15 Best Things to Do in Memmingen (2023 Updated)

Memmingen is a city located in the Swabian region of Bavaria, Germany. It is a city with a rich history dating back to the times of the Roman Empire.

If you love traveling and exploring quaint cities with sites as enrapturing as the stories behind them, Memmingen is the city for you. 

In the old parts of Memmingen are some of the best-preserved buildings and structures. They’re not only stunning to look at but are entrenched with such fascinating histories.

Memmingen houses several towers and vibrant marketplaces with gorgeously preserved buildings. Not forgetting, lush open green spaces and the shores of charming lakes you could enjoy a stroll on. 
Memmingen also has exciting museums and galleries with diverse pieces on exhibit. Art lovers, be aware. And in the vicinity of Memmingen are castle grounds and monasteries. The sites are sure to quench your thirst for a trip to the past and is the last big city before you reach the alps and explore smaller cities like Füssen and Lindau

The world has so much beauty to offer, and it’s never too early or too late to start discovering.
Explore this rich city and allow yourself to be enraptured by its beauty. We hope this list piques your interest in Memmingen and get you packing right away.

15. Kartause Buxheim

Kloster Buxheim
Koster Buxheim (Sansculotte/Wikimedia)

The Kartause Buxheim or Buxheim Charterhouse is in Buxheim, near Memmingen. It was once a Carthusian monastery of today’s Salesians of Don Bosco. It now belongs to the diocese of Augsburg.

The Kartause Buxheim was established as a collegiate monastery roughly around 1100. It was then passed on to the Carthusians in 1402 as a Maria Saal monastery up till 1812. The monastery is said to have been the Holy Roman Empire’s only imperial chart of the German nation. That is, from 1548 and onwards.

Today, the monastery is used by multiple bodies. Part of it is used by the German Carthusian Museum. Also present are the Salesians of Don Bosco and a grammar school. Other parts are used as a boarding school and day care center.

The German nation is home to a scholarship of the highest quality. Surely visit Kartause Buxheim to experience what scholarly institutions were like back in the day. It’ll certainly be an enriching quest.

14. Hexenturm

Hexenturm Memmingen

The Hexetnturm is a tower in the north of old Memmingen. It was originally a prison tower. It is also popularly referred to as the Leaning Tower of Memmingen.

The tower is the oldest preserved tower in the city. It was constructed around 1150 when the city was initially founded. 

The Hexenturm is a rectangular tower with a gable roof. It is built of a mixture of tuff stone and bricks. The legend goes that the tower was used to imprison witches during the infamous witch hunts. The tower is attached to a superstructure built during the city’s expansion during the 14th Century. It supports the old tower and also serves as a tool shed for the yard.

This mysterious building, with a fascinating history, is certainly worth a visit while in Memmingen.

13. Steuerhaus

Steuerhaus (GFreihalter/Wikimedia)

The Steuerhaus or wheelhouse is an administrative building. It was constructed during the Medieval period and is located on the market square in Memmingen.

The Steuerhouse was built between 1494-95 when Memmingen was still a free Imperial City. It originally served as the city’s office of the secret council and financial administration. That is, on the upper floors. The lower floors housed shops. 

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After the end of the Imperial city, the Steuerhaus continued to house multiple offices and shops. Today the ground floor is occupied by a café and a jewelry store. And on the upper floors are Memmingen’s social welfare offices.

Visit the Steuerhaus for a light brunch and some snooping around the stores. The building’s magnificent neo-baroque renovation will certainly catch your attention. 

12. Schloss Kronburg

Schloss Kronburg
Schloss Kronburg (Diego Delso/Wikipedia)

The Schloss Kronburg, or Kronburg Castle, is located in the Upper Swabian municipality of Kronburg. It is just 11.6 km away from Memmingen. Getting to the castle will take you no more than 20 minutes. 

The Krongburg castle was originally built in the early 1200s by a family of Staufers. It then came under the ownership of Rudolf von Cronburg. He was first mentioned in a 1227 document from King Henry VII. The castle ownership was passed on to the Habsburgs. After this, several other families took ownership of the castle up until the last occupants, the Westernachs.

The castle is multi-storeyed with four wings. It is a structure of beauty and utility. Having been passed over multiple owners over the centuries, it has acquired multiple style elements.

If you enjoy feasting your eyes upon exquisite estates with such rich history, you must visit Kronburg Castle in Germany.

11. Stadtmuseum

Stadtmuseum Memmingen

Stadtmuseum is Memmingen’s municipal museum. It is located within the city of Memmingen. The building was once a late baroque town palace. It was constructed as ordered by patrician Benedikt von Herman in 1766.

