14 Best German Ski Resorts to visit in 2022

Considering Germany for your next ski holiday? If so, you’re in for a treat!

We’ve found the 15 best ski resorts across Germany based on reviews and ratings from skiers and tourists, and most of them are family-friendly as well.

And whether you’re a real adrenaline junkie or taking your family along for an adventure, Germany has skiing options for every level.

Most German ski resorts are located in the southern part of the country where the majestic Alps are dominating the view.

However, smaller resorts are also present in central Germany and the eastern regions as well, and most of the resorts have excellent infrastructure in terms of ski busses (mostly free with a ski pass).

The best German ski resorts this year

Let’s have a look at the 14 best ski resorts to visit this year according to skiers!

14. Skigebiet Wildewiese

Skigebiet Wildewiese is located in the Sauerland region, known as the central mountains of Germany, close to another ski resort Winterberg (described further down this article).

Despite its small size of 11 runs in total, the resort was awarded Visitor’s Choice by OnTheSnow’s readers.

It’s ideal for families with small kids, and tourists recommend visiting this resort when visiting Dortmund during Winter (just an hour away by car).

Pricing & Info: wildewiese.de

13. Willingen Ski Resort

Located between the small towns Willingen and Winterberg, this resort is known as one of Germany’s best family resorts.

It has 9 ski lifts in total, providing a comfortable gondola that can carry you up to the top of the mountain. If you’re used to easy runs, this area might be for you. Due to its location, you won’t find the steep runs typical for the Alpine region in the south.

And even better, if you get sore legs or simply need a day away from skiing, there are other fun things to do in Willingen.

Pricing & Info: https://ski-willingen.de

12. Spitzingsee

Just a couple of miles south of the famous German lake, Tegernsee, you’ll find another gem, the Spitzingsee ski resort, located around the picturesque lake Spitzingsee.

The Spitzingsee ski area, which is located on the western shore of the lake and includes a beautiful 6.5 miles piste, is one of the most popular resorts in southern Germany. It might be reached via two chairlifts and a drag lift and has a variety of easy runs for skiers and snowboarders alike. For years, significant amounts of money have been invested in modernization.

Two historic double chairlifts were replaced by detachable quad chairlifts with weather-protection covers, as well as a new children’s lift (most slopes are artificially snowed these days).

The StĂŒmpfling area is an excellent spot for families, beginners, and climbers. The short but difficult Roßkopf run or the long black GrĂŒnse run are ascended by experienced skiers from the double chair located at the top of the basin. The Osthang and Nordhang lifts provide access to wide ski meadows.

Pricing & Info: www.alpenbahnen-spitzingsee.de

11. Alpspitz / Nesselwang

Alpspitz / Nesselwang ski resort

Nesselwang is the northernmost winter sports resort in the AllgÀu area. The Alpspitzbahn Nesselwang ski area stands out for its simplicity of access, which is aided by the motorway connection to the A7, which is only 3 kilometers distant. Beginners and experts will discover everything that makes skiing and snowboarding so pleasurable on 8 km of slopes: a spectacular view of the AllgÀu and Tyrol mountains as well as a stop in a rustic ski cabin.

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There are two more activities that you can only do on a ski holiday in Nesselwang

  1. Visit the Snowpark Alpspitzpark, where experts and leisure skiers may further develop their skills.
  2. Drop by the Wintersport area every night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., where skiers can run under floodlights.

Pricing & Info: www.alpspitzbahn.de

10. Fichtelberg

Fichtelberg Ski resort

Just a mile from the Czech border in Eastern Germany, you’ll find one of the most popular ski resorts in the country, even though the area is mostly famous for the bigger cities of Dresden and Leipzig up north.

While Fichtelberg doesn’t offer the biggest runs or the steepest terrain (it has 6 lifts and 10 miles of piste), it’s a beloved area for families wanting to relax, ski with kids, or just wander around the beautiful landscape.

