10 Best & Fun Things To Do In Bielefeld, Germany (2023 Guide)

Bielefeld sits humbly in the northeastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia, with an exciting combination of a peaceful rural setting and innovative industrial developments.

Being located right in Germany‘s most attractive hiking trail, Hermannsweg, you can quench your thirst for nature as well as modern pleasures. You can step out for a shopping spree in high-end malls, visit luxurious cafes, and then enjoy the historical museums or parks.

That is why the majestic yet modest place makes an adventurously fun stop for all age groups.

Here is a list of the best things to do in Bielefeld, that you might want to do when you’re in the area!

10. Kletterpark Bielefeld

Fun-loving people would definitely love the experience Kletterpark Bielefeld provides. The amusement park is situated in Am Johannisberg.

The action-packed park offers several courses for climbing to suit all beginners and experts’ tastes with proper equipment. You can even bring your three-year-old child and have a great time together! If you visit with a group of ten or more, you can even book your preferred start time. Otherwise, there are single tickets for solo travelers.

You can select your own route and find yourself having nerve-wracking fun above the trees in the forest. You can even have your mini picnic with your group after the thrilling experience within the park. The place has a small refreshment stall as well.

9. Obersee

Obersee in winter (Ub12vow/Wikimedia)

Obersee is an artificial reservoir where you can have a peaceful yet recreational time. The construction of the lake dates back from 1977 to 1982. It is located in the Schildesche district. There are parking spaces which might get occupied quickly during the holidays.

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You can go hiking around the beautiful place, visit the restaurant or enjoy in the beach bar. You can even play golf with friends, go for a bike ride, or a calm walk with your better half.

8. Bielefeld Town Hall

Bielefeld Town Hall

In Niederwall 27, you can pay a visit to the Bielefeld Town Hall, which attracts many tourists by its architectural design. The hall showcases a detailed exhibition of how Bielefeld looked in the past and how it changed over time. The place enriches your historical knowledge about the city beautifully.

7. Dr. Oetker World

Visit the Dr. Oetker World museum to find inspiration from an old and successful food products company. Situated near the Mitte district in Lutterstrase 14, it gives insightful information and demonstration about the various product development processes. It takes you inside their brand in depth.

6. Bielefeld Farmhouse Museum (Bauernhausmuseum)

Bauernhausmuseum Bielefeld
Bauernhausmuseum Bielefeld (Museumsfreund 123/Wikimedia)

The Bielefeld Farmhouse Museum is situated in Ochsenheide hill, which was built around the 16th century. With time, a windmill, bakehouse, store, barn, and many others were added, making the old existing museum a fun place to visit.

One can fill their tummy from the café, which was once a barn, and visit the different houses and mills. The museum as a whole exhibits the lifestyle of the rural Ravensberg people in the mid-nineteenth century.

Visit website: www.bielefelder-bauernhausmuseum.de/

5. Kunsthalle Bielefeld

Kunsthalle Bielefeld
Kunsthalle Bielefeld (Bielibob/Wikimedia)

If you love art, Kunsthalle Bielefeld is a must-visit! You can take a ride to eastern Westphalia and find the museum between the old town of Bielefeld and Teutoburg forest. Oetker, a businessman, took the initiative by way of donation in 1950, while Philip Johnson designed the museum in 1968.

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The venue host both temporary and permanent exhibitions. The permanent ones give you a view of a series of works by Max Beckmann, Picasso, etc. It features modern art and sculptors of the twentieth century as well. For a richer experience, you can tour around with a guide.

Visit website: www.kunsthalle-bielefeld.de

4. Bielefeld Botanical Garden

Bielefeld Botanical Garden
Bielefeld Botanical Garden (Sirolemis/Wikimedia)

Nature and flowers lovers would definitely fall head over heels for the Botanical Garden located in Am Kahlenberg 16. It lies gracefully in the southeastern part of the Teutoburger Wald.
While it was just one hectare in size initially, it was extended from 1914 to 1915 and 1925 to 1927, introducing more species collection to the garden.

Walking into the garden, you can find about 2500 types of plants: You can feast your eyes on the vibrant, vast collection of azalea and rhododendron. Furthermore, you can enjoy the brilliant views of the medicinal garden or walk past the majestic alpine garden.

Visit website: www.botanischer-garten-bielefeld.de

3. Bielefeld Historical Museum

Bielefeld Historical Museum
Bielefeld Historical Museum (Buch-t/Wikimedia)

You can spot Bielefeld Historical Museum in Ravensberger Park 2. A spinning mill that was established in 1851 was closed after a little more than two decades. In this same place, they opened a Historical Museum in 1994. Hence, one can find themselves amongst various items that speak about the industrial past- for example, a spinning wheel. This museum is a real gem for curious visitors.

Visit website: www.historisches-museum-bielefeld.de

2. Sparrenburg

 Sparrenburg Castle
Sparrenburg Castle (Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia)

Catch a view of Bielefeld city from the historical German castle, Sparrenburg, located in Mitte district! The castle was erected in the 13th century meant to guard and protect the city. Again, it was expanded and reconstructed as a fortress with tall, strong walls and then restored in the 16th and 20th century respectively. You can check out the reconstructed version, which still stands tall today.

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You can go for a hike and look around the castle for free. Each part of the castle whispers stories of their olden days, a time far from when you observe the place. One can also pay and climb the castle to enjoy the breathtakingly panoramic view. If you’re in the area in July, you can be a part of the Sparrenburg fest that brings back the medieval days to life.

1. Heimat Tierpark Olderdissen

Tierpark Olderdissen
Tierpark Olderdissen (Bielibob/Wikimedia)

When you’re in Bielefeld, you might want to go out hiking or biking with family to Dornberger Strasse 149a. You may end up having fun exploring the Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen.
Opened in 1930, the Heimat-Tierpark Olderdissen expanded and became a popular hotspot both for the locals and the tourists with time.

The place provides a free entry to a quiet and peaceful space that shelters and displays a series of bird and animal species. You can book guides to tour you around the municipal zoo, enjoy snacks, or even go for carriage rides.

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