12 Best German Lakes to Visit in 2023

The lakes in Germany are a must-visit if you love being one with nature. Germany has a wide variety of landscapes and sceneries that is sure to mesmerize you. One of the biggest attractions of the country is its beautiful lakes. If you visit Germany, you should take your time and see a few of the majestic lakes. The lakes are fantastic picnic spots; they are lush, green, clean, and picturesque.

Being a tourist, you will be engrossed in the beauty of the history and heritage of Germany. Therefore, it might be difficult for you to remember and reach the lakes.

We have made things easier for you by listing down 12 of the best lakes within Germany. You will find everything about the lakes in this article. From why they are famous to navigating to them, we will be covering every topic.

Just take your time and read this article until the end to know everything about the best German lakes to visit. Please make sure that you do not miss a part, or else you might regret skipping a fantastic destination.
Get ready for amazing hiking trips, beautiful sightseeing, breathtaking sunsets, and more!

12. Alpsee

Alpsee, lake in Germany
Alpsee (mannunsal/Flickr)

The first entry on our list is the biggest lake in Germany named Alpsee. Its massive size enables all sorts of water sports. Therefore you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

If you like adventures and excitement, you could go sailing, surfing, swimming, and diving in the lake. You can also opt for paddle boats to spend some quiet and memorable moments with your loved ones.

You’ll find Alpsee just south of Füssen, and thus home to one of Germany’s most iconic castles, the Neuschwanstein Castle. This medieval castle is vast and is a marvelous sight. It gives a sense of heritage and power to the travelers; you don’t want to miss a chance to visit it!

The lake also boasts beautiful sunsets and sunrises. It is known to be one of the most romantic spots that are hidden inside nature. Therefore if you are on a trip with your lover, this might turn out to be one of the unique places you will ever visit.

The lake also houses a replica of an ancient trading ship named Santa Maria Loreto. You can visit this boat and take trips in it to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
A large number of hiking trails also surround the lake. You can get a breathtaking view of the castle and the lake from one of the nearby mountains. These spots produce some of the best photographs during the golden hour. Therefore, no matter if you’re an adventurer or a peace-loving quiet guy, the Alpsee has everything to keep you entertained and among the best german lakes to visit this year.

11. Lake Schwerin

Lake Schwerin
Lake Schwerin (WorldKnowledge0815/Wikimedia)

Schwerin provides one of the complete packages for a lake visit. From hiking to beach sports and cycling, the lake provides endless hours of fun and games. The lake is among the biggest in the country, with a size of 64 sq. km. It provides a lot of space aptly used for boating, sailing, swimming, and more.

You can hire sailing boats and sail through the waters of the lake with your loved ones. If that seems too much work, you could also rent small boats for a peaceful trip.

The shores of the lake are even more exciting. You can indulge in beach games like volleyball, Frisbee catch, and more. Furthermore, there are many cafes on the shores that sell high-quality and tasty treats and meals!
That’s not all! Acres of hiking trails open for the public surround the lake. The track is filled with flower valleys, mountains, forests, and more.

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If walking is not your thing, you could also hire cycles for trips around the lake through excellent roads that penetrate the thick greenery.

Lake Schwerin in itself is a fully-fledged vacation spot. Therefore, make sure that you spend at least a few days there before moving on to your next destination!

10. Lake Müritz

Lake Müritz
Lake Müritz (ThomasKohler/Flickr)

This is the second largest lake in Germany and probably one of the oldest. It was formed when the ice caps in Germany melted during the ice age.

The lake itself is one of the biggest crowd-pullers because of its sheer size. You can get a considerable part of the lake to yourself if you go on a boating trip.

Müritz is known to be one of the best hiking spots in Germany. The lake is situated beside the Müritz National Park. It is one of the most significant and most beautiful stretches of land in the country.
The Park is filled with the widest variety of trees and birds you can’t find anywhere else. More than 100 species of rare birds in the dense forest don’t exist anywhere else.