When reaching the top by the oldest cablecar in Germany, you should spend time in the Fichtelberghaus, a restaurant serving hot meals and drinks, while enjoying the spectacular view over the German landscape below.

Pricing & Info: www.fichtelberg-ski.de

9. Bolsterlang

Bolsterlang is the perfect place for those who want to live a quiet life. With its mountains, fields and fresh air Bolsterlang is close enough that you can still enjoy all of nature’s beauty without having your vacation leave as quickly as it came.

The small mountain village in the southern region of AllgÀu close to Oberstdorf has everything people look forward to during a holiday, brisk walks through wooded trails near silent streams, cycling along country roads lined with European cypress trees while listening to cowbells jingles, hunting around among stones gathered over time during seasonal celebrations like Christmas Eve when Huffle Puffers come out.

When skiing in Bolsterlang, you’ll gain access to 17 km of slopes by taking one of the 7 lifts in the area, and if you like the extra adrenaline kick, try out the fun park with jumps and rails!

Pricing & Info: www.hoernerbahn.de

8. Feldberg Liftverbund

If you’re looking for a ski resort with more lifts and runs than the usual small areas in Germany, then look no further!

The Feldberg is the highest mountain in the Black Forest, among the most popular ski resorts in Germany and home to the biggest skiing area consisting of 9 resorts in total, despite being located in the south-west corner in Germany, only 10 miles from Freiburg im Breisgau (check out our Freiburg city guide)

With a single skiing pass, you’ll gain access to +40 miles of slopes and more than 40 lifts in total! And the area is well-connected with busses and public transport too, ensuring you’ll get around easily.

Pricing & Info: www.liftverbund-feldberg.de

7. Oberjoch Bad Hindelang

Oberjoch Bad Hindelang is among the best ski areas in AllgĂ€u, and it’s well-suited for the whole family!

Being a widely known ski resort in Germany and popular among local families with more than 20 miles of slopes and modern ski lifts, the resort has always strived to be one step ahead in its ski area since Germany’s first ski lift opened here many years ago.

Discover their new ski lifts and cutting-edge sports and leisure opportunities for athletes and families. In addition, on the Hornbahn Hindelang toboggan run, you’ll find guaranteed fun.

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If you are looking for something more than a day trip, you’ll find an excellent range of holiday apartments and hotels in the AllgĂ€u spa town of Bad Hindelang!

Pricing & Info: www.bergbahnen-hindelang-oberjoch.de

6. Grosse Arber

Grosse Arber

At the southeastern corner of Germany and right next to the Czech Republic, you’ll find Großer Arber, the highest mountain in the Bavarian Forest.

The ski resort is considered to be one of the most popular and largest family ski resorts in Germany, and whether you’re a pro skier or an avid couch surfer with aspirations to be like one of those kids on TV who ride their boards down mountainsides, Grosse Arber got something up its sleeve with its eight modernized lifts.

Visit ArBĂ€r-Kinderland which is a fantastic place for children of all ages! With four conveyor belts, there’s plenty to keep the little ones occupied. In addition, they have child-friendly toilets so you don’t need to worry about bad hygiene or spilled drinks on your clothes while out with them in this play zone

Pricing & Info: www.arber.de

5. Brauneck / Lenggries

If you’re traveling from Munich towards the Alps, why not stop by Brauneck / Lenggries, another great family-friendly ski resort, but not as expensive as the most popular!

Here you’ll access a bigger area with roughly 25 miles of runs and 19 lifts to carry you around from December to March.

For adults, try the FIS World Cup run “Garland” – if you dare, and stop by one of the snow bars when finished. Or visit the Kids Park with your children for a more relaxed day.

Whatever your goal is, Lenggries has it all, and it’s the reason that it’s among the most popular ski resorts in Germany.

Pricing & Info: www.lenggries.de

4. Oberstdorf


Moving up our list, means bigger resorts as well, and this time you’re in for a real treat!

