12 Best Things to Do in Lindau (2023)

Lindau is a district that falls under Swabia, Bavaria. Its capital city is Lindau. The district stretch right to the middle of Lake Constance; the borders of Austria, Switzerland, and Germany cross here. In 1938, the district was inaugurated. In the 13th century, the city became a free imperial city. Lindau once was under the rule of Napoleon. The district borders Lake Constance in the Southwest and western Allgau mountains in the north.

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A visit to Lindau will leave you in awe of the place. You will be amazed by the architectural variation from shingled houses to majestic patrician mansions. It shows the impact of early Romans, the Napoleon rule, and also native Swabian.

Lindau is a fascinating place. Two towns under its district are situated on the water edge. Each town offers a variety of activities and adventures to do. The Wasserburg am Bodensee is a resort by the lakeside where you can relax by enjoying the beaches. Lindau am Bodensee is an intriguing place to visit. And then inland to the north, there is western Allgau Mountain that rises.

It is an excellent place to go on trip with the family. There are parks like skywalk Allgau and Kressbron Adventure Park that is child friendly. There is a lot of activity stored for the kids and also adults. And what better than having fun-filled adventures with your kids.

The district is also a paradise for art lovers. There are museums which exhibit the great work of renowned artists. The Lindau city museum features some of the results of world-renowned artists. Notre Dame Cathedral also offers some mesmerizing artwork.

It’d be a delight for architecture to visit this place. The gothic-style buildings are very prominent in this area. So many buildings of medieval eras can be seen here. It will be a good influence on the work front if you are looking for some inspiration.

The district lies strategically. It offers a variance of a trip to different places.
Given below is the list of things to do while in Lindau!

12. Deutsche Alpenstrasse

Deutsche Alpenstrasse
German Alpine Road (Ralf Gerard/Deutsche Alpenstraße)

It is essential that you must take a road trip to the Deutsche Alpenstrasse (the German Alpine road). The spectacular road will show picturesque images of the Bavarian villages in Southern Germany and Austria. This road trip will leave you speechless. The Alpine route is about 484 km from Lindau of Constance to Schonau on Lake Konigssee.

Through this trip, you will pass through the amazing rolling hills, quaint villages, alpines, fairy-tale castles, enchanting caves, beer gardens, and ice caves.

A gateway weekend trip to this Alpine route is surely going to captivate your mind and soul. The places you see on the trip will leave you mesmerized and in awe.

Many people are not aware of this Alpine route. This adds more benefit to the traveler, as the road is peaceful and secluded. You can stop at the roadside and silently immerse yourself in the beauty of nature without the disturbance of other travelers.

If you are into photography or an artist, this is the road trip that needs to be done. The peaceful and secluded surrounding gives the opportunity to capture the picturesque scene of nature. You can also stop by and paint peacefully.

This trip is not to be missed. It offers so much beauty that makes you feel like you are in paradise. The way from Lindau to western Allgäu will offer such a beautiful view of the Vorarlberg and Allgäu Mountains.

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11. Lindavia Brunnen

Lindavia Brunnen
Lindavia Brunnen (Mateus2019/Wikimedia)

Lindavia Brunnen is a fountain found in Reichsplatz towards the old town hall. It is a sculpture built by Wilhelm Von Rumann in 1884. The area used to be a fish market in Lindau. Today it is designed as a water dispensor made of light red marble.

The Lindavia fountain was inaugurated on the 20th Coronation day of King Ludwig II. The fountain is a four-leaf clover. It is made of light red Trento marble. The four bronze statues around the fountain are quite popular in the area; two of the statue is female while the other two is male.

The Bronze at the top of the fountain is Lindavia. She is the female embodiment of the city of Lindau. She carries a wall crown on her head and an oar in one hand for steering. On the other hand, she holds a linden branch. The linden branch is seen in the Lindau’s city coat of arms. All these signs stand for fishing, viticulture, agriculture, and horticulture. The wealth of the city of Lindau on Lake Constance is shaped by these.

A walk through this part of the old town is educational on the history of Lindau.

10. Abenteuerpark Kressbronn

Abenteuerpark Kressbronn

Abenteurpark Kressbronn is also known as Kressbronn Adventure Park. It follows the motto, “On the trail of Indiana Jones,” the adventure Park is something you can add to the trip list. The adventure park is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Constance.

