15 Best Things to Do in Füssen (2023)

Füssen is a gorgeous little town located in Bavaria, about one kilometer away from the border of Germany and Austria. During my trip to Germany, Füssen completely blew my mind. While the famous castles in the town are the main attractions, there are still so many things you can see and do when you’re in Füssen. There’s no wonder why this town is one of the most visited places in Germany.

You can get into the town by bus, car or even through a train. Many of the towns have a rail connection to Füssen, so it will not be hard for you to catch a train. However, if you are on a tight budget, the bus will be the cheapest way to get into Füssen. 

If you’re looking to get away from the busy city life, Füssen will be the perfect travel destination for you. Visiting this place will make you feel like you’ve somehow traveled back in time into some magical town from a fairytale book.

In this article, I’ve made a list of 15 best things to in Füssen, Germany. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the list:

15. Auwaldpfad 


Auwaldpfad is another hiking area in Füssen that you should definitely check out. This hiking path is around 1.5 kilometers long, and you can experience a bunch of things in this location. It is a great recreational park for both children and adults.

When you reach the location, you will find a number of ways to cross the river. You can either balance on a tree or steer a raft, just to name a few. It is a great activity for both the young and the old.

Some of the other things you will see in this hiking path are the origination of the Lech River, the power of water, and also see how the river gets its turquoise color. Overall, I highly recommend you go and visit this place if you go to Füssen. 

14. Stadtbrunnen

Stadtbrunnen Füssen
Stadtbrunnen (Bjs/Wikimedia)

The Stadtbrunnen is another great location to hang around in Füssen. It is a fountain located in the city with charming cafes all around. You can go and sit anywhere in one of those coffee shops and chill after a long day touring the city.

This fountain signifies the heart of the town, and many people love to go here just to hang out with their friends and their families. If you want, you can also take a stroll around the location and take a look at the beautiful shops there.

The location is perfect for going on a date as well. The fountain looks especially good at night, and you will surely love the view here.

13. Heilig-Geist Spitalkirche

Heilig-Geist Spitalkirche
Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche (Robert Cutts/Flickr)

The next location we have on this list is the Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche. If you enjoy visiting places with a rich history, there is no reason you wouldn’t love the Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche.
Located at the Spitalgasse 2, 87629, Füssen in Bavaria, you can find Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche right next to the path of the palace in Füssen. If you don’t already know, Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche simply means the Holy Spirit Hospital Church.

The Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche looks nothing like your usual church. Right from its exterior, you will notice its phenomenal and artistic design, which is sure to grab your attention as well as your heart. When you walk inside, it surely is a small church in size. But it is lavishly decorated and serene.

It was built during the mid-18th century and is popular for its colorful rococo façade revealing the Holy Trinity. Right from its white walls, red and gold designs to old paintings and frescoes, the Heilig-Geist-Spitalkirche is surely to leave you spellbound.

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12. Maxsteg an der Füssener Klamm-Fall

Maxsteg an der Füssener Klamm-Fall
Maxsteg an der Füssener Klamm-Fall (Kora27/Wikimedia)

Another awesome thing to do when you’re in Fussen is to visit the Maxsteg an der Füssener Klamm-Fall. This area in Füssen looks amazing after a rainfall, and you will not want to miss it if you’re ever in town. The water looks amazing from the Lech Bridge, and it is a cool place to hang out with your friends.
The area also has a deck and restrooms, so you will find lots of places to sit and enjoy the water. What makes this location special is the dark turquoise water, which looks amazing during the day.  

11. Reptilienzoo Allgäu 

Visiting the Reptilienzoo is another awesome thing you can do when you’re in Füssen. Located right on an old industrial site in Füssen, this zoo has some amazing and diverse animals and birds. Watching these animals is a great way to spend your day when you’re in town.
Some of the animals you’ll find in this zoo are spiders, snakes, frogs, caiman, mongoose, and a bunch of other birds. The good thing is that you can also interact with these animals if you like and take their photographs as well.
Overall, the zoo is an amazing place to hang out with your family and friends. The staffs are very friendly, and the environment is also very clean. You will definitely have a good time here.