In the mountains above Oberstdorf, you’ll access the two-country skiing area of Oberstdorf/Kleinwalsertal with more than 48 lifts, 70+ slopes covering more than 80 miles in total.

On the German side, you’ll reach the three ski resorts of:

  • Nebelhorn (pictured)
  • Söllereck
  • Fellhorn/Kanzelwand (Access the Austrian Kleinwalsertal from the top)

Because of the size of the resort, it’s open until April and offers everything you can think of. And if you need a day off from skiing, there are many things to do in Oberstdorf city as well.

Do I need my passport when crossing? No, Austria and Germany are part of Schengen, but you should check the resort due to possible Covid-19 restrictions.

Pricing & Info: www.ok-bergbahnen.com

3. Reit im Winkl 

Just a couple of miles south of Rosenheim and Chiemsee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany you’ll find one of the top ski resorts in Germany as well. Awarded the best ski resort in Germany by Skiresort.de and among the best resorts in Europe, Reit im Winkl has everything you need and is fairly priced as well.

Like the previous ski resort, Reit im Winkl borders Austria and the corresponding ski area of Steinplatte.

It’s certainly not the biggest resort, but due to its high altitude location, it’s considered one of the most snow-safe resorts in Germany. For this reason, it’s also a very popular destination for cross-country skiing with more than 100 miles of runs.

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Pricing & Info: www.reitimwinkl.de

2. Winterberg

Winterberg (Dirk Vorderstraße/Wikimedia)

The name says it all. Winterberg is a true snow paradise, but unlike the last resorts on our list, this ski area is located far away from the Bavarian Alps and sits in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the central part of Germany.

This unique location might be one of the reasons for its popularity with only an hours drive from Cologne and Dortmund airports, but it’s their focus on family holidays that makes Winterberg truly special.

The area covers more than 40 miles of slopes with most being family-friendly, and you can stay in one of many holiday resorts around the town.

In addition, Winterberg hosts several FIS Skiing events throughout the year, including ski-jumping, luge, and bobsleigh.

Pricing & Info: www.skiliftkarussell.de

1. Garmisch Partenkirchen 

At the end of our list, we find the most popular and ultimate ski resort in Germany and one of the most famous in Europe as well.

Garmisch Partenkirchen has an alpine history that most resorts would envy. The town hosted two Winter Olympics in the 1930s, creating Germany’s biggest ski resort at the foot of the biggest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. And every year the town hosts the famous New Years Ski Jumping contest, part of the Four Hill Tournament.

Today Garmisch Partenkirchen remains Germany’s best ski resort due to its unique location in Bavaria, steep mountains, skiing options, and breathtaking nature.

The ski area covers over 80 miles of slopes and 50 lifts, and daredevils should try the “Kandahar” run with a 93% slope!

If snow levels are low, you have access to the Zugspitze glacier, with several slopes available regardless of the snow conditions below.

But if skiing is not your thing to do all week, there are plenty of other things to do in Garmisch Partenkirchen all year round, and you shouldn’t miss the Zugspitze viewing platform from where you can see Munich on a blue-bird day.

Pricing & Info: www.gapa.de

Frequently Asked Questions about German Ski Resorts

Does Germany have good skiing?

The German Alps are well-known around the world for their skiing and Germany has all kinds of resorts to offer, from family-friendly to skiing paradise. There are lesser-known resorts in central Germany as well, but snow conditions might vary.S

How many ski resorts does Germany have?

According to skiresort.info there are roughly 700 ski resorts in Germany, with some being part of larger skiing areas.

When can you ski in Germany?

Most resorts open in December and close in March or during Easter. Very few resorts are open until May.

Is there skiing near Berlin?

The closest skiing area is the Harz in central Germany with Braunlage being the most popular. However, Snowtropolis is an indoor skiing dome open all year round if you don’t mind the short runs.

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