The adventure park is a seven rope courses. It leads through living trees at the height of four to eight meters.
The adventure park is a natural climbing forest that offers very creative tasks and adventures. The different types of activity that the park provides are night climbing, treasure hunt, archery, etc.

The highlight in this park is the Parcours. It was created meticulously. They have different Parcours for children and adults. On the safety side, they have a done good care that the visitors don’t get injured. Besides climbing, there is also a game like a treasure hunt. The adventure park is children friendly; any child above five years can enter the park. This will be a good retreat for children.

The trip to Kressbron Adventure Park will be a beautiful family outing. It will be a learning experience for the children as well as the adult. This visit to the park will be a breath of fresh air.

The park also provides a partner course. This might perhaps be a good opportunity to grow the bond stronger through this activity. You can pair with anyone. It will be fantastic time for a newly married couple.

Who is it for? Families and playful adults

How to get there? 15 min walk from the train station

Price: from €10 (buy tickets)

9. Spielbank Lindau

Spielbank Lindau
Spielbank Lindau (Pixelteufel/Flickr)

Spielbank, when translated to English, is known as a casino. The casino is situated on the shores of Lake Constance. Spielbank has been an important and cultural part of the island. The casino is a mixture of restaurants and culture. Under a roof, it has a bar, restaurant, stage, and casino. The place is a city’s delight.

In the casino section, it has two grand halls. It offers a range of games. In the big room, you can play the classic roulette, poker, and blackjack, while in the small room, there is a large collection of slot machines.
In the foyer of Spielbank Lindau, the CASINObuhne organize live concerts and jazz shows. It also offers an intimate club ambiance, mixed with comedy, cabaret, etc.

The place is frequented by both local and foreign tourists. If you are in to splurge some cash or try your luck, this is a place you can look forward to. The food is also amazing here.

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8. Peterskirche

Peterskirche (vauvau/Flickr)

The Peterskirche is situated on the outskirt of the western of the old town on the island of Lindau. It is a sacred building and the oldest in the Bavarian- Swabian city of Lake Constance.

The building was built more than 1000 years ago. The church lost its importance after St. Stephen’s church was built in 1180. Today the church serves as a memorial for soldiers lost in the war in the 20th century.

The church, apart from a religious place, also exhibits the fascinating art and architecture of Germany. It also has fantastic artwork on the walls. There are beautiful historic murals inside the church.

Some of the significant walls are the Lindau Passion, St.Christophorus, and apse/choir church.
The church is an intriguing place to explore and contemplate.

Opening hours: Open daily

7. Münster-Unserer-Lieben-Frau Cathedral

Lindau Cathedral
Lindau Cathedral (oliworx/Flickr)

The Notre-Dame Cathedral is a catholic church situated in the market place on the island of Lindau. The Cathedral was built by Johann Casper Bagnato in Baroque style. The interior of the Cathedral is such a visual treat. It is also known for its architectural design.

Adjacent to the Cathedral is the protestant church of St. Stephen on the Island of Lindau. It was built in 1180, remodeled again in 1782. The church has wonderful stucco ornaments made during the Rococo period.
This is a religious site. It will be a good moment to spend some time here in the church or Cathedral after a daylong of sightseeing. It can be a wonderful place to relax or have spiritual healing.

6. Stadtmuseum Lindau

Stadtmuseum Lindau
Stadtmuseum (Dguendel/Wikimedia)

Stadtmuseum Lindau is also known as Lindau City Museum. It is situated in the market square Island town of Lindau. The Museum is in baroque townhouse Zum Cavazzen. The Museum exhibits artifacts and sculpture of the 18th century. It also showcases age-old centuries and contemporary paintings.
The Zum Cavazzen was built between 1729 and 1730 for a prominent family named Seutter Family. The architect was Jakob Grubenmann. The house was later donated by the then owner Ludwig Kick to the city of Lindau in 1929.

The Museum is one of the finest houses in Germany. The majestic roof and the printed facade of the building enhance the beauty of the building. It also conducts various educational tours for children and teenagers. It will be an added bonus to bring your children if it is a family tour.

The place will surely be a delight for the art enthusiast. The Museum has special exhibitions to offer. The Museum holds special exhibitions of the works of Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Marc Chagall, Roland Doschka, Paul Klee.

