11 Best Things to do in Corinth, Greece [2022]

In this article, we’ll discover the 11 best and most popular things to see in the ancient Greek city of Corinth, located in the Peloponnese region just about 50 miles southwest of the capital of Athens.

Corinth as you’ll see today, is the new version of the ancient city of Corinthia, known for being the center of trades and war, with vast naval fleets and clear natural springs in the area.

If you visit the city today, you’ll get a glimpse of the ancient city, by visiting the ruins in the Theater of Apollo together with the famous Corinth Canal.

The most popular things to see in Corinth

Let’s have a look at the best things to do in Corinth, based on past tourist reviews!

11. Loutraki Waterfalls

Loutraki has more to offer than a beautiful sea resort, and the Loutraki waterfalls are no exception.

It makes up for one of the most exquisite and unique artificial waterfall construction, just next to the arcade of the Old Thermal Spring building.

This impressive waterfall will sum up a great and memorable nature experience. One remarkable thing about this incredible landmark is that both hot and cold-water streams flow side by side. 

Tall trees, golden-colored maple trees, with rocky corners around the waterfall, surround the Loutraki Waterfalls. It is a family-friendly spot and ideal for relaxation and picnics.

10. Monastery Saint Patapios

Monastery Saint Patapios is considered as a living monument of Orthodoxy, now under the care of nuns.

Above Loutraki, a seaside resort opposite Corinth’s city, lies the Geraniai Mountains, where the Monastery Saint Patapios is constructed.

Well, you will need to pass through an adventurous steep hike up to the monastery. It may not be ideal for taking children for the trek.

The reward of the view after you reach the monastery far surpasses the steep trek. The physical beauty of the sanctuary, along with the glorious view of Loutraki from above, makes it quite a sight to remember.

9. Korinthos beach

Korinthos, a town of Peloponissos, located on the eastern side of the Corinthian Gulf, is a beach and a port. 

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The Korinthos beach offers the most stunning views of the sea. On the other side of the beach is the town of Korinthos with wide roads, multiple food joints and cafes, parks, ancient monuments and squares. 

The picturesque sea views alongside the harbor, fishing boats, and the Port altogether make up for a magical nautical vibe. A very famous beach is located in Korinthos called the Central Kalmia beach.

8. Rema ton Mylwn

Rema ton Mylwn is a forest in Corinth with the most serene and stunning waterfall view inside the forest trail. 

The whole trail takes up to about 2-3 hours only. If the family-friendly outdoor experience you are looking for, this forest trail is amongst the top recommendations. It makes for an ideal nature and outdoor picnic spot with family and children.

Towards the end of the hiking trail, a small waterfall with a wooden bridge running across it is what makes for a delightful experience with nature. Along with the vast spread of greenery, lots of ducks and geese flock at the lower bed of the stream. 

7. Pegasus Statue

If there is one Roman Greece monument that you cannot miss, it’s the Pegasus Statue.

The Pegasus statue that stands on the Eleftherios Venizelos Square, Korinthos, is instantly recognizable. Pegasus or otherwise called “the winged horse,” holds excellent symbolism to Greek Mythology.

Pegasus, this strong white stallion with wings, was found on bronze and pottery works, dating back to the 7th Century BC. 

Back in the days, the symbol of the mythical horse found its appearance in the Corinth Stater (a coin of high value). Now, Pegasus is the central emblem for the municipality and city of Corinth. 

The sheer magnificence and size of the Pegasus Statue make for an attractive tourist spot. Photographers, traveling, and art enthusiasts delight in the sight of the Pegasus Statue. 

6. Lake Iraiou

Lake Iraiou marks as one of the most popular tourist spots in Corinth. It is located just 4km away from Loutraki.

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Once you reach the spot, the picturesque sight and calmness of the lake are sure to soothe your senses immediately. It makes for an ideal relaxation spot both during the summer and winter months.

You can choose to have a mini picnic with your family, soak up in the sun or go for a quick swim. 

There are various food joints across the lake where you can grab a bite and drink as well. 

5. Díolkos

The Díolkos of Corinth is 6km wide-stretching up to 8.5km long that is now an archaeological area. It lies next to the Corinth Gulf and is situated towards the western end.

One fascinating aspect of the paved trackway of Díolkos is that the people from that era used it to move and drag boats overland during ancient times. The ships and vessels used this overland trackway as a shortcut route to evade the circumnavigation of the Peloponnese peninsula, which was a longer route and dangerous too. 

When taking a stroll down there at Díolkos, the antiquity and history of the road during ancient times brings in an enriching feel. 

4. Giannikos Winery

Did you know that Corinth also produces some of the finest Greek wines? Well, on your visit to Corinth, taking a tour at a winery is something you should not give a miss. 

A tour at Ginanikos winery, a family winery based in the Peloponnese region of Corinth, will make up for a wholesome experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

The tour includes a guided walk through the organic vineyard of Ginanikos, including their wine cellar. After which, they’ll guide you to the tasting room, where you will get to savor some of the finest, award-winning wines, followed by a light lunch.

3. Corinth Canal

Canals are nothing but artificial waterways constructed mainly to shorten the distance of travel routes. 

You have to visit the Corinth Canal, which stands as one of modern Greece’s most essential infrastructural works, inaugurated in 1893.

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The Corinth Canal runs at about a four-mile-long stretch through Greece, connecting the Lonian Sea (Gulf of Corinth) with the Aegean Sea ( Saronic Gulf).

You can choose to take a drive or walk by across the bridge and capture some photos. Enjoy the stunning view of the sea, the deep trenches accompanied by a cool breeze. The architectural magnificence of the bridge is sure to astonish you. 

2. Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth

The primary purpose of constructing the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth during 1931-1932 was to showcase the various archaeological excavations. 

The display of the numerous archaeological findings of classical and pre-historic antiques is good enough to give you a fair idea of Corinth’s ancient culture and history. 

Inside the Museum, there will be two main galleries with three display rooms and a large courtyard. There is a vast collection of medieval artifacts, ceramics, minor objects and monumental sculptures.

To access the Museum, you can rent out a car or take public transport – the rail or bus. 

1. Akrokorinthos

Old Castles are a delight to witness as it dates back to that city’s history. Akrokorinthos is a Castle which is also a wetland located on the hills of Korinthos, and is the most popular thing to see in Corinth.

To witness the impressive fortress with different levels that give magnificent views, you need to get your walking shoes out. 

You need to hike through a slightly steep, where halfway through, you’ll get to see an old church wherein a lot of medieval artwork is preserved. The fabulous view you’ll get to witness from the top of the fortress compensates for the exhaustive walk up to the top of the tower. 

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