10 Best Things to Do in Erlangen, Germany (2023)

Located at the floodplain of the river Regnitz, Erlangen is a city divided into two halves. It is the administrative seat of the Erlangen-Hochsctadt district, with a population of 113,758.

Being located just a couple of miles north of the historical city of Nuremberg Erlangen lies in the state of Bavaria and is the smallest of eight major cities in the state. If you’re an armchair researcher, you’re going to love this place.

The city is a center of research. The Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Siemens technology group dominate many aspects of daily life here.

So, let’s look at the ten best things to do in Erlangen while visiting the city!

10. Shopping center Neuer Markt Erlangen

The shopping center at New Market is at the end of the pedestrian zone with several specialty shops. There are many small snack-stands with a variety of flavors, from Chinese to Italian to Turkish.

An excellent place to grab lunch or a snack since there’s something suitable for every taste at reasonable prices and quick service.

Visit website: www.ekz-neuer-markt.de

9. Neustädter Kirche

Neustädter Kirche
Neustädter Kirche (Helmlechner/Wikimedia)

The Neustädter Kirche or the Evangelical Church is the baroque church building of the Evangelical-Lutheran community. It was founded in 1686 in the Neustadt area of Erlangen.

It has been the church of the university since 1837. In addition to the Evangelical-Reformed Huguenot Church and the Evangelical-Lutheran Trinity Church, it is one of the three large churches in Erlangen’s city center, whose towers shape the cityscape even to this day.

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8. Röthelheim swimming pool

Röthelheim swimming pool (Mr.Doolittle -/Wikimedia)

Röthelheim is a place to go for a refreshing swim on a hot summer day. The premises contains well-maintained lawns which are partially in natural tree shades. Large and beautiful wooden banks decorate the refreshing vicinity.

There are several concrete areas to place towels along with a space for playing ball games. Röthelheim is an excellent place to spend time alone or with family, as it offers facilities for kids, athletes, and cost swimmers.

7. Hugenotten Church

Hugenotten Church
Huguenot Church (Daniel Arnold/Wikimedia)

The Hugenotten or the Huguenot Church, is the oldest church in Erlangen Neustadt. The church is located in the middle of the city center and opposites the train station. Its construction began on 14th July 1686, after the arrival of Huguenot religious refugees.

The property is owned by the Evangelical Reformed parish and includes a lush inner courtyard west of the church. The church is worth visiting due to its unique architecture typical for many German churches, the origins of which are not native to the land.

6. Sculpture Garden Heinrich Kirchner

Sculpture Garden Heinrich Kirchner
Sculpture Garden Heinrich Kirchner (4nitsirk/Flickr)

Sculpture Garden Heinrich Kirchner is a park constructed to showcase the works of Heinrich Kirchner, a sculptor born in 1902 in Erlangen. The garden displays 17 of his sculptures and offers a detailed insight into his thinking and method of working.

This Sculpture Garden is a part of Burgberg Garden in Erlangen. A museum is planned to be built to make his works open to the public in the future.

5. Siemens Healthineers MedMuseum

Siemens Healthineers MedMuseum (Drahreg01/Wikimedia)

The Siemens Healthineers MedMuseum was built on the ground floor of an old Siemens factory. It showcases the development of medical technology from the mid 19th century. Some displays include X-Ray machines and MRI scanners. Here, one can truly witness the evolution of medical innovation.

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The museum also highlights a section that pays homage to the company’s heroes, whose contributions have been paramount for its existence. A visit to the museum is free of cost and includes a cafe and gift shop. A visitor interested in a quick look can complete the tour in 25 minutes.

4. Tennenlohe Forest

Tennenlohe Forest
Tennenlohe Forest (derzno/Wikimedia)

The Tennenlohe Forest is a nature reserve situated north of Tennenlohe, a village in the eastern part of Erlangen. The forest extends over 934 hectares and is one of the largest sand ecosystems in Southern Germany. It houses over 1600 plant and animal species, many of which are endangered.

After World War II, the US Military used the area as a shooting range and military base, clearing 195 hectares of forest. The government made the forest a protected reserve to save the endangered species of insects inhabiting it. The open areas of Geyesberg, which covers approximately 5 hectares, are critical as they are used as breeding grounds by woodlarks.

3. City Museum Erlangen

City Museum Erlangen
City Museum Erlangen (AndreasThum/Wikimedia)

The museum is located in the heart of the old town and has around 1000 square meters of exhibition space. It has a lovely courtyard which is a popular venue for museum celebrations and open-air cultural events.

Enjoy an exquisite collection of the city’s history beautifully displayed in an area of 650 square meters. It comprises five sections of the city’s history, from the prehistory of the Erlangen area to the 20th century. The documentation significantly focuses on Huguenot handcrafts and manufacturing from the Baroque era. Special exhibitions are also shown, taking up around 350 square meters, covering several topics each year.

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2. Schlossgarten Erlangen

 Schlossgarten Erlangen
Schlossgarten Erlangen (Pegasus2/Wikimedia)

The Schlossgarten Erlangen is situated behind the Margrave Palace, in the center of the Baroque new town of Erlangen. Open to the public since 1849; the Schlossgarten is the most popular destination for both locals and tourists. Here, people indulge in several activities such as sports, sunbathing, and basking under shades of trees.

The peaceful environment makes it ideal for relaxation as well. The main attractions are the Huguenot fountain, located at the center of the palace square, and the Margrave Horse Memorial. In Erlangen, one cannot miss the Schlossgartenfest, a festival held in July of each year. It is one of the largest and most beautiful garden fests in Europe, with over 6000 guests.

1. Botanical Garden

Maintained by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, the Botanical Garden of Erlangen is 2 hectares in size. It is located on the north side of the castle garden in the city center at Loschgestra. With over 4000 species, the garden represents various plants from different climates, several of which are kept in greenhouses.

The area contains an artificial cave called the Neischl Grotto, which was renovated in May 2008. Lastly, it also has a herbarium called the Herbarium Erlangense, which includes a whopping 158,000 records from all over the globe.

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