If you love being close to nature, then a hike through the Müritz national park will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You can also experience loads of good food and other services in the nearby towns. The ambiance of the cities makes them photogenic and excellent spots for portrait and street photography.
Therefore don’t miss a chance to experience the unique blend of nature and heritage. Schedule your visit to Lake Müritz now!

9. Ammersee

Ammersee (FHgitarre/Flickr)

Ammersee is one of the most picture-perfect lakes in Germany. It is complete with many little features and additions that you dream and desire. The lake has its very own houseboat service. You can rent them for stays, trips, and parties. This is a unique service that is not usually provided by other lake authorities.
You can also find picturesque resorts and houses on the shores of the lake. You can stay there or spend an evening with your loved ones to view the fantastic sunsets.

The lake sits in a unique location, which is showered by golden sunlight during summers.
If a lot of sightseeing makes you bored, the lake also has multiple water sport that you could try out. You have many fun and exciting activities that you could try out with your family and friends.
There are many beautiful hiking spots near the lake, which provide wholesome sceneries and exciting treks.
If you visit the lake during winters, nature will present you with a different kind of beauty. The shores will be layered with soft, flakey snow, and the waters will be frozen.

If you dream of visiting a frozen lake, then look nowhere else!

8. Eibsee

Eibsee (DaOpfer/Flickr)

Eibsee is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany. It is considered a jewel in both summer and winter. It has different looks in different seasons. This change in experience is why you need to plan your trip carefully.

The color of the lake’s water is emerald. It’s uncommon for a lake to have emerald-colored water, and this makes Eibsee even more unique. The combination of the water’s color with the thick green forests surrounding it makes for mesmerizing scenery.

Located just outside the beautiful town of Garmisch Partenkirchen, Eibsee is a private lake that is open to the public for boating, hiking on foot, and other non-polluting activities. It makes Eibsee one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in Germany.
In winter, the lake freezes, and it becomes nothing less than a wonderland. The officials open the lake for skiers worldwide to come and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The lake is surrounded by the Zugspitze mountain range, which is filled with a wide variety of trees and animals. It is one of the best hiking sites in summer. Furthermore, the lake has three small islands scattered in the center, which makes it even more thrilling while boating across them.

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7. Öjendorfer See, Hamburg

Öjendorfer See
Öjendorfer See (Kastanien-Unkraut/Wikimedia)

This is one of the most urbanized lakes within Germany and it’s one of the best free things to see in Hamburg. It is specifically designed by the authorities to facilitate tourists who want to experience bathing in a lake.

There are partitions and markers on the lake that separates the waters for experienced and inexperienced swimmers. Therefore people can enjoy swimming in the calm waters on a hot summer afternoon with their family without any worries.

Keeping that aside, the lake also hosts several different restaurants, hotels, and resorts. You could also opt to take part in fun outdoor sports activities that happen on the shores of the lake.
These activities range from tennis, golf, volleyball, chess, and more. You can do all of this in a refreshing environment surrounded by thick greenery.

Reaching this lake is easy because many different public modes of transport have routes to nearby areas. You can either take a bus or a cab to the lake or spend an entire day without getting bored.

6. Edersee


Edersee is one of the most beautiful human-made lakes in Germany. Surrounded by thick forests and hills, it has a stunning backdrop that makes way for a beautiful hiking experience.

The lake is famous for having a mysterious history. It was believed that there is a ruin of an old German church somewhere in the lake. People from all over the country came to find the ruins of the church.
There was a misconception about the ruins’ location, and therefore, people were unsuccessful in their search. Some thought out of the box and found the ruins, but it was nothing like they imagined.
To please the people and gather more visitors, the church’s replica was placed in the lake where the ruins are located!

This history and the replica make way for a fantastic adventure and a bucket full of tales that you can share with your loved ones.

Along with all of this, the lake has the usual boating and bathing services, making it an eligible addition for your trip to Germany!

5. Mahndorfer See

Mahndorfer See

Mahndorfer is one of the biggest human-made lakes in Germany, located in Bremen. The lake gives off urban vibes because freeways, cities, and more surround it.

