10 Best Things to Do in Fürth, Germany [2023 Guide]

Fürth is a small town in the Bavarian region of Germany. It has a lot to offer for tourists who are looking to explore the country, and it’s about 20 kilometers north of Nuremberg which makes it an ideal place for visitors to stop by when they are in the area.

Fürth became an independent city in 1806 and quickly grew into one of the most important cities in Franconia with its own university and many industries.  Even though the city might not be as well known as Munich or Berlin, there are still plenty of things to do here!

Fürthers love their city, and they’re happy to tell you all about it. If you ask for a restaurant recommendation or directions around town, locals will be more likely to give them to you than if you were in another German city. So, if you’re looking for an escape from big city life or just want to explore somewhere new, then Fürth might be your next destination!

In this article, we’ve found the 10 best things to do in Fürth based on tourist’s reviews and ratings of the different attractions in the city

10. Centaur Fountain

Centaurenbrunnen (Aarp65/Wikimedia)

Fürth is most well-known for being the birthplace of Germany’s first railway, which opened in 1835. Trains on the Bavarian Ludwig Railway traveled between Nuremberg and Fürth every day when the line was built in 1835.

Fun fact: The Centaur serves as a metaphor for horsepower

The Centaur Fountain, located appropriately in station square, marks the period. When horses were finally replaced by steam locomotives in 1863, the fountain was built. This was cause for great celebration. Over 10,000 people flocked to station square in 1890 to celebrate the opening of the fountain, which had been paid for by the city council.

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Fürth’s Centaur Fountain is a very popular attraction not only for its historical value but also because of the beautiful sculptures and architecture surrounding it. It has been named as one of the most important artworks, which makes sense considering that more than 100 years ago it was responsible for bringing tourism to this small Bavarian town

9. Ludwig Erhard Zentrum

Ludwig-Erhard-Zentrum in Fürth
Ludwig-Erhard-Zentrum (Heinz Heydenaber/Wikimedia)

The Ludwig-Erhard-Zentrum is a museum that honors the life and work of one of Germany’s most influential politicians – Ludwig Erhard. The “father of the German economic miracle” is remembered as the country’s first Federal Minister of Economy.

The Ludwig Erhard Zentrum, Erhard’s hometown, includes exhibits, research projects, and serves as a meeting place.

The permanent exhibition, which is about 1,000 m2 in size, explains Ludwig Erhard’s life and career, as well as contemporary history and the social market economy.

Official website: www.ludwig-erhard-zentrum.de

8. Rundfunkmuseum


The Rundfunkmuseum is a radio museum that preserves the history of radio in Germany.

It’s regarded as Fürth’s most popular museum. It covers the history of broadcasting from its origins nearly a century ago to the present day, thematically. The museum is located in the former Grundig headquarters building and serves as a meeting place for anybody interested.

The museum exhibits radio technology and history in an interesting, diverse, and contemporary way through permanent and changing exhibitions, as well as events and museum educational offers. The Rundfunkmuseum Fürth also has a range of special exhibitions and events, in addition to the permanent history of radio exhibitions.

Official website: rundfunk-museum.de

7. Stadtmuseum

Stadtmuseum in Furth (Kasa Fue/Wikimedia)

If you’re looking for a museum that’s rich in culture and history, then the Stadtmuseum is the place to go. 

The City Museum, which opened in 2010, covers the history of the Kleeblattstadt and incorporates various elements such as social and economic history. The museum is housed in a former schoolhouse where Ludwig Erhard, the father of Fürth’s economic miracle, went to school alongside many other prominent citizens.

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6. Stadttheater

Stadttheater Fürth
Stadttheater Fürth (Magnus Gertkemper/Wikimedia)

The Stadttheater is a theater in the city center located between the Frauenkirche and the town hall, and regularly hosts operas, musicals, and ballets. With over 100 years of history combined with modern architecture, it’s no wonder that this building has been named an important artwork in Bavaria!

Its location right next to station square makes it easy for visitors to reach.

Official website: www.stadttheater.de

5. Fürther Freiheit

Fürth Freiheit
Fürth Freiheit (Kamran Salimi/Fürthwiki.de)

The Fürth Freiheit is a central market and event space in the inner city. It’s regarded as one of Germany’s most beautiful marketplaces and has been a popular destination among locals for decades.

The market square has been used for weekly trade up until 2012. In addition, the Fürther Freiheit hosts Christmas markets, New Orleans Festival, and various other events each year.

It’s a hub that connects the city center with the station square area, which makes it an ideal place to spend time in Fürth! There are restaurants around this public space where you can sit back

4. Fürther Stadtwald

The Fürther Stadtwald is a central city park that stretches through the entire inner city.

It’s an ideal place for walking, running, sightseeing, and picnicking without having to travel too far from home or office! It also has spaces dedicated to people with disabilities like wheelchairs and walkers.

One of the most distinctive features is that it hosts a public outdoor gym in one section, making this park an ideal place to get fit!

3. Fürthermare Water Park

As a tourist, it can be hard to find a good place to spend your time while traveling. Luckily we’ve got Fürthermare Water Park on our list of things to do in Fürth. This water park is the perfect way for tourists and travelers alike to cool off on those hot summer days! They have rides like the Hurricane Wave and slides such as the Tornado Slide so there is something fun for everyone. There are also restaurants, shopping areas, and more so you’ll never want to leave this amazing water park!

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Every time you visit the Fürthermare, it will amaze you with all of its aspects: whether it’s a fun pool, thermal bath, sauna area, spa, or fitness center, it means arriving and feeling wonderful!

2. Fürth Altstadt

Fürth Altstadt
Fürth Altstadt (September9/Wikimedia)

The old town is centered around the St. Michaeliskirche, which was built shortly after the Thirty Years War: The oldest structures in the city can be seen here, which were erected immediately after the Thirty Years’ War.

The old city was largely spared from bombs in World War II, contrasting to the neighboring city of Nuremberg (which joins Fürth and Erlangen), which was entirely destroyed.

Tourists recommend visiting St. Michael’s Church or enjoying some of the traditional German restaurants scattered throughout this area.

1. Jüdisches Museum Franken

Jüdisches Museum Franken
The Jewish Museum (Magnus Gertkemper/Wikimedia)

The Jewish Museum illustrates the significance of Franconia as the heart of Jewish life in southern Germany. The museum was closed for maintenance in 2017, but the museum reopened a year later alongside the opening of a 900-square-meter extension building.

The Jewish Museum is a great place for learning about the significance of Jewish life during the years in Southern Germany. With its location next to the synagogue, it’s an ideal spot for tourists that are looking into visiting both!

Official website: www.juedisches-museum.org

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