12 Best & Fun Things to Do in Rügen, Germany (2023 Guide)

Visiting the idyllic island of Rügen in the northeastern corner of Germany, but don’t know what to see? Luckily we’ve gathered 12 of the most exciting things to do in Rügen, based on tourist reviews and ratings.

Rügen is a beautiful, Meditteranean-like island in the Baltic sea connected by a bridge to the mainland. It’s mostly known for its breathtaking landscaping and some of the best beaches in Germany with more than 40 miles of beaches. The island has several fun tourist attractions for families, and tourism plays a big part with six million visitors per year.

Fun fact: Rügen is the largest island in Germany!

Besides being a family-friendly summer destination, Rügen is also rich in nature (visit one of the three national parks) and history, dating back to the stone-age.

Let’s have a look at the 12 best things to do in Rügen right away!

12. Rügen Park

The Rügen Park in Ginst is a miniature-themed fun park best suited for a family visit. It’s a small park, but it will not disappoint you and your children. The Park has miniatures replicas of all famous buildings, international historical architectures, and the Island’s important sights.

The Park has more than 15 adventures rides and attractions for children, suited to guarantee fun. The main attractions of the Park are the railway trains, the children’s rollercoaster rides, giant slides, scooters, and the petting zoo. And while having fun, you get hungry, there is a self-service restaurant for both the young and the old folks.

Official website: www.ruegenpark.de

11. Erlebniswelt U-Boot

H.M.S Otus (S 18)
H.M.S Otus (JoachimKohlerBremen/Wikimedia)

If you want to explore the unique atmosphere of the submarine, the Erlebniswelt U-Boot adventure submarine museum is a must. The British submarine is called the HMS Otus-Her Majesty’s Submarine Otus used from 1963 to 1991.

The 22mm thick submarine still has well-preserved furnishings, information boards, and soundtracks. Such preservation of the Sassnitz submarine museum will give you a detailed experience of the authentic workings and living conditions of the crews. The engine room and the operations room are the real highlights of the submarine. The two functional periscopes provide a panoramic view of the Sassnitz harbor.

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Where to find it? It’s located at the port of Sassnitz.
Official website: hms-otus.com

10. Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve

Southeast Rügen Biosphere Reserve
Biosphere Reserve (Mönchgut) (Rauenstein/Wikimedia)

The Biosphere Reserve is situated in the Southeast part of Rügen island, covering an area of 22.800 hectares. The reserve was created in 1990 and was integrated into the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere program in 1991.

If you are a nature enthusiast, the Reserve will be a spectacular view of the diverse landscape and coastal forms of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern coasts. Narrow strips of land separated by lagoons, long sandy beaches, cliffs, salt marshes, and beech forests are some of the tourist magnets. If you want to explore the cultural heritage and biodiversity, you can hike along with the Reserve for a guided hike.

9. Dornbusch lighthouse

Dornbusch Lighthouse

If you want to have a relaxing holiday with incredible natural beauty surrounding, the Dornbusch Lighthouse is the place to visit. The old-fashioned lighthouse was built in 1887 on the Hiddensee island provides important orientation on coastal navigation. The lighthouse gets its name due to its location, which has thorn bush hence, Dornbusch Lighthouse.

At 28m high, the lighthouse is one of the tallest constructions and is a Hiddensee’sheritage monument. Considered as the Beacon Dornbusch, a 102 steps climb up the lighthouse will open you to a scenic view of the Baltic Sea. You can also explore the Hiddensee beach.

8. Kap Arkona

An excursion destination, a protected area, and one of the sunniest places in Germany is Kap Arkona. Located on the Wittow peninsula, it is considered as one of the northernmost points in Rügenand known as Germany’s North Cape.

The Cape is a 45 m high cliff consisting of chalk and boulder clay. You can savor the lighthouses, the bearing tower, museums, restaurants, bistros, and souvenir shops of the Cape. A 23 m climb up the Schinkelturm lighthouse will give you a stunning view. The area around the Cape offers a fishing village of Vitt, hiking trails, and old manors in Putgarten.

7. Königsstuhl


Attracting numerous flocks of visitors from around the world is the famous chalk cliffs that run along the coast of Rügen. The Königsstuhl, which means the ‘King’s chair,’ is the most prominentpoint. The Königsstuhl is located in the Jasmund National Park, in Rügen island.