10. Bergwaldpfad


Bergwaldpfad, which translates to “mountain forest path,” is one of the most beautiful places in all of Germany. As the name suggests, it is a path in the woods that serves as a great hiking location. The overall path is around 1.7 kilometers long, and you’ll find many obstacle-like structures along the way.
Even though this location is like a hiking site, it is mostly suitable for children since it has a lot of park-like elements. Children can come and swing on the monkey swing or jump on the long jump station. You can also listen to the tone of the forest with the xylophone kept along the path.
That does not mean adults cannot have fun in Bergwaldpfad. It is generally a recreational space that everyone can enjoy amongst the woods and nature.

9. Kalvarienberg Füssen

Kalvarienberg Füssen
Jesus on the cross in Kalvarienberg (Geogast/Wikimedia)

Kalvarienberg is a historical site located in Füssen. It is an amazing place to go for a hike if you love a good adventure. While the place is breathtakingly beautiful, I would still recommend you to be a good shape since it is quite challenging.
Most people do not know about this place in Germany, so I consider it a hidden gem. When you reach the location after a little bit of hiking, you’ll find some old churches here. The place looks like an old deserted village when there’s no tourist around.
Kalvarienberg is famous for its chapels and for the way it blends in religion, art, and nature. If you’re someone who loves historical sites, this location is as good as it gets. It gives you a calm feeling in the way that only a town like Füssen can. While the hike is a bit challenging, I assure you that it’s worth all the energy you spent.

8. Museum of Füssen

Museum of Füssen
Füssen Museum (Daniels View/Flickr)

The Museum of Füssen, which you’ll find in the Benedictine Monastery of St. Mang, houses some of the oldest archaeological finds, which are more than a thousand years old. There are also many valuable artworks present in the Museum which are very important to the history and culture of Füssen. 
If you’re a fan of antique musical instruments like violins and lutes, you will love this museum. Besides that, you will also get to see some interesting paintings from artists like Paul Zeiller, Johann Jakob Herkomer, and many more.
This museum is a great place to visit during the weekdays if you want to learn about Füssen and its people’s history. I personally loved the setting of the museum and its art on the ceiling. It is a perfect blend of art and history coming together to tell a story.

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7. Forggensee

Forggensee (CallMeWhatEver/Flickr)

Forggensee is another lake located towards the north side of Füssen in Bavaria. There are easily more than 20 lakes in the region, and Forggensee is the fifth largest lake with a surface area of more the 15.2 sq. km.
Created in 1954, this manmade river is one of the best places to chill in Füssen. Many people come to this location to just relax and get away from city life. Forggensee is a place you should definitely go to if you’re in Germany since there are many things you can do here. 
The reason why this tourist destination is so special is because of the availability of recreational activities and aquatic sport. If you’re not much into swimming and surfing, you can also take a boat and just go sailing or fishing. Since the lake is full of trouts and pikes, you will surely enjoy some great catches here.

6. Benedictine Monastery of St. Mang

Benedictine Monastery of St. Mang
The Benedictine Monastery of St. Mang (Renate Dodell/Flickr)

The Benedictine Monastery of St. Mang is another special place in Füssen that you must go and see. This former monastery, built during the 9th century, is a hotspot for tourists for many reasons. First of all, the structure is quite fascinating in and of itself since it is one of the oldest structures in Füssen. What’s even more special is what the monastery contains inside.
This several-century-old building houses some of the most important cultural artifacts of Füssen. You will find the Museum of Füssen in the southwest wing of the monastery, which contains important works of art and also archaeological discoveries from the town. 
You will also find some of the oldest Fresco of Bavaria well preserved inside the building. If you are more interested in this little town’s cultural and historical aspects, the Benedictine Monastery of St. Mang should be intriguing for you. Rest assured, you will definitely have a great time exploring this old monastery.

