12 Best Things to Do in Dinkelsbühl, Germany (2023)

If medieval towns with rich history and beautiful architecture are something you love, you need to visit Dinkelsbühl at any cost.

Located between Nürnberg and Stuttgart, and known for its annual festival called ‘Kinderzeche,’ Dinkelsbühl is a typical Bavarian town with picturesque sights all around.

The city boasts an 800-year-old history through its well-preserved architecture and medieval townscape. 

If you are planning to visit the city and need some ideas, here are the 12 best things to do in Dinkelsbühl according to tourists and visitors!

12. Bäuerlinsturm

The Bäuerlinsturm
The Bäuerlinsturm (Tilman2007/Wikimedia)

The Bäuerlinsturm tower offers an amazing view for people that visit Dinkelsbühl. While you cannot climb the tower, the tourist spot has a beautiful garden and landscape.

What makes the Bäuerlinsturm special is its unique design. The bottom part of the tower is made of concrete and stones, while the upper half is made of wood. It looks straight out of a movie and is perfect for pictures.

11. Kinderzeche

Kinderzeche (Metzner/Wikimedia)

The Kinderzeche or Children’s Feast is a historic festival held in Dinkelsbühl every year. It is celebrated for ten days from 16 to 25 July. So, if you’re in the city during the month of July, you should definitely go and check it out

According to legend, during the Thirty Years’ War, the children of the town went to talk Gustav II out of invading their home, and as a result, he spared the town. So even after so many centuries, the people of Dinkelsbühl still celebrate this festival to honor the children who saved their city.

10. 3D Museum

3D Museum Dinkelsbühl
3D Museum (Maimaid/Wikimedia)

If you’re looking to experience something cool and one of a kind in Dinkelsbühl, you will love the 3D museum. This is one of the coolest places you can visit during your trip to Germany. What makes this a perfect place to visit in Dinkelsbühl is that it is suitable for people of all ages.

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Children and adults can all come together and experience this magical museum. Here, you will get to see some cool holographic images, 3D photography, optical illusions, 3D anaglyphs, magic eyes, picture puzzles, and many more. All the exhibits in the museum are easy and simple to understand.

9. Segringer Tor

Segringer Tor
Segringer Tor (Calips/Wikimedia)

The Sergringer Tor is another tower that you should check out when you are in Dinkelsbühl. It is one of the many defense towers that you will see while you are in the city. However, what makes this particular tower special and unique is the style that features Baroque architecture. The tower was subject to many invasions, including the Swedish troops.

Visitors love this location because of its peaceful and gorgeous surroundings. Besides the stunning views, you will also see a bunch of ancient walls and gabled houses. 

8. Wille Kinderzoo

Wille Kinderzoo
Wille Kinderzoo (Facebook)

The Wille Kinderzoo, also known as Wille Children Zoo, is an amazing place to visit with your family and kids. The zoo offers your family an opportunity to get up close with animals, including both local and exotic. Elephants, ponies, horses, alpacas, donkeys, and goats are some of the animals that your kids can play with when you are in the Wille Kinderzoo. 

What makes this zoo special is that it offers a large outdoor playground where visitors can ride the ponies and have a day of fun and excitement. It is easily one of the best locations to take your kids to.

7. Haus der Geschichte

If visiting the city of Dinkelsbühl makes you want to learn more about its history, there’s no better place for you to go than the Haus Der Geschichte. It is an old town hall from the 14th century that houses the city’s history museum. Here you can learn everything about the city’s 800-year-old history in the form of modern and engaging histories. 

Some of the things you will see when you visit the Haus der Geschichte are weaponry, trade equipment, paintings, sculptures, clothing, and many more. You can also opt for a fun tour for children.

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6. Funtasia Kinderland

If you’re taking a trip to Dinkelsbühl with your family, the Funtasia Kinderland Dinkelsbühl is a great place to go for some family fun. It is an indoor playground that houses numerous games and fun equipment for kids like a spider tower, ninja course, trampolines, bouncy castle, climbing world, and many more.

It is suitable for children and adults of all ages since there is something for everyone to have fun and relax. One great thing about this place is that you can reserve tables for celebrations and parties. What’s even better is that you can get your own birthday room as well.

5. Rothenberger Tor

Rothenberger Tor
Rothenberger Tor (Tilman2007/Wikimedia)

If you enter the city of Dinkelsbühl from the north, you will come across the Rothenberger Tor. It has been around for six centuries greeting anyone who enters the city. This old tower controlled what used to be a busy highway during the medieval period. Considering the fact that it is 600 years old, the tower is still in pretty good condition.

The reason why you should check out this tower is that you give you a sense of how people lived back in the day. Once you stand on the bridge and stare at it, you will fully appreciate the level of workmanship and the beauty of the tower.

4. Weinmarkt

Weinmarkt (Aarp65/Wikimedia)

The Weinmarkt is a special place in Dinkelsbühl for a lot of the people who visit the city. It’s a beautiful place where you’ll get the authentic feeling of being in an old town in Germany.

The main attraction of Weinmarkt is a bunch of houses with gable designs. These houses are extremely pretty with bright and warm colors that will just fill your heart with happiness simply by looking at them.

These houses came up during the 17th century, and even today, they are still in amazing condition. You can visit this place for a relaxing walk or just for an evening of coffee with your friends.

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3. Nördlinger Tor

Nördlinger Tor
Nördlinger Tor (Tilman2007/Wikimedia)

The Nördlinger Tor is an amazing structure that protects the eastern entrance of Dinkelsbühl. This iconic tower was erected way back in the 1400s and had a lot of history behind it.

Today, the Nördlinger Tor is one of the top tourist attractions of the city. You will find a beautiful and scenic environment surrounding it, and it’s a great place to relax.

Fun fact: In case you didn’t know, the tower now has a 3D museum inside it with numerous 3D photographs, stereograms, optical illusion, and many more.

2. St. George’s Cathedral

 St. George Cathedral
St. George Cathedral (Gerd Eichmann/Wikimedia)

The St. George Cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions in Dinkelsbühl, and for some good reason. It has a Gothic architectural design and is a beautiful piece of art, in and of itself.

What makes the church really special, though, are the six beautiful and artistic altars from the 15th and 16th centuries. You will also get to see a fabulous statue of Moses with three prophets and angels. You simply cannot miss this church when you visit the town.

1. Dinkelsbühl Old Town

Dinkelsbühl Old Town
Dinkelsbühl Old Town (Wikimedia)

The Old Town is one of the most beautiful and quaint small towns in entire Germany. Even though the town is over 800 years old, Old Town still has its original look, with the condition preserved excellently over the years.

Taking a stroll in this town will give you a sense of what it was back in the medieval period. The beautiful and bright-colored houses are a sight to see, and you will not regret visiting them.

What makes old town special is the fact that it was completely unplanned, yet it still grew out so perfectly.

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