Initially, the lake was around 7 hectares big in the year 1961. Later, in 1982, sand was excavated from the lake’s surroundings, enlarging its current 22-hectare size. Mahndorfer is 15 meters deep, which enabled boating and other activities on the lake.

One side of the lake’s shore is lined with wind turbines that make way for a fantastic view during sunset. There are forests on the banks of the lake where you can hike. Furthermore, you can also take a dip into the lake and have a unique natural bath.

The lake’s waters are natural and make it perfect for bathing on a hot summer afternoon.
If you don’t want to go into the heart of Germany’s nature to visit a lake, this is your best bet. It gives almost the same experience while being close to urban terrain, hotels, resorts, and more!

4. Laacher See

Laacher See
Laacher See (Holger Weinandt/Wikipedia)

Between the historic cities of Bonn and Koblenz, you’ll find the Laacher See, situated in the mouth of a volcano. It was created around 12000 years ago by a level 6 volcanic eruption.

The lake might not be the biggest, but you will understand the power behind it once you visit the place. The lake proves that there is beauty within destruction!

The lake is surrounded by high and steep hills filled with greenery. On the shores of the lake, there are streams of hardened volcanic matter that will lead you to volcanic trass caves.
You will find many volcanic terrains surrounding the lake, which makes impressive trekking and hiking spots.

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The Laacher see arguably one of the cleanest volcanic lakes in the world. The water is clear and has a pleasantly cool temperature during summers. Due to past volcanic activity, carbon-di-oxide bubbles fill the lake. These make diving into the lake fun and soothing experience.

The Laacher see lake will give you a different mind-blowing experience unique to volcanic lakes and Germany. Therefore if you want to venture into an unknown side of nature, you should visit this place.

3. Bodensee (Lake Constance)

Bodensee (Rebecca Beiter/Wikipedia)

This lake sits in arguably the best location within the country. It touches the shores of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Its location is home to one of the most beautiful sunsets in Germany. This lake is the perfect spot to spend a lovely time with your loved ones. Contance provides a proper selection of activities and locations which can fill up your schedule, like a visit to the city of Lindau

You can go on river cruises, hiking trips in the surrounding mountains, visit the beautiful cities nearby, and more!
If you intend to visit this lake, make sure that you have a few days in hand. You don’t want to miss the cable car rides or the flower island when you visit the spot.

Contance has the best combination of many adventures, which makes it fit for a lot of occasions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re coming with your fiancée, friends, or family; you will create beautiful memories at lake Contance

2. Chiemsee


This is one of the largest lakes in Germany, and is among the few lakes in the world that hosts islands in it.

The lake has three islands, and the biggest one has the Herrenchiemsee castle in it. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions because of its medieval architecture and museum.

The lake itself has a boating service, which is the best way to enjoy the view entirely. While passing the islands on your boat, you might confuse the lake for a sea surrounded by mountains and forests.

The castle is not the only thing the island has to offer. There are a group of nuns on the Frauenchiemsee Island who make excellent liquor and almond paste. Therefore, don’t forget to taste them out!

The lake provides an all-round experience through its natural and historical sites. You will not regret a single moment spent on your boat in the heart of this lake and is a perfect detour when visiting the nearby city of Rosenheim.

1. Königssee

The name Königssee means ‘King’s lake,’ and it deserves that prestige! The lake is a meeting ground for the vast mountains and dense forests located within the Berchtesgaden Alps.

It is the third deepest lake within the country and houses many tourist attractions like boating, fishing, camping, and is among the best things to do in Berchtesgaden.

The site has unique characteristics of producing some of the most unmistakable echoes in the world. Therefore, you can try screaming your loved one’s name and experience a special moment as the sound comes back bouncing off of the snow-capped mountains.
With heritage buildings turned into restaurants and old railway tracks used for hiking, the place is a mix of history and urban culture.

Once you come to the lake’s shores, you will realize that it is one of the cleanest and most transparent lake waters in Germany and thus the best german lake to visit this summer. The government takes care of the waters and does not let any pollution-centric activity occur in that area.

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