5. Weissensee

Weissensee (Flodur63/Wikipedia)

Weissensee is a beautiful lake situated in Fussen with a wonderful view of the mountains in the surrounding area. This lake is one of my favorite locations in Füssen, and it will always stay close to my heart. While some of the paths are a bit narrow, you can still enjoy the beautiful sceneries by walking along the shores.
Here you can chill with your loved ones and just dream away, looking into the horizon. All in all, WeiBensee is a perfect spot for people who love nature and scenic views.

4. Lechfall

Lechfall (Hedwig Storch/Wikimedia)

Lechfall is another attraction in Füssen, which brings in a lot of tourists every year. It is a small manmade waterfall about 12 feet in height located on the River Lech in Füssen.
Built during the 18th century, the main purpose of the Lechfall was to control floods in the surrounding location. What resulted was this beautiful waterfall with naturally occurring colors. The natural colors are what makes this site really special, and you must visit it at all costs if you ever go to Füssen.
Once you get to the location, you will be able to watch this waterfall from a number of different positions and angles. You can even see the fall from the roadside once you park your car. However, if you really want to experience the full beauty of this location, I suggest you walk down on the footbridge provided in front of the fall. From this location, you can easily see the beautiful waterfall along with its bright color.

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3. Hohenschwangau Castle

Hohenschwangau Castle
Hohenschwangau Castle in the woods (kevinpoh/Flickr)

Besides the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Hohenschwangau Castle is another cool castle in Füssen. If you know a little something about Fussen, you know that it’s full of amazing architecture and castles. And this is what makes Füssen so exciting and a great tourist destination. 

Reconstructed in place of an old fortress from the 12th century, The Hohenschwangau Castle came into being in 1837 and served as the palace of young Ludwig II. It is just a 20-minute walk away from Neuschwanstein Castle, so you can enjoy touring both the amazing castles in just a day.

The castle still has all of its original interior décor constructed in a neogothic style. Visiting this German castle is the best way to truly experience and see how Bavarian architects used to be back in the day.

Keep in mind, though, when you’re inside the castle, you’re not allowed to take pictures. So make sure to turn off your cameras and just enjoy what the palace has to offer.

2. Altstadt Füssen

Altstadt Füssen
Altstadt Füssen (CucombreLibre/Flickr)

Located near the Austrian Border, Altstadt von Füssen is a small village-town, which serves as an amazing tourist destination in Germany. This small town is popular for its classic architecture and colorful buildings. Most people come to this place to see how a classic Bavarian town looks like.

Like every destination in Füssen, Altstadt von Füssen is also full of history. For people who want to know what it feels like to be in an old and refreshing town, Altstadt von Füssen should be a must on the list of travel destinations. Here, you can find several cafés, souvenir shops and a bunch of diners as well. You’ll also see plenty of cool clothing stores. I recommend you go try some homemade apple strudel with some ice cream because they are amazing.

What makes Altstadt von Füssen Specials, besides its architecture, is the clean and safe environment. Overall, it is a charming little town, and you should definitely visit it if you ever find yourself in Füssen. 

1. Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle (Nite Dan – Enjoypixel/Flickr)

If you’re visiting the town of Füssen, you’ll obviously want to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. After all, it is the most popular site in Füssen, with millions of visitors every year. This castle is the reason why so many people go to Füssen. 

This magnificent structure was built between 1868 and 1892 by Ludwig II, with the original plan having more than 200 rooms. It stands 213 feet tall and is one of the most beautiful medieval structures in the world today.

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland or watch Disney movies, you’ll notice that the castles are quite similar to Neuschwanstein Castle. That is because Disney takes a lot of inspiration from this magnificent structure. Visiting this place feels almost like a dream and will surely take your breath away.

The Neuschwanstein Castle is just 55 miles away from Munich and will take approximately 2 hours to reach there by train. I strongly recommend you go visit the castle during the fall. During this season, the trees turn yellow and red and color, which enhances the site’s beauty. You’ll also find a lesser crowd during fall, plus the skies are also clearer.

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