The museum showcases diverse types of exhibits that reflect Memmingen’s rich art and cultural life throughout the centuries. These include pieces on the merchant community and guilds, churches, and everyday life.

Also on display are paintings by Johann Heiss (1640-1704). Even Memmingen’s very own ceramic faience manufacturer ‘Künersberg’ has pieces on display. Other exhibits include depictions of Jewish life before the Nazi regime.

The Memmingen Stadtmuseum is worth a place on your bucket list. Even just for the building alone. 

10. Ulmer Tor

Ulmer Tor
Memmingen Ulmer Tor (H. Helmlechner/Wikimedia)

The Ulmer Tor is Memmingen’s city gate. It is located on the north side of the Ulmer suburb in Memmingen.

Built-in around 1400, the Ulmer Tor is said to house the world’s very first human rights declaration. Following the Peasant’s War, the Twelve Articles were engraved on to the gate in 1489.

The gate is tall and narrow and has a gable roof. On the top are a clock and an imperial eagle to the north. On the inside of the gate is a painting of the 1489 entry of King Maximilian 1 and his entourage.

The Ulmer Tor is a symbolic structure, impressive for the invaluable message it preserves. The site is a must-visit for anyone who appreciates such important developments in history. 

9. MEWO Kunsthalle

MEWO Kunsthalle
MEWO Kunsthalle (Rufus46/Wikimedia)

The MEWO Kunsthalle is Memmingen’s community exhibition center. It was first opened on November 25, 2005. The art gallery is located at what was once Memmingen’s royal post office. It is a four-wing three-story brick structure that runs around a covered courtyard.  

Built-in 1901, the building later served as a temporary district court from 1990 and 1996. It was also used as a train station between 1999 to 2000 while the actual adjacent train station was under renovation. The place has got a lot of character with such a history.

Managed by the art historian Alex Lapp since November 2012, the MEWO Kunsthalle houses both contemporary art and graphics and art from the 19th and 20th centuries. 

If you’re looking for a respite in art, do visit the MEWO Kunsthalle in Memmingen.

8. Sankt Martinskirche

Sankt Martinskirche
Inside St Martin’s Church (Diego Delso/Wikipedia)

Sankt Martinskirche or St Martin’s Church is a beloved parish church and symbol of the Memmingen community. It is located on the outskirts of the old town’s northwestern region and is one of the oldest churches in Upper Swabia.

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The church’s history can be traced all the way back to the 9th Century. It achieved its present form between 1325-1500. 

St Martin’s was also the center of the 16th Century Protestant Reformation. It is the main Evangelical-Lutheran church in the city.

It is a true architectural gem with carvings in the elaborate Gothic style. The church also houses numerous works of art, including paintings, frescoes, stained glass, and delicately carved furnishings.

Whether it’s architecture or other forms of art, or religious history that you’re interested in, St. Martin’s is the place to be. 

7. Schwalbenschwanzturm

Schwalbenschwanzturm (Rufus46/Wikimedia)

The Schwalbenschwanzturm or Swallowtail Tower is a former defense tower of the city of Memmingen. It is also known as the Grimmeltrum after the Lords of Grimmel in Memmingen. 

It was built during the last stages of the city’s expansion back in 1445. The area was what you would call the Achilles-heel of the Memmingendefense ring. Therefore, it had to be fortified adequately with such a structure, along with entrenchments and ditches.

The Swallowtail Tower served as a gun turret securing the area between the suburb of Ulm and the old city of Guelph. It is constructed of bricks with the battlements shaped in the form of swallowtails, from where it derives its name.

Towers have a mystery and charm about them, and the Swallowtail Tower is undoubtedly one you must visit to quench that thirst for the ruggedly beautiful. 

6. Buxheimer Weiher

Buxheimer Weiher
Buxheimer Weiher (Wald-Burger8/Wikimedia)

The Buxheimer Weiher is a lake or reservoir on the Buxach, one of the tributaries of the Iller on the municipality of Buxheimer, Swabia.

The reservoir sits at the shores of Memmingen and is also referred to as the Carthusian Lake. It was used for breeding fish in the Middle Ages under the Carthusians of Buxheim. 

Its ownership passed over to noble households over the generations and is now under the private possession of the Seifert family. 

The lake is open to locals and tourists for recreational purposes with restaurants and adventure trails through the surrounding forest. Also available are pedal boat rentals and even a mini-golf course.

If you enjoy boating on calm waters, hiking, and just enjoying being in the greens, this spot is perfect for you.  