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It is one of the tourists must visit place in the entire park as well as the island. The Königsstuhl stands 118 meters above sea level, ushering you to a picturesque view of the 200 sq m Rügen coast. A hike up the Victoria-Sicht would give the best view of the cliff beside the boat tour view from the water.

6. Rügensche Kleinbahn

Rügensche Kleinbahn
Rügensche Kleinbahn (Derzno/Wikimedia)

For a railway romance experience, you must not miss the Rügen’s famous RügenscheKleinbahn, also known as ‘Rasender Roland,’24km long narrow-gauge railway. It runs along the Baltic coast of Rügen, from Putbus to Göhren, and it has become a tourist highlight.

The RügenscheKleinbahn has been running for more than 100 years and has now become a technical monument of the island. The steam locomotivepuffing, smoking withloud whistling, restored carriages will give you the nostalgic experience of a traditional train ride. If you are interested in a ride in the driver’s cabin, you can arrange by registering in advance at the office with additional fees.

5. Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen

Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen
The impressive observation tower in the par (Klugschnacker/Wikimedia)

The Naturerbe Zentrum, also known as the Natural Heritage Center, is for nature lovers who walk miles for breathtaking views. The center is in OstseebadBinz, Rügen. The center is famous for its wooden treetop path and spectacular view of Rügen from the 40m high observation tower.

The exciting adventure trail will take you along a 1.2 km long canopy way walk of the beech forest trees that ends at the top of the tower. The route is also accessible for wheelchairs and is family-friendly. Numerous learning and activity stations along the trail provide insights into the beech forest flora and fauna.

More info: www.baumwipfelpfade.de

4. Karls Erlebnis-Dorf (Zirkow)

If you are on a family vacation and looking for a fun outdoor adventure, Karls Erlebnis-Dorf in Zirkow will serve the purpose. Just 10 km away from Binz is the adventure village Karls Erlebnis-Dorf- Zirkow of Rügen. With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor games, playgrounds, slides, and climbing towers, this is an ideal place for children.

Fun fact: The village started off as a strawberry farm, which expanded over the years into numerous attractions. The village opens a farmer’s market, which now sells more than just strawberries. For food lovers, this place is a food heaven with something for everyone to taste.

Official website: karls.de/zirkow

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3. Granitz Castle

Granitz Castle

Nestled in the middle of the forested Granitz Ridgestands the Granitz Hunting Castle in the resort town of Binz, Rügen. It was built in the early to mid-19th century on the highest hill of the ridge by order of Prince Wilhelm Malte I of Putbus.

The Castle’s main attraction is the cast-iron spiral staircase in the middle tower, which has 154 steps, 38m high. Climbing up the tower, it offers a panoramic view across the Rügen island. Besides being the most famous castle in the German state, it also serves as a museum exhibiting 19th century furniture, hunting rifles, paintings, and trophies collections.

Official website: www.jagdschlossgranitz.de

2. Ozeaneum

Ozeaneum (Klugschnacker/Wikimedia)

If you are a lover of the ocean and want an extraordinary experience of the underwater world, then Ozeaneum is the place to visit. The Ozeaneum, a public aquarium, is a branch of the German Oceanographic Museum. It garnered awards like the ‘European Museum of the Year Award’ and is a tourist magnet of the Island.

The Museum is at the harbor of Stralsund Baltic Coast. Constructed right on the water, it gives insight into the sea life of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. The Museum is a great place to take your children to see exhibitions, hanging replicas of ocean creatures, multimedia presentations, and penguins displays.

Official Website: www.ozeaneum.de

1. National Park Jasmund

The Jasmund National Park is the smallest national park in the country, founded in 1990 before the German unification. It’s located on the northeast of the Island. The Park serves as an education center, an area of history and nature reserve.

The magnificent chalk cliffs are a tourist favorite, famous of which is the majestic Königsstuhl, 118m high. Another exciting place to explore is the Old Beech Forest, preserved under the UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011. The Beech Forest is home to many rare species of plants and birds and is an excellent spot for hiking and cycling, and that’s what makes it the best thing to see in Rügen.

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