5. Skywalk Allgäu Naturerlebnis Park

Skywalk Allgäu
Skywalk Allgäu (Vahrnhorst/Wikimedia)

The sky Allgau Naturerlebnis Park is one of Germany’s highest treetop walkways. It is located in the Lindau region. At the height of the treetop, the path is 540 m long. The way up to the treetop by stairs or elevator is 40 meters. From high above, you will see more than 34 different types of trees.

The park gives the experience to watch the mesmerizing view of the Alpine hills, Lake Constance, and the Alps. You did not worry about the safety, as it is well secured. The skywalks Allgau is constructed meticulously. It is 14 masts and 3000 meters of steel cable that support the rare suspension bridge
This is a park that children will definitely enjoy. There are a whole lot of activities for them. They have a special section for children of all ages on forest floor. Here they will learn about the trees and resident’s fauna.

Apart from the tree top walkway, it also offers a lot of adventures. It is a good gateway for families. The skywalk Allgau is welcome to anyone. People who are in wheelchairs or with prams can also easily climb to the tree top. Be sure to bookmark this on the list.

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Price: €11.9 for adults (buy tickets)

4. Mangturm

Mangturm at Lindau harbour
Mangturm at Lindau harbour (Pixelteufel/Flickr)

Mangturm was constructed in the 12th century as a part of medieval city fortifications. The tower was used for military purposes.

The tower was used as a defense for centuries. The height of the tower is 65 ft and was used as a light station until the construction of the Lindau lighthouse in 1856. The name of the tower is influenced by a clothing factory in the medieval age. The name of the factory is called Tuch-und Magnehaus.

Well, if you are a Disney fan or your children are, this is the place you have to visit. You can relish your childhood dream of being in a fairy tale. You’d see Rapunzel’s hair hanging from a window. It even has fairy tale hours!

3. Altes Rathaus

Altes Rathaus
Altes Rathaus (Pixelteufel/Flickr)

Altes Rathaus is one of Lindau’s most magnificent architects. It was constructed in 1422. The building is a Gothic style, which adds more uniqueness to the building. It took fourteen years to complete the building. In the 1930s, it was decorated again. The facade of the building is fascinating. It is situated in the region of Lake Constance.

The month of July in the year 1655, it organized the first Lindau’s children festival. The festival is still in existence. It is a well-preserved building. The art is painted in a fresco of merry minstrels, sea monsters, and galleons.

The facade of the building is mesmerizing.The hall is located in the old town center; it is not far away from the dock.

Art lovers must visit this place. It is a treat to the eyes. The painting is so beautifully done. So perhaps it’d be a good day to spend time with your loved ones admiring the fantastic architectural style and the beauty of the painting; or a bibliophile can browse through the books in the library as the town hall is now home to a library.

2. New Lighthouse

Lindau Lighthouse
Lindau Lighthouse (Julian Herzog/Wikimedia)

The lighthouse lies in Lindau on Lake Constance. It is 108 ft tall and a circumference of 79 ft. It was built from 1853 to 1856. The Lindau lighthouse is one of the few in the world that has a clock in addition to a guiding light.

The new lighthouse and the sculpture of the Bavarian is quite a landmark to the city. When you enter the city, it is welcomed by the two ancient structures with significant importance.

The new lighthouse is a hotspot for photography along with Bavarian Lion. It also provides a panoramic view of Lindau Insel and Bodensee. It is a sight you can enjoy the view of the lake or look at the sculpture of the Bavarian Lion. It also has an amazing harbor view.

The place is a popular tourist attraction. It provides a panoramic view of the town.

1. Bodensee Trip

Bodensee (AugustusTours/Flickr)

A Bodensee trip will offer many places to visit and activities to indulge. The island town is known for its scenic location and medieval town center. The area is surrounded by beautiful beaches, sanctuaries, and castles. People who are enthusiastic about adventure can resort to camping, cycling, sailing, hiking, and swimming.

The gardens in Lindau are also a famous tourist visit. It is at best during spring and summer. It attracts a massive number of tourists during the summer season.
Visitors of both local and non-local frequent the town. It is an island town that offers so many activities that you can look forward to.

The unusual location of the island is what it makes very intriguing. An island on a lake is indeed fascinating. A visit to this town is sure to be ethereal.

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