5. Siebendächerhaus

Siebendächerhaus (Bene16/Wikimedia)

Siebendächerhausis considered to be one of the seven landmarks in Memmingen. It is a remarkable seven-roof house that was commissioned to be built in 1601 during the flourishing of the tanning trade in the period. You definitely won’t pass by the area without noticing the unique construction.

Siebendächerhaus had been build on the foundations of a demolished 13th Century building. After the decline in the tanning trade, the structure further functioned as an inn and a pharmacy.

Despite damages incurred during the Second World War, the Memmingen community was able to reconstruct the building. It is truly a symbol of the community’s resilience and unity. Today, it is a privately financed residential space available for rent. 

Experience the warmth of the Memmingen community in the magnificent Siebendächerhaus.

4. Rathaus Memmingen

Rathaus Memmingen
Rathaus Memmingen (Andreas Mändle/Wikimedia)

Rathaus Memmingen, or the Memmingen townhall, is located within the city of Memmingen. It is an impressive multi-story 16th Century Renaissance building situated at the back of the Memmingen market square. 

The planning of a council chamber in the city square dates as far back as the 14th Century. Over the years, the Rathaus began to take shape, with renovations and improvements becoming what it is today. It is a unique structure you surely must visit while in Bavaria.

It is a building with elements from different centuries. The 18th Century Rococo styled redesigning of the hall, and the 1918 war landmark, are some things you need to keep your eyes peeled for.

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If you love the way spaces can tell stories, Rathaus is the place to visit.

3. Altstadt Memmingen

Altstadt Memmingen
Altstadt Memmingen (Richard Huber/Wikimedia)

Altstadt Memmingen is known to non-locals as the old Memmingen town. It is located at Marktplatz, Memmingen, and is perhaps one of the most colorful and lively destinations in the area. 

According to historians, Memmingen was first mentioned in a document from 1128 reporting a court meeting of Welf IV of the Guelphs, a Bavarian Duke. 

So, it isn’t hard to imagine a city profuse with historic buildings. And also stunning and intricate architecture. They’re surely going to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time long past.

Altstadt Memmingen has an incredibly vibrant marketplace. It is all the rage, particularly during festive seasons like Christmas. Not to mention inviting restaurants. You’ll undoubtedly want to look out for those.
Whether it’s the history you’re after or the buzz of a homely and lively crowd, here’s where you want to be.

2. Memmingen Stadtpark Neue Welt

Memmingen Stadtpark Neue Welt
Memmingen Stadtpark Neue Welt (Andreas Mändle/Wikimedia)

The Memmingen Stadtpark Neue Welt is a city park located alongside Schumacherring, a street in Memmingen. 

The park was newly constructed in 2000 for the Memmingen State Garden Show. It now serves as a charming recreational site for its local dwellers and tourists alike. 

If you enjoy strolls in scenic spaces with greens, the park is perfect for you. Moreover, the MemmingenStadtpark New Welt also has a water playground for those of you who enjoy having a splash. It is a serene and fun site for a trip with family and friends. The site is also available for rent for both public and private occasions.

 1. Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren

Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren
Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren (Franzfoto/Wikimedia)

The Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren is an extensive open-air farm museum in Swabia, Bavaria. It is located just ten kilometers South of Memmingen.

This farm museum was the first of its kind. It was established back in 1955 by Hermann Zeller.  The site occupies over 30 acres of land stretching from Obersdorf in the south to Nördlingen in the north. It is home to more than 33 historic structures. They are interspersed within a locality of houses, barns, and stables constructed within the 17th to 20th Centuries. 

Also available within the site are commercial and civic spaces that’ll give you a peek into how things work in the locality.

If you want to explore the rich architecture and community life of the German countryside, head to the Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Memmingen

What are the top attractions to visit in Memmingen?

Based upon user reviews and our research, the top5 attractions to visit in Memmingen (ranked) are:
1. Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren
2. Memmingen Stadtpark
3. Altstadt Memmingen
4. Rathaus Memmingen
5. Siebendächerhaus

Where is Memmingen located?

Memmingen is located in the southern part of Germany, just a one-hour drive from the Alps and the beautiful lake Constance (3rd most popular lake in Germany), and two hours from Munich with plenty of things to do as well.

How many airports are in Memmingen?

Allgäu Airport is the only airport in Memmingen and one of the fastest-growing airports in Germany. Besides domestic routes, you’ll reach lots of popular destinations in Southern and Central Europe

Which hiking towns to visit near Memmingen?

There are a coupe of popular hiking towns close to Memmingen:
– Oberstdorf
– Sonthofen
– Oberstaufen 
– Pfronten 

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