg Castle consists of a chapel, castle house, sentry walk, prison tower, and dungeons. It is one of the best structures to visit if you want to take a look